How Many QUALITY Posts Can You Write Per Day? Per Week?

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For many bloggers, posting three times a week does not make a living for them. Many bloggers, writers, and even journalists juggle freelance gigs, work for digital mags that require multiple posts per day. Jessie formerly of Denimology, told us in an web chat a few years ago, churned out six posts per day. That's a lot of content.

Denimology isn't the only website that generates a lot of content. Sites like Fashion Bomb Daily, Fashionista, Refinery 29, Racked all create content at high volumes. Some bloggers will take on other blogging gigs to earn money and to become professional bloggers. I personally run three blogs to keep my bills paid.

I was just realizing that while I can write multiple posts per day, I could only write only one or two in-depth posts per week. One or two. Out of eight or nine posts that I usually write per week.

How many posts do you write per week?

Can you keep up that cadence? Can you write more? Can you get away with writing less?



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  1. Raivyn dK

    I try to write 6-7 posts a week, 3-4 of which I tend to get more in-depth with my writing. It’s not easy, and I can’t always meet that standard each week, but it’s worth a shot.


  2. Zuma

    Thank you Jennine for this post, you are raising a great point. I write 3 posts a week – having a law practice and kids (one with autism), I feel like I work non-stop 24/7. I’m quite exhausted, but I don’t want to stop blogging, I just love it too much. But, I am not making much money blogging, and not sure any more how I can make my blog better and more efficient. I would so appreciate the input!

  3. Sophie

    I run a business and blog for fun; I regularly write up posts in bulk after finalising ideas over a period of time – sometimes days, sometimes weeks. I think I produce pretty solid content, I’m happy with it and if I found my blog, I’d read it.

    I think the trouble comes when you try to push when there isn’t anything there; if I’m not “feeling it” I don’t push myself to write, I write when I feel inspired to – when I’m “on a roll.” So I like to schedule way in advance so I can have days (even weeks) when I don’t write anything at all and let the scheduled content go out.

    • Sheela Goh

      You are the poster child for being so organised, I am in awe. And I love your pieces, I’ve been a fan since you were on Etsy πŸ™‚ I am enamoured of every single aspect of your blog. Love love love. I know, I’m gushing.


  4. Jess Zimlich

    I hover around 3 posts per week, but I also work full time. I’ve found that this is a pretty healthy balance for me thus far!

  5. Nailah Ali

    I try to put up at least 5 posts a week. My posts are more picture heavy though which actually helps take a bit of the burden off of writing, but it’s still a lot of work.


  6. styleduplex

    I can only write to 2 posts a week, then my creative side because overhauled and I have writers block. what are tips to produce a lot of content?


    • Kosta Karakashyan

      You should plan out your content in advance so that when you’re in the right mood you can get down to it and create many posts. If you’re relying only on creativity, it’s hard to be prolific. I think you should try to write even when you’re not feeling 100% motivated. Good luck, Nick!


    • Sheela Goh

      Hi there,

      There’s this new thing I’ve been trying out, timed writing, and it’s worked wonders. Set a timer to 10 or 15, max 20 minutes, and write freely. Do not stop to edit or spellcheck, you can do that later. Just write. It’s liberating. Even if you choose to not use what you wrote, it unlocks that writer’s block we all fear. It’s something I learned from the Daily Post Blogging University πŸ™‚


  7. dan

    I write about 25 posts per week i work in a life style blog and also write for aeropostale MΓ©xico sometimes i feel like i get lost, also have my own blog and because of my work i only have the time to write one or two post per week so thats kind of awful, but sometimes its really hard to find something that can be interesting not only for me but for the readers, its hard but at least its worthless.

  8. angela

    I typically write 4-5 posts a week, some days I have time to write 2 in a day sometimes only one. I try really hard to write a week ahead. I have a lifestyle blog so my content is more varied but it can be challenging to write more than one post in a day. I find it easier when I have a list of different content ideas that way I’m not struggling to write about a certain topic!

  9. Brittany Ann

    Every other day is my goal. I aim for 2-3 /week to be outfit centric and one to be a well thought written piece (though as a blogger with no real subscribers yet written pieces can feel like a shout into the blue).

    I hate filler posts but am not concerned about them – on my desktop is a folder full of ideas collected over the years (I’ve always wanted to write; haven’t always wanted to blog). As for pictures, I stay a couple posts ahead of the game so if thrown a curveball (a week straight of rain, unexpectedly busy) I’ll have a safety net.

