Halloween Guide For Fashion Bloggers

It’s that time of the year again, boys and ghouls! Halloween is slowly creeping up on us. It’s less than a week away now! Do you have your costume planned out? Are you ready for the Trick-or-Treaters? Will you be attending any Halloween parties this year?

If you still have no idea what to do for Halloween costumes, haven't bought candy to hand out, and have zero plans for Halloween Eve (after all, Halloween falls on a Tuesday this year) that's ok. We've got a bit of inspiration for you, here on the IFB blog. Check out these links to Halloween Guides, costume ideas, spooky food and drink recipes, and much more. They're all written by our favourite fashion bloggers and influencer, and please let us know if there's someone who should be added to our Halloween Guide for Fashion Bloggers.

Halloween Guides for Fashion Bloggers

Tracie Marie Please's “The Fashion Blogger's Guide to Halloween”

Fashion Blogger Guide Halloween

Tracie Marie has rounded up a few costume ideas on her blog, Tracie Marie Please. If you're looking for a number of quirky costume ideas in one place, we recommend checking out her post!

Rachel Zoe's The Zoe Report “How To Do Halloween Like A Fashion Girl”

rachel zoe vestiaire collective picks

Rachel Zoe knows fashion. Therefore, it's only fitting that she's posted “How To Do Halloween Like A Fashion Girl” on her blog, The Zoe Report. If you're looking for celebrity inspired-costumes and chic Halloween attire ideas, look no further.

ChiChi Writes “A Concise Guide to Halloween” and “Halloween Made Easy”

preparing for halloween pumpkin candle holder picjumbo

ChiChi Writes has drafted up two Halloween guides on her blog. She includes basic makeup tips, costume ideas and more.

Halloween Costumes for Fashion Bloggers

Lauren Conrad's Cruella de Vil

Lauren Conrad Cruella de Vil

Lauren Conrad has a number of excellent Halloween-themed posts up on her blog, Lauren Conrad. Our favourite is her Cruella de Vil costume, that can easily be put together with an old, faux fur jacket, a black slip dress, and a pair of red gloves. Check out her blog for more Halloween inspiration!

Jacey Duprie's (Damsel in Dior) Cher Horowitz

Jacey Duprie Damsel in Dior

Not into dressing ugly and scary this Halloween? Damsel in Dior's Jacey Duprie has some great ideas if you want to rock chic, cute and comfortable attire this Halloween. Check it out on her blog – you won't be disappointed with her ideas.

Keiko Lynn's Wizard of Oz Group Costume

Keiko Lynn Wizard of Oz Group Costume

You know a blogger is a big fan of Halloween, when they keep a “Halloween” tab at the top of their homepage during the month of October. Keiko Lynn has plenty of great Halloween-themed posts and ideas on her website So, If you're looking for a one-stop shop of inexpensive costumes, Halloween makeup ideas and group costume inspiration be sure to check out her blog. IFB's favourite is the Wizard of Oz group costume.

Tasty Halloween Treats for Fashion Bloggers

Robyn Kimberly's (Skinny Belle) Caramel Apples

Robyn Kimberly Caramel Apples

Robyn Kimberly whips up a Halloween classic on her blog, Skinny Belle. Everyone loves Caramel Apples! If you're wondering how she made them, check out the recipe on Skinny Belle.

Cupcakes and Cashmere's Halloween Sheet Pan Cupcakes 

Halloween Sheet Pan Cupcakes

No Halloween party is complete without Halloween-themed cupcakes. This sheet cake/cupcake recipe from Cupcakes and Cashmere is super easy to make, and will be an absolutely treat amongst your guests! And if you think this recipe is fun, be sure to check out their “Spooky Skewers” and “Sleek Halloween Clothe Centerpiece”.

Ashley Rose's (Sugar and Cloth) Dirt Cup Cocktails

Dirt Cup Cocktails

During ANY holiday season, we're always on the hunt for a great cocktail. Sugar and Cloth's Dirt Cup Cocktails would be a great addition, if you're planning on throwing a Halloween get-to-together. Just make sure to use gummy worms as garnishes and not, ahem, real worms in the cocktail…

Honourable Mentions…

The Skinny Arm's “Dia De Los Muertos”

Brown Eyed Baker “35 Awesome Halloween Recipes”

House of Harper “The Black Widow”

Man Repeller's “My Commitment to Halloween Might Be Ruining My Closet”

Susie Bubble's “Kawaii Halloween”

I Am A Food Blog's “13 Spooky Cute Things to Make For Halloween”

Hello Giggles “How To Do A Marie Antoinette Costume…”

Bonus: 13 Last Minute Halloween Blog Posts to Spook Your Readers

Last Minute Halloween Blog Posts

  • Run a List of Your Favorite Horror Films: Even if you can't stomach scary films, there's always The Nightmare Before Christmas!
  • Run a List of Your Favorite Halloween Music Videos: Thriller, Dancing With Myself, whatever Lady Gaga video is creeping around, this post can highlight the spooky talent in music videos.
  • Share Old Halloween Costumes: Even if you haven't celebrated Halloween since you were five, share your old pics!
  • Run a “Halloween in Your Closet”: Presuming you have clothes, you can throw together some amazing posts with what you already have!
  • DIY Tutorial of a Halloween Costume: Cat ears, Devil Horns, Bats flying around… everyone does a little DIY for Halloween, why not share yours on your blog!
  • Post a Halloween Recipe: Pumpkin Cookies, brains, whatever you're serving for Halloween, share the recipe!
  • Make a Fashion-Jack-O-Lantern: Anna Wintour can make a scary Jack-O-Lantern!
  • Write a “What You Can Learn From ____________” Post: There's a lot you can learn from Halloween, Horror Films and all things spooky!
  • Write a “How Fashion Can Save You From Freddie/Jason/Zombies/Vampires, etc.: Even if it's how to kill a Zombie with stilettos!
  • Ask Your Readers to Share Their Halloween Costumes: Great way to engage your readers!
  • Share a spooky story from your life: Did you ever living in a haunted house, see a ghost, have a premonition?
  • List Halloween Events in Your Area: Let your readers know what's going on!
  • Create a Halloween Gift Guide: Gifts for Halloween? Why not!

Are you celebrating Halloween this year? Do you plan on running a Halloween post or doing your own Halloween guide on your blog? Let us know in the comments below!

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