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Great Funny Costume Ideas for Halloween 2024

It's almost autumn, and that means that Halloween is right around the corner. Halloween is one of the most beloved holidays celebrated every year because it offers everyone a chance to showcase their creativity and impress the entire neighborhood with the spookiest, funniest, or sexiest Halloween costume. 

Do you know that Americans spent $8.05 billion on Halloween costumes in 2024? This number clearly shows how important this holiday is. Yes, obviously Americans (and pretty much everyone) adore Halloween but the question still remains – what costume should I pick this year? Helloween offers a great chance to think outside of the box. So, why not think of a costume design for a group or a couple? Or, maybe you could wear a self-made costume? Maybe you can even dress up your dog in a tiny little funny costume – it will catch the attention of everyone at the party, that’s for sure!

Today, however, we will talk about costumes that can’t but bring smiles and make everyone laugh once they see you. Yes, we will talk about funny Halloween costumes for the entire family!

By the way, do you know where the tradition to wear spooky costumes comes from? People used to believe that on October 31st, the Earth was full of creepy, supernatural creatures. But today, you don't have to look like a monster to celebrate this holiday. Funny Halloween costumes bring positivity and light – isn't it what we're looking for? Now let’s see those 30 humorous Halloween costumes for the entire family!

Funny Halloween Costumes for Women

Do you want to outshine everyone at the Halloween party? Here are some funny costume Halloween ideas for women: 

1. Bee

Darling Bee Halloween Costume | Women Plus Size | 1 Pack

Do you like honey? This costume is an excellent way to show that! A bright and memorable outfit that will definitely make you noticeable. So, all you need to have is black shoes because the rest you can get when buying this outfit. How about some nice high heels and a curly hairstyle? You'll already look cute thanks to the wings and headband.

2. Monkey

Leg Avenue Cozy Monkey Hooded Fleece Dress with Tail-Cute Halloween Costume Onesie...

If you’re invited to an animal-themed party or you just simply just like animals, why not try this Halloween costume on? It's a tight dress with a funny hood that imitates a monkey head. In addition, there's a tail that makes the outfit look sexy in some way. So, this monkey costume is a perfect option for women or girls who want to impress while having a little bit of fun! 

3. Nun

amscan Holy Sister Nun Halloween Costume for Women, Plus (18-20), with Veil and...

This costume is a good option for those who like modesty and classics. Black and white colors fit everyone, so why not experiment with this costume? It looks realistic and stylish. You might ask what’s so funny about dressing as a nun? Well, just imagine the reaction of your friends when you start dancing hip-hop in this costume!

4. Butterfly

Butterfly Wings Costumes for Women,Butterfly Wings Shawl Halloween Costume Festival...

This is a simple yet very interesting choice for ladies. Just combine a tight black dress with these butterfly wigs and get ready to be crowned the queen of the party. You can choose between soft pink and bright blue colours. So, whatever colour you like, you'll look stunning! By the way, it seems easy to create, so it might be a fun DIY Halloween costume as well.

5. Star Wars Stormtrooper

Rubie's Star Wars Female Stormtrooper, White/Black, Medium

Are you a Star Wars fan? Then this costume is designed for you! The Stormtrooper costume includes a bodysuit, gloves, shoulders, arm, leg armors, and injection-molded body. Who said that a woman cannot be a warrior? So, if you want to wow your friends, look fun and hot at the same time, this costume is what you need.

Funny Halloween Costumes For Men

Men with a good sense of humor are lovable at parties, so here are the best Halloween costumes for you to sparkle.

1. Dinosaur

GOOSH Inflatable Dinosaur Costume for Adult Riding T Rex Funny Blow up Women Man...

Are you an adventurer? Do you like paleontology or just giant lizards? Then this Halloween costume is what you need. It's an inflatable costume with a battery pack that ensures it's constantly blown up. So, you'll kill two birds with one stone by making your dream real for a while and showing your friends how to ride a dinosaur.

2. Miss German-Breast adult

Fun World Men's Bavarian Beauty W/Beer Bust, Multi, STD. up to 6'/200 Lbs

Men wearing female costumes always look fun. So, if you have a themed party or just want to outshine everyone around, then an outfit of a German Frau is the best for this occasion. You'll get a bright yellow wig which will definitely suit you, and a plastic breast beverage dispenser. Looks fun, right?

3. Alien

Poptrend Inflatable Alien Costume Inflatable Halloween Costumes Blow Up Alien Costume...