    In the future, I’d rather have 300 pages of fantastic content than 900 that desperately needs to be shifted through.

  10. gina

    I came from the TV news world where it’s all about churn and burn. I can easily do 6-7 blog posts a week….although this week, I am doing a domain name change and it’s crickets on the blog.

    Content is easy to do if you use the news for inspiration. πŸ™‚

  11. Ann Krembs

    I write one post a day, Monday-Friday. I (try to) post by 6:30 am. I don’t like to post during my work day–it makes me feel really guilty. I don’t know what time works better; I live in Hong Kong, so my Stateside readers get the post in the early afternoon. Maybe I should make it so they get it in the morning or at night. I’m confused about this part of blogging. I try to mix up the posts so that there is variety: one to two outfits, a collage, a date night, an essay. Some posts are definitely easier to write than others. I rely on the easy ones when I’m short for time! I have found that keeping a blogging calendar is so helpful! I use it to keep a list of potential ideas and seeing it all laid out for the week or even month is really helping me to see consistency–or rather inconsistencies!

    Having the pressure of one a day by 6:30 am keeps me on my toes!

    Ann of Kremb de la Kremb

    • Sheela Goh

      I’ve actually stopped trying to gauge the best time to publish a post because my WordPress site stats only tell me which days of the week have the highest views/reads. I’ve sent a request to the support team so fingers crossed. For the interim, I publish posts as and when I’m done πŸ™‚


  12. Liyana Aris

    I blog two to three times per week, but I always wish I could do more. I am a homemaker so even though I’m constantly at home, I find that I don’t have as much time as I should have. I’ve been blogging for a while but only recently did I start to take blogging more seriously, so I think I definitely need to up my blogging game!

    • Sheela Goh

      I enjoy your posts, Liyana, and I’m not saying that because we’re both Malaysians πŸ™‚ it’s refreshing to read and see how style is viewed from your slightly-more-modest-than-the-average-woman perspective. It also helps that you’re so goofy πŸ™‚ I’m a new fan. On the matter of increasing the frequency of posts, it’s tough. I work full-time, albeit from home (that’s actually harder than working out of an office, I’ve discovered). I have three teenage children. A husband. And this blog. Throw in distractions and responsibilities, and it’s truly arduous trying to keep up. I used to measure success by the number of posts I could churn out. I no longer do (or try not to). Instead, I measure it by number of views and reads. That helps me discern which topics my readers prefer and gives me a boost of encouragement too πŸ™‚


  13. Carrie Paul

    I am still new at blogging, its based on fashion but I am still tweaking my site. I do add a filler with an affiliate ad, and I have to wait til my husband can take a few pics. We are doing a few looks this weekend which I will try to space out every few days. It seems I don’t have as much in my closet as I would like, but I am on a 2 year goal to really have my site up and going. With that timeline, I am just learning more and no pressure. I am hoping to put in extra work hours to do some shopping. I signed on to Lookbook which is great because I see from so many other countries different look I would have never thought of, so my blog is more of a fashion journey

  14. Aniqa

    I try to write 3 posts per week (and would love to write more), but being busy with UNI makes it quite hard sometimes.


  15. Mathilde

    I try to post onces a week, I wish I could write more, because I alway wanna make a post about something (outfit, makeup,etc..) but school keep me really busy. :/ And I struggle a lot at making a schedule!

  16. Ally

    I try and get out around 3 posts per week. It’s not been the easiest doing that and juggling a full-time job. But for similar reasons of why you said you need to be churning out a handful of posts per day, I’ll just stick with focusing on just this one blog for now…

    Ally | Aye, Sir! Ally

  17. Katie

    I write about 3 posts a week, with photos included. It can be hard between balancing school and another job, but I think it’s really fun. My creative side definitely comes out when I have more time to focus on a post, opposed to when I’m rushed. Although, lately I’ve been trying to write more in depth for each post that gets published. I give people who post every single day a lot of credit!

  18. Sarah Blodgett

    I think the number of posts (quality or not) depends on the blogger and their schedule. My schedule changes week to week so I try to get posts done ahead of time. The quality depends greatly on how complex a post I’m trying to achieve and how much time I have to dedicate to that post. I aim for 5 posts per week, but some weeks that’s easier than others. It’s nice to know other bloggers are going through the same struggle.

