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How to Appear More Authentic in Your Fashion Blogging

It seems like everyone and their brother has a blog these days. People write about food, travel, books and fashion. Yet what sets skilled bloggers apart from casual writers is authenticity. 

Online fans are fickle. They want to give their time — and likes — to people they relate to. They want to interact with a human being, not a content generator. 

As a fashion blogger, how can you appear more authentic?

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Uphold the Honesty Policy

The internet is full of amateur sleuths with nothing better to do than to dig through your old blogs. They'll look for places where you've made a mistake or the facts don't add up. We all remember the Anthropologie blogger who promised to pass along store orders to faraway readers but never did. This error — while malicious, not accidental — cost the blogger their site. 

One way to avoid wrath is to employ honesty in every post. Vulnerability and honesty bring your audience closer because you become someone they relate to. You're a perfectly flawed human being, just like the rest of us — you just happen to have a keen sense of style. Honesty makes you approachable, even if you are a celebrity — something many people appreciate. 

Consider Your Passions

It's tempting to write about trending topics to bring in new audience members. However, if you don't like what you're writing about, it will bleed through to your viewers. Don't waste time on something unless you care about it. 

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It sounds cliche, but you need to have passion. Readers know if you're merely fishing for likes. If they suspect you're more interested in the attention than fashion, they'll flee to someone else. 

Showcase Your Hometown

You likely have a page on your site dedicated to your biography. You tell people your background and why you love fashion. Yet it gives readers little clue as to who you really are. Do you have a local sports team? If so, stage a photo shoot in gear with their logo.

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Everyone loves sports fashion. Plus, team spirit shows off your passionate side. Show off your best outfits to stay warm — and stylish — this season. You can also fashion a dress from a long jersey. Go team!   

Put Effort in Your Home Photoshoots

Posting pictures of your daily outfits, beauty tips, or whatever gorgeous thing you created and want to share with the world, requires some good photo skills. Living in a small apartment, however, might make you think that creating professional photos is an impossible task. That's definitely not true. You can create magnificent content, only if you know how to create a home photoshoot!

Focus on: natural lightning, decorations, pictures next to your closet or beauty counter, play with mirrors at home, stairways.

You can always take advantage of outdoor places around the city. There are plenty of colorful street corners, little parks and beautiful streets that can easily become the background of your next photo. Outdoor photo locations are a great way to express your interests and give life to your outfits!

Shed Envy, Embrace Celebration

It's easy to get jealous of people who have more followers or make more money. Yet if you cling to these feelings, they'll color your blog in Envy Green. 

Shed envy in favor of Mudita — a Buddhist concept. Mudita is when you feel joy for others who are happy instead of dragging yourself down. Celebrate their success and offer your congratulations. Too much envy exists in the world already — there's no need to add to it. 

Write What You Know

A million topics exist in the fashion world, yet it would take multiple degrees and decades of experience to understand them all. Don't try to be a Jack — or Jill — of all trades. Instead, focus on what you know.

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Avoid topics you're clueless about. If you decide to take on a challenge, extensive research is a must to avoid call-outs from industry experts. You don't want to be known as the person who offers incorrect answers. 

Remember, you'll continue to learn along the way. As you gain experience, you'll broaden your skillset. However, don't publish a piece until you're 100% sure it's ready. 

Are You a Fashion Blogger? Develop an Air of Authenticity

Fashion blogging is a niche market, but it's one that's continually changing. Yet one constant is the audience's desire for authenticity.  Don't blow your budget on marketing campaigns and gimmicks. Instead, focus on publishing honest content that showcases who you are and why you're different from everyone else. As a result, your audience will find you.

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