Some people believe they were attacked by aliens. Well, if you wear this costume, you can be one of them. It's an inflatable costume you can blow up within seconds. Once ready, it looks like a giant green alien is holding you. So, if you like spooky but hilarious costumes, this outfit is what you need.  

4. Squirrel

Rasta Imposta Squirrel Costume, Gray, One Size

This strange costume will definitely make everyone laugh. A grey outfit with a giant tail and a squirrel hood sounds (and looks) so ridiculous that you will surely surprise everyone and make them laugh. By the way, did you know that squirrels' eyes are positioned in such a way that allows them to look behind them?

5. Pickle

Spooktacular Creations Adult Unisex Pickle costume Standard

This is another brilliantly ridiculous Halloween costume for men that will 100% make you the star of the party! If you're a fan of Rick & Morty, you can go one step further and buy a Pickle Rick costume! 

Funny Halloween Costumes For Couples

How to show that you are happy as a couple? Come to a Halloween party in outfits that illustrate your unity.

1. Adult babies

California Costumes Cry Baby Adult Costume

Grown-ups who look like toddlers – what can be more absurd? These awkward costumes for adults look strange but nobody can deny that they are super fun. Just cry out loud and, who knows, maybe you'll get more sweets than others?

2. Sneakers

Tigerdoe Couples Costumes – Novelty Sneaker Costume – Funny Adult Halloween...

These are unique and funny costumes for couples who are definitely on the same page. Red sneakers look real – with white shoelaces in the front and a brown bottom on the back. Wear jeans and funny shirts with black sleeves to make the outfits even brighter. 

3. Painter and painting

80s Loveable Landscape Painter Halloween Costume | Painter Accessory Pack and Slip On...

What can be more ridiculous? The painter and painting simply is the perfect Halloween costume for adult couples who are not afraid to look funny. There's an 80s painter kit with curly hair, beard, and mustache for your final Bob Ross look. Additionally, there are paintbrushes and a palette for the true artist inside you. As for the painting, it's polyester, so wear something white under it to make it look natural, as a genuine canvas.

4. Peanut Butter and Jelly

Spooktacular Creations Costume Adult Couple Set w/one Peanut Butter and One Jelly...

Those who love having PBJ for breakfast will certainly love this Halloween costume. If you have no idea what you and your partner should be for Halloween, these simple costumes can save your night and cheer your friends up. Who doesn’t love peanut butter and jelly, after all?

5. Barista & Latte Coffee Cup

Barista Apron & Latte Coffee Cup Halloween Couples Costume - Funny Adult Outfits

Do you like latte coffee? Perfect, then this costume is made for you. For the barista costume, wear total black, and for the cup costume, wear a white shirt and jeans. Additionally, this costume can be a funny college or teen Halloween outfit, so it’s suitable for friends as well.

Funny Halloween Costumes For Kids

Children can enjoy this scary holiday by wearing funny Halloween costumes. Here are our best offers:

1. Headless Costume

Headless Boy Child Costume - One Size

At first sight, it looks spooky, but it can look funny and creative if a child wears it. All that a kid needs is to wear black shoes and black trousers – the rest is a long black robe with an opening for the face and a bloody plastic neck. We bet your child will win the “best Halloween costume” competition.

2. Hot Dog

AOBUTE Hot Dog Halloween Costume for Kids Funny Food Suit Boys Girls Sausage Hotdog...

This costume looks so real that it can be confused with an actual hot dog. This Halloween outfit is an excellent choice for a child because it contains bright, vivid colors and looks tasty. By the way, it also can be a cute toddler Halloween costume.

3. Unicorn

Spooktacular Creations Kids Inflatable Costume, Full Body Unicorn Air Blow Up...

If your child likes fantasy, then a unicorn is a great Halloween costume. It's a white inflatable costume with a giant unicorn head that everyone will definitely love. Colorful tail and mane make the costume even funnier and so darn cute. To look more magical, give your child purple gloves.

4. Minecraft Enderman

Enderman Costume, Inflatable Minecraft Costumes for Kids, Child Size Fan Operated...

Is your kid a Minecraft fan? Then this inflatable costume might be the best choice for Halloween. There's a see-through vinyl shutter that allows your kid to see what's going on around, so he’ll look as secretive as the Enderman. By the way, it can be a great outfit for teens as well.