  19. Tiff

    I typically hover between 3-4 posts a week. Normally I queue up the week’s posts on Sunday and schedule them out. I try to do one really good service piece once a week and two so-so pieces that are less in-depth and more routine in format, which I find really easy for me to churn out and nice for readers who have something steady to look forward to each week.

    I’ve been experimenting with themes on the blog, exploring different concepts each month and it’s really helped create interesting posts, even when I’m feeling unmotivated!

    Tiff | AMtoPM

  20. Elisa

    Wow, this post really hit home for me. I was hoping to find some suggestions on how to avoid a blogger burnout, but I loved it nonetheless.
    I have recently undergone a writer burnout. I have started working as blogger for a company 6 months ago. After a couple of months I was asked to raise the number of daily posts to 3 content posts, and I did it for a while.
    That made for 4 content posts written each day (you have to write weekend posts during the week if you don’t want to work on a Sat or Sun)
    It took me two months to be completely drained. I also run my own blog on top of that, and it really suffered from my job. I have decided to work less, earn less and survive. I have been writing 2 content posts per day and 1 images only since September and I feel much more alive. More creative juice and all.
    It’s not easy churning out all that content, if you also consider English is not my first language. And no, there’s no way in hell you can write so many quality posts. Some of them are going to be filler posts. But I try to make them helpful for readers anyway.
    In the end, it all comes down to coming up with new ideas. Writing 600 words about an idea it’s not that hard if you are a writer, but coming up with worthy ideas, argh…

  21. Sheela Goh

    There’s such a fine line between churning out multiple posts and spamming one’s reader. And that line is further compounded by the fact that I try to address different genres of readers with each post (moving away from this). So when I post thrice a day, the most I’ve done thus far, one post will be in-depth; another picture heavy (either a fashion round-up or a designer showcase); and the third something shorter but not heavy on the visuals such as a quote or a funny quip or recipe. That sort of thing. I have an editorial calender which typically spans 8 weeks. This helps me to remember themes and/or events. I haven’t been able to adhere to it 100% (if you do, please teach me how?) but I average 85%. Given a full-time job in which I also write for a living; a husband; and three teenage children, I’ll take it πŸ™‚ anyway, back to my opening point. I feel that posting too often also runs the risk of losing followers because it’s a case of quantity vs quality. Obviously it would be lovely to have quantity with quality. I’m working on it still πŸ™‚


  22. Magda

    I try to post at least 3 times a week, however, my posting frequency sometimes comes down because of my daily job. I guess 3 post are not too many but I treat the blogging more as a hobby rather than a main source of income. I also believe that quality matters more than quantity and thus, I can’t even imagine coming up with a few high-quality posts a day:)

  23. Esther

    I have two blogs;one for my small business and a personal one . I’ve found that it’s so much easier for me to write 3 times a week on my personal that it is to writes for my business blog . I enjoy my personal blog, all things fashion, beauty and lifestyle and have at least one blog post for each of those categories . I have a schedule for posting and find that it works well for me even with a full time job. Still working out a few things with my site and eventually will work out all the kinks . I am however very active on social media for my blog and find that I get a lot of interaction through FB and Instagram which also leads to more traffic on my blog.

  24. Leo Sigh

    LOL, six posts a day???? Most successful bloggers post far more than that. I’ve been writing more than 25 blog posts a day across a variety of blogs, as well as for clients, for more than 10 years. If you’re a writer, you don’t ‘burn out’. If you’re a blogger, yeah, you probably do as writing isn’t really your forte.

  25. Melody Sours

    I’m a fashion blogger so I usually write 2 posts per week that pertain to my outfits. I try to go a little deeper than the typical “what I’m wearing” dialogue and tap into why I wore it. This includes how I’m feeling that day, what areas I’m trying to highlight-mask or even the weather.
    I’ll also post a “Needing Now” post once a week that just provides coveted items and links.
    I like to keep my posts as authentic as possible and for ME writing more than I do might feel forced.


  26. Adeel

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  27. LiftMyEnergy

    The target is to write 1 blog post per day. Too early to do some A/B testing on frequency, timing and topics, but that’s the next target.

  28. Runyararo Ndudzo

    Most of the times I produce around 6 posts a week however I feel like I can do more. The only problem is sometimes I don’t take it seriously because I’m not making any bucks off the three blogs I run.