How to Get Invites to New York Fashion Week Shows

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In previous years, when you were granted press credentials for New York Fashion Week, you also received a list of all the PR contacts representing presenting designers, along with their email addresses. This year, everything has changed, and you'll have to be more resourceful.

Like Julia tells us, the organizers this year are being extremely stingy with press credentials, so don't feel slighted if you don't receive one. And don't fret, because, as she explains, you don't need credentials to cover fashion week.

Probably the most important thing you can do to score invites is to reach out to publicists directly and request one. It's a labor-intensive but necessary task, so here are some tips on how to communicate with publicists this season, and how to make sure you're on the list for next year.

1. Find the right contact.

If your email doesn't get to the correct person, it likely won't be fruitful. So spend some time researching who represents the designers you're interested in. Consult IMG’s schedule for the days and times when designers and brands will be showing, as well as the official New York Fashion Week Calendar, which was recently taken over by the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA).

Some brands use in-house representatives, whose emails you can often find in the “press” or “media” section of the brands' websites. Others use PR agencies, or sometimes both. You may also find the agency contact on the brands' website, or you might have to search around on the agency's website. Some to start with are BPCM, People’s Revolution, KCD and HL Group. Also, if online research fails, don't be afraid to pick up the phone! It sounds archaic but it's sometimes the fastest route to getting what you need.

2. Introduce yourself.

Like with any relationship, it's polite and helpful to let publicists know who you are and why you're getting in touch. Briefly describe what your blog is about, and list your stats, including traffic, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or any other pertinent numbers. Also let them know (briefly) what coverage ideas you might have, any previous experience you have covering fashion, and send links to previous posts you've written about shows or the brand. Keep it short but informative.

Some don'ts: Don't drop names (even if Aimee Song is your best friend, it will come off as tacky), don't request a +1, don't exaggerate your traffic, and don't request a front row seat.

3. RSVP promptly.

Again, be polite. Planners are trying to get their seating charts sorted out and anything you can do to make the process move along more quickly will be appreciated, and potentially noted for future seasons. In the same respect, if you neglect to RSVP, you may not be on the list for next season.

4. Don't give up.

If you don't get any or many invites, don't be discouraged. The first season I attended New York Fashion Week, I was beyond thrilled to receive three invites. I had launched my blog that same month, and my previous writing was mostly about science, so I wasn't complaining! Once I was in New York, I received a few more invites—as “no's” come in, organizers will send out invites to people lower down on their lists.

You can also show up for shows early and ask the gatekeepers for standing room. If they say no, at least you're at the venue and you can write up a post about the street style and setting of the event—plus you can likely find photos or video of the show online. If they say yes, you can get an even better post out of it, which gives you ammunition for next season's invite requests.

5. Post your coverage ASAP and share it.

This is my Achilles heel: I'll have tons of information and photos, but I can't face organizing it into posts. Don't be like me. Just do it! Post your fashion week posts while people have fashion week on the brain (and in their search terms). Send your posts around not only to your own social networks, but to the publicists who sent you the invites. Tagging is nice, but emailing them directly is even better. They may not have time to respond, but they might share it themselves, which means more traffic back to your site! Whether they respond or not, they will likely note that your invitation resulted in coverage, and you'll be more likely to be on the list for next season.

Again, it takes time to develop trust with publicists. So even if this is your first fashion week, it could be the beginning of some career-long relationships.

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  1. J'Chanet

    Thank you do much for shairing. This will be my first time attending NYFW so I am excited but little nervous at the same time.

  2. globalgarbs

    This is a great write up! Thanks for all of the insight! I have a question..how did you get invites to three events when you had just started a blog? You mentioned that you should send your traffic and blog stats, so how did you manage to get invited when you first started? Thanks so much!

    • Kristen Philipkoski

      Hi there! Back when I went to my first fashion week, it was easier to get press credentials and I had written a couple of freelance pieces for Refinery 29, so I had some experience to show. So I had received the list of PR contacts, and had emailed almost every one of them. I got 3 invites out of probably 50+ emails sent! 🙂

  3. Emmanuelle

    That’s what I did in March at Paris Fashion Week. A friend of mine gave me an invitation for a show so I was super excited ! There was a couple of other show where you could go in the standing room : it is important to know this, it offers another chance to attend. I often went to the location and took street style pictures I shared asap on my blog. It was really a great experience and I am planning to go in October too 🙂 !

    • Raymond

      Hmm i am a teen came from Malaysia and wish to become a celebrity. I want to attend the fashion week too but i have some question about it. I hope you would answer my question.

      1. Do i have an oppurtunity to walk on red carpet once i received an invitation and also street style pic?

      2. If i get the ticket from my friends, is it an invitation or they will lend me their passes?

      3. Will the fashion week organiser prepare me for make up, hairstyle and also dressing? Or..i need to prepare it for myself?


  4. Nailah Ali

    This is my first NYFW as well and I’m up to 2 invites so far, this was a very timely post. I’m so excited!!

  5. Leila

    Thanks for the sharing! I’ve been a fashion blogger from Miami and never understood how to get invites. It’s still frustrating not knowing how to get invited.

  6. Sheryl Blasnik

    I did not register this season with IMG and yet I have 15+ invites to NYFW

    Used MODEM for the PR contacts and sent out e-mail requests with links to my site and my social media platforms.

    Sheryl Blasnik

    • Maryam

      Hi! Thanks for sharing some insight. I must ask, where can you register with IMG? I’ve been blogging for two years and its my ultimate dream to attend NYFW. Any pointers would help! Thank you!

  7. Melody Sours

    Thanks so much for this. I’m definitely using this as a guideline for the next NYFW. I also like how I can apply most of these tips for everyday brand out reach.


  8. Dominique Richardson

    Hi my name is Dominique Richardson I’m a professional wrestler 1st degree black belt in martial arts Karate and a Model

  9. Suada

    Good Afternoon,My name is Suada, im 16 yo l. On behalf of fashion show.I’d like to attend and joing as a sponsor shop of a upcoming event. With the conditions of COVID-19 i know it’s not apparent to attend, but I am not losing my hope and I would appreciate any of your attention. Sincerely, Suada

  10. Tanya Williams

    I am interested in Volunteering for Fashion Week. Currently I have 4,285 followers that I built on my own, and I have only one picture Currently because I took the old ones down. I need new and more relevant material. Such as NYFW, saying I Love Fashion is an understatement. I left my everything in Cleveland to go to NYSD in November 2020. To be closer to my Everything, either way Happy New Year.