5. Cockroach

Honeystore Kid's Funny Cockroach Costume Halloween Party Role Play Costume

Many people are afraid of cockroaches, but once they see your kid wearing this funny costume, they will change their minds for sure. This hilarious Halloween outfit can be an excellent option for kids, teens, and even adults! You can try to do it yourself, and it'll be a perfect homemade Halloween outfit.

Funny Halloween Costumes For Teens

Teens are pretentious and find it hard to choose an outfit for Halloween. That’s especially valid if they are invited to a big party at their friend’s house.

1. Pillsbury Doughboy

White Pillsbury Doughboy Inflatable Costume Kit - Adult Standard Size (1 Set) -...

This inflatable Halloween costume is a great and classic outfit idea. It'll make you the most noticeable and funny party guest. So, if you were thinking of how to stand out from the crowd, now you know what to choose.

2. Mouse

EJsoyo Onesie Adult Reindeer Costume Dinosaur Sleepwear Animal Lion Mouse Cosplay...

For those of you who like chilling and relaxing, this white pajama costume is a great fit. The mouse hood and the short tail will also make you look cute. Additionally, if you have sensitive skin, this costume of a delicate and soft material is a great choice.

3. Flamingo

KOOY Inflatable Flamingo Costume,Inflatable Costume for Adult Funny,Halloween Blow Up...

Do you like pink? Or, maybe you adore flamingos? This vivid inflatable outfit is a great way to show that. Wear a grey, white, or black t-shirt and a bucket hat to look like you're in an exotic country. This costume imitates you riding on a flamingo – we're sure you'd dreamed of it when you were a child.

4. Grim Reaper

HSCTEK Inflatable Grim Reaper Costume Adult Men Women, Inflatable Blow Up Costume...

A perfect college Halloween costume that'll make everyone laugh. It's a blow-up outfit of a grim reaper that's holding you. It might sound creepy, but once you appear at a party with this costume laughing and having fun, that'll look hilarious.    

5. Butter 

Smooth as Butter Halloween Costume - Funny Breakfast Food Adult Unisex Body Suit

Showing up as butter for a Halloween event is an excellent idea if you're getting ready for a themed food party. It's a unisex costume you can wear at a group or college party. Just wear black jeans with sneakers and a white shirt to look extra classy.   

Funny Halloween Costumes For Dogs

Dogs are part of many families, so why should we exclude them from celebrating Halloween with us? 

1. Spider

Halloween Costume for Pets Dogs Spiders Sweatshirt Cosplay Apparel Clothes Pets Dogs...

Do you want to frighten everyone around? Then dress your dog in this hilarious but spooky costume. Just imagine your dog running around in this costume. By the way, it's easy to make it yourself, so it can be a great homemade or DIY Halloween costume.

2. Lion

Dog Halloween Costumes Lion Mane for Dog Halloween Party, Lion Wig Clothes for Large...

It doesn't matter what size and color your pet is; it'll look great in this Halloween costume. The lion wig and tail will turn your dog into a gracious King of the Jungle.

3. Cowboy Rider

NACOCO Cowboy Rider Dog Costume for Dogs Clothes Knight Style with Doll and Hat for...

Dress your dog with a cowboy doll to make it look like a superhero. It'll definitely catch a lot of attention because of the bright colors and the cuteness your dog will project. Moreover, it's a comfortable outfit, so don't worry about your dog getting irritated with the costume.

4. Pineapple

cyeollo Dog Costume Pineapple Dress-up Halloween Cosplay Holiday Outfits Funny...

Your dog can become a party star in this funny Halloween outfit. If you're planning to visit a themed food or fruit party, and you were thinking of taking your pet with you, this costume is the best choice. The outfit is made of soft and skin-friendly material, so your dog will outshine everyone at the party. 

5. Harry Potter

Coomour 3PCS Dog Costume for Cats Clothing Funny Wizard Pet Clothes with Glasses and...

If you're a Harry Potter fan, then this Halloween outfit will make your day. A cute dog cloak, glasses, and a striped bandana are the three items you can also try to do yourself, so this can be a perfect homemade costume as well. 

Do you know why everyone loves Halloween? Because it's a great chance to experiment with costumes and to become someone you've always admired. Did you want to ride a flamingo or meet dinosaurs when you were a kid? If so, on Halloween, all your dreams can become true. Even though it's a spooky celebration, it has positive vibes. The funniest part of it is, of course, the preparation. So, why not brainstorm different ideas? Be it a family celebration, a group event, or a college party, you can prepare or buy funny and eye-catching costumes and have the time of your life!

Best Selling Funny Halloween Costumes

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