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A Full-Time Income With No List


Our webinar was great. We covered a lot of info on building your audience and monetizing your blog. Check out the replay here.

In 2011, my friend Shawn Blanc quit his job to begin blogging for a living.

Shawn didn’t have a big list when he made the leap. In fact, he had no list.

Full Time Income Blogging

Yep, you heard me… NO list! (What was he thinking!?)

At the time, his website had just a couple of thousand people that read it regularly.

Yet all he did was publish one single blog post, asking for people to support his work at a mere $3 per month.

Within 24 hours he had enough monthly members that he was able to quit his job and give his full-time attention to writing for his website. His audience was so engaged that just a single blog post is all it took for him to be able to go full-time.

Since then, Shawn’s online business has grown significantly. He work from home, running 3 websites that generate multiple six-figures.

I’ve asked Shawn if he’d be willing to go behind the scenes with you to share what’s working now. What were the things he did in those early days to build an audience, and what are the things he’s doing now to continue growing?

So we’re hosting an exclusive IFB webinar that’s all about growing your audience and earning money.

Click here to learn more and sign up for free.

The webinar is completely free. And there will be no pitch. It’s going to be 100% pure value and teaching.

Here are the things you’ll discover:

  • How to use an editorial calendar and develop a writing habit. This will help relieve stress in your publishing, improve reader engagement, and turn yourself into a content-creating machine.
  • Simple ways to grow your email list. Specifically, Shawn will be sharing the two strategies he has used to 4x the size of his email lists in less than a year.
  • Proven ways to grow your audience. Shawn will be sharing what he has always focused on first in order to build traffic and engagement on his websites.
  • How to make money with your website and your list. There are many, many ways to monetize your website and your email list. Shawn will share the things he has done over the years to grow his business income.

One good idea. That’s all you need to get breakthrough and traction in your own projects and efforts.

I hope you’ll join us for this free webinar that is exclusive just for IFB readers.

Click here to claim your spot at this free, no-pitch webinar.

See you there!

— Jason and the IFB Team

P.S. Don’t forget, you have to register for the webinar. And it’s coming up soon, so here’s the link:

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