How to Write a Standout Event Recap Post

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Fashion bloggers have a high likelihood of receiving invites to various industry-related events, whether that's a new boutique opening, a private viewing of a designer's latest collection, or the big dance (NYFW.) Events can be as important as outfit and roundup posts for your blog. More often than not, you’re invited because of your blog. I'm grateful to have attended, hosted and/or covered a wide variety of events for my own blog. Whenever I write a recap post, there's a structure I like to follow to help me hit all the important elements:

The host's perspective

Always keep the event host in mind when recapping an event. Was there something especially meaningful to them about the event – or about inviting you? Maybe they complimented your outfit or your writing style. Maybe they went into detail about a specific piece in their line that means a lot to them, or the fabrics they used for their latest collection. Make mental notes and include them in your post. It’s a thoughtful way to show that you listened and paid attention to what mattered to them most (hard to do in a loud room full of people!) That extra attention just might be what opens the door to future opportunities.


Just as you took notes on what mattered most to the event host, make sure you know what the VIPs (very important pieces or products) are. Fashion events are usually for the launch of a specific piece, product (book, new website) or a full collection with highlighted pieces. No matter what it is, make sure you feature it in your recap! From the brand side, I can't tell you how many recaps we've seen where the blogger talked only about the outfit they wore to the event.

Quality visuals

If you want to make a good impression on the brand whose event you just attended (and on your readers in general), make sure your photos and videos are great quality. If you forgot your camera, took blurry photos, or didn't capture sufficient video, that's okay. Ask the event host for any photography or video they captured, and always make sure photo/video credit is given.

Attention to detail

Was there a hashtag and/or specific social media usernames promoted at the event? That's because the hosts not only want to encourage you to use social media at the event, but they also want to track any and all conversation around it. When you're promoting any recap posts on social media, make sure the appropriate hashtags are included status updates. Usernames should also be tagged in your posts.

Careful selection

Did you take a ton of photos at the event and can't decide which ones to post? Consider posting only your top 7-10 in your post, & create an album on your Facebook pages for the rest. You've now got unique content for your Facebook page, plus you've given a reason for your readers to head over there and give you a ‘like.’

What was unique to you?

Often the hardest part of a blog post is the part that makes it stand out above the rest. For an event recap, that means thinking about what mattered most to you in regards to the event. Did the event support a cause that's very dear to you? Was it for a brand you've loved since you were young? Did you meet someone whose work you've admired for years? When you're conveying what meant the most to you, you're making an otherwise mundane event recap one that's real and relatable.


Hope you can apply these tips to your next NYFW or other event recap post! Any others you'd add?

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  1. Stephanie Pernas

    Great tips! Properly covering an event is so important to insuring you’ll be invited to others… will keep these in mind!

  2. Lyn

    This post came just in time because next week I will be attending my first event as a blogger! Woohoow, I’m so freaking excited about it 😀
    Thanks for these great tips, that I will definitely use! xx Lyn

  3. Tathiana Neal

    Great advise, i am going to keep my mind in it for future events; specially at the host perspective part, that can make a big difference between you and other bloggers or press members.

  4. dressing in Labels

    Thanks for these very usefull tips!

    x Karen

  5. Budziak

    That’s how I tried to type up my IMATS recap/haul post 🙂

  6. Carmen Li

    So useful for reference 🙂
    Thanks for all these amazing tips!


  7. Sarah Kilgannon

    I have not been to an event yet but thank you for the great insight and ideas to help and use for when I do 🙂

  8. Rania

    Thank you for sharing these great tips.. never thought of these before. Usually I only talked about the “fashion” from the event I attended because I thought my blog is about fashion, right? 😉 I’ve bookmarked this post for my next event.. 🙂