How This Fashion Blogger Quit Her Day Job By Using Poshmark

girl wearing polka dotted skirtKate Heimann quit her day job in March of 2014. She had started her personal style blog Wear in LA in November of 2011 and for three years built a strong following, and while many bloggers talk about how they went pro by using affiliate links or with brand partnerships, Kate had built a strong following on the consignment shop, Poshmark. She now sells enough on the site to bring in a good chunk of income so she can focus her energies building her blog following.

For many bloggers this is a dream come true. While Kate also monetizes her blog through branded content, the Poshmark income is a substantial revenue stream. Kate first found the site while googling ways to deal with her overflowing closet. She had thought of donating her clothes, then when she came across Poshmark she discovered that she could also try selling her clothes to her readers and gave it a go since Poshmark takes 20% of the listing, that would leave a good amount of profit. Over time, she had sold a lot of the things she doesn't want, so to keep inventory exciting, she sources clothing from wholesalers and from discount designer retailers like Nordstrom Rack. Kate explains, “When I go shopping and see something cute and that will sell, I'll buy two. One for myself and one for the shop.”

“When I go shopping and see something cute and that will sell, I'll buy two. One for myself and one for the shop.”

I personally had always thought that Poshmark was just for used clothes, but one can also use it as a boutique like Etsy without some of the restrictions (like how items must be vintage or handmade).  It's a great way to give the newer clothes new life, rather than waiting until they are at least 20 years old to be able to sell them on a platform like Etsy.

poshmark shoes

On Kate's shop she says that the products that do the best are “Designer Deals” like Kate Spade shoes under 50% off. Or anything “Designer” for that matter. Of course like all retailers, photography and branding is so important. Kate styles her products in graphic ways to catch the attention of her followers and of people shopping on Poshmark.

[Image credit: Wear in LA's Poshmark Store]

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23 Responses

  1. Nicole

    I love Poshmark! I started not too long ago and I’ve been making a good income, too. It is really easy and simple. It is really inspiring to hear this story, and now I might want to take my Poshmark up a notch to start making it a business!


  2. anne m bray

    Great article. Has me rethinking Poshmark and the giant mound of unworn/too small clothing that has been growing as I weed out my closet.

  3. Schauminchanel

    Good for her! That is awesome and inspiring. I love reading about women who decide to take the road less traveled and succeed at doing what they love. Entrepreneurship is a beautiful thing!


    • Tracy Ann

      I agree Schaiminchanel! We have to stick together and inspire each other to continuously improve. Girl Power!


  4. Melody

    I’ve been on Poshmark for over a year now. I love it for selling and buying. Unlike many other consigning sites, Posh has come up with genius ways of marketing items within the site. Virtual Posh Parties are hosted 3 times a day and have really boosted my sales and following. I highly recommend it!


  5. Gracious Store

    Good for her! I look forward when I can be able to quit my day’s job and concentrate on my online business

  6. Winnie Odande

    This is quite an interesting read. I wonder though, is it open to the African market? I come from Kenya.

    • jeanscenequeen

      Sorry. It’s only available to people in the U.S.A. at this time.

  7. Mandy

    Is there a similar platform for the UK? I have tried Depop but you can only buy and sell on a smartphone 🙁

  8. Meaghan

    Wow! I’m impressed. Her social media following doesn’t seem to be that high, not that mine is or anything I’m just in awe that she is making enough money to go full-time with it. I guess I need to check out Poshmark. 🙂

  9. Charmystique

    Wow, what a great idea! Finally some motivation for me to clear out my wardrobe to make way for new things.


  10. Maggie A

    I’m addicted to Poshmark …but I’m yet to sell another item lol. Its become so saturated especially lately.

  11. Victoria Antoine

    I’ve been busy with the launch of my online magazine. Now, I’ve been taking a break from my blog for a while. It’s awesome that she has the balls to quit her day job and blog for the full time.

    I would like to make money off of my blog and continue full time. I love blogging so much that I would love it to make a full time job. I need to check out Postlink. I have other stuff that I can sell and buy.

  12. Dymond Moore

    Not a huge fan if poshmark due to the mainly social aspect of it. I want my clothes to sell because someone liked it and that’s what they wanted, and not becausr so many people follow me. Yeah it helps,but I feel like unless you’re the cream of the crop with the best stuff, your offerings just won’t be seen.

  13. Anastasia Nicole

    Great read. Def going to look into Poshmark since I’ve been doing a major wardrobe overhaul and could use the funds it would generate.

  14. Stephanie

    Terrible (pretty much non-existent) customer support. I always get generic answers after looking for support. Every other site is use I find much more supportive and productive.

  15. Jamie

    I do the same thing but on Vinted! Great for a little extra cash to put towards clothes and my blog!!


  16. Jaime Statham

    I have been on Poshmark about a year now and found this article very inspring. It’s refreshing to see other women do something, succeed at it and also be able to help uplift and motivate other women to do the same thing. I am addicted to Posh. I love to share, buy, sell, etc. It’s turning into a part time job for me. The idea behind Poshmark is genius and I’ve made some really awesome Posh friends 🙂 @bishopsma

  17. Posh Ashleigh

    Great idea to get some extra cash before the spring season!

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