IFB’s 20 Favorite Menswear Blogs

Top Menswear Style Influencers

We have a confession: We love menswear blogs. Seriously, sometimes we love them even more than we love fashion blogs about clothes that we actually wear. There are a lot of reasons, and you may be surprised to know that the most important one is not that they contain a lot of photos of good looking men in well-fitting clothes. That's nice for sure, but what really gets us with great menswear blogs is the writing and the angle of the content. Guys tend to have a less self-indulgent, more pragmatic perspective on dressing – their posts analyze, dissect and laud the craftsmanship, detailing and heritage of their favorite designers and brands.

Women's Wear Daily just reported that the men's retail market is out-performing the women's in all categories, so it's no surprise that menswear blogs are flourishing and gaining more exposure than ever. They're calling it a renaissance, and it shows no sign of slowing any time soon. With Pitti Uomo (men's fashion week in Florence) looming, here are our favorite menswear blogs of the moment:

menswear blogs collage

  • A Continuous Lean: A lover of all things heritage and Americana-influenced, Michael Williams' blog is full of menswear reviews and events, culture, travel and design
  • A Suitable Wardrobe: This menswear blog talks shop from a personal perspective, with minimal design but plenty of content
  • Alex Grant: Once you get past the orange-and-blue text, this blog's mix of cool products and vintage photos is seriously addicting
  • All Plaidout: Max Wastler's blog covering menswear news, lifestyle and personal anecdotes
  • Die, Workwear!: Heavy on (well-written) text, this blog focuses on luxury menswear topics
  • GiltManual: The editorial side of men's flash sale haven, GiltMan
  • How To Talk To Girls At Parties: The content here runs the gammut from hip-hop style, menswear lookbook images, question-and-answer posts, to humorous tid-bits and editorial photos
  • Hypebeast: Culture, art, music and entertainment pieces – plus the latest for all those  sneaker-heads
  • Ivy Style: Dedicated to the aesthetic developed on elite college campuses in the 1910s, this blog is all about traditional style with an East Coast lean.
  • Kempt: Run by Urban Daddy, this site boasts more a magazine-like feel, with fashion, grooming and lifestyle pieces abound
  • Men In This Town: A men's street style journal, shot by Giuseppe Santamaria
  • Men Of Habit: A robust site full of lookbooks, shopping and lifestyle articles (Their Tumblr is also excellent.)
  • Mister Mort: Mortechai Rubinstein photographs interesting and unusual street style; it's mostly menswear
  • Put This On: Their tagline is “A web series about dressing like a grown up,” and it's pretty accurate; with sale info, question and answer posts and video content
  • The GQ Eye: GQ magazine's blog devoted to all things men's style
  • Selectism: In the same family with High Snobiety and High Snobette, this magazine-like site is sleek and full of original features
  • Street Etiquette:  Run by Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs; a men's style blog that approaches personal style from an urban perspective
  • StyleGirlfriend: menswear musings, from a woman's perspective
  • Unabashedly Prep: Fred Castleberry's blog is mostly menswear and all prepped-out
  • Valet: More of an online magazine than a blog, but always full of accessible shopping and trend pieces.

[Image credits: Unabashedly Prep, How To Talk To Girls At Parties, Men of Habit]

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  1. Sean

    I appreciate the effort put into this, but I have a problem with the fact that a similar list composed of female bloggers is actually about personal style bloggers and not these magazine-esque sites covering street style published by thirty-somethings who write professionally. There’s also a lack of diverse perspectives here – it’s a lot of men with the same viewpoint, blogging about similar things (though I’m enamored of Street Etiquette). I think there are a lot of young and passionate male bloggers out there with unique personal style that could have been shared here!

    Some of my favorites (Google ’em!):
    Shiggers on Street
    Joey Ma
    The Dandy Project
    Anastasia and Duck
    Kate Loves Me (how could you leave out someone as singular as Pelayo!?)
    Fashion Bits and Bobs

    I understand the list is what it is, I just think it’s a bit of a missed opportunity. I mean, saying “go to Hypebeast” is the same as featuring Who/What/Wear or Fashionista as one of your favorite women’s fashion blogs!

    • taylordavies

      Thanks so much for the feedback, Sean! We are not as familiar with the whole scape of menswear blogs as we do tend to focus heavily on womenswear bloggers. I think for our audience showing a bit of an array, whether it be a very personal perspective or something like Street Etiquette or GiltMan – it’s just opening up the conversation to people who may have never looked at a menswear blog of any kind in their life. To be honest I had never heard of Kate Loves Me – and it’s really great. I so appreciate your additions to the list and hopefully our readers will check them out as well!

    • MoreThanTweed

      I have to second “The Dandy Project.” Sure, I wish I appeared on this list, but I was most surprised not to see DP on it.

    • Aves Gry

      I have to agree. I was hoping to see more of male bloggers with a unique personal style rather than something that is more magazine-esque. Male personal style bloggers do not get enough light.

    • Immi

      I agree with everything what Sean says. I’m a menswear blogger myself and I find it hard to find more personally flavoured men’s blogs. My absolute favourites are Kate Loves Me and Anastasia & Duck.

    • Guy Overboard

      I agree with Sean. I’m one of the “young and passionate male bloggers” he talks about and I think there is a difference between me (us) and magazinesque sites with a professional writing. I hope everyone could enjoy also another reality of male fashion blog like ours! 🙂

  2. Gentlemeter

    Maybe you would like to check my blog out. A new one but playing seriously for the top in men’s fashion.

    Hope to be in your (or IFB’s) next list.

  3. Gentlemeter

    Only A Continious Lean, Gilt Manual and Selectism are the blogs from your list that I follow as a Men’s fashion blogger.

    There are only a few men’s fashion and lifestyle blogs that one can enjoy spending some time with.

    I don’t want to look at the same guy’s photos with different outfits on a blog. Or looking at street style photos for ten minutes becomes boring. And most of the fashion blogs are so messy and crowded, very hard to enjoy.

    I needed a blog that contains tasty men’s fashion sense, news from the brands, new technological products that would interest men, wearable shoes, fashion suggestions, cool videos and documentaries on men’s style.

    There wasn’t one so I made it myself.
    It is called Gentlemeter and it is an IFB member.

    Please check it out. You won’t regret.

  4. Crystin

    I’d love to see a similar list composed of “African American” or Girls of Color or something to that effect. No offense to anyone, but most of the style bloggers that I see hyped on IFB are of caucasian. Doesn’t mean I like their style any less, but I’d like to see more diversity on IFB.

  5. The Dapper Style

    Next time we hope to make the list. We are not professional writers and we talk about realistic men’s style. Style doesn’t have to be designer, expensive or difficult. We just released our 20 page Summer Style Guide which you can flip through online. Let us know what you think!

  6. Kyle

    The Style Blogger! Dan Trepanier is the man. Not on the list, though…

  7. Stu

    Well, Sean’s already beaten me to the point I wanted to make.

    But yeah, there are male fashion bloggers out there. And we don’t all blog about menswear – I generally focus on womenswear and the trend landscape!

  8. Urban Jungle Fashion

    Thanks for the great post. I have been considering starting an fashion blog centered around my brother. This guy will give GQ a run for their money!

  9. twistededges

    I believe its the infographics (the pictures) that make u stumble on a certain blog regarding apparel or fashion and there are tons of them. But the best part of your blog was the ample usage of the pictures and more focus on the meat surely grasped my attention and readibility towards your blog.
    I need to know if Mens Clothing relates to typical menswear??

    Keep up the great blog!
    Your feedback(s) will be appreciated a lot.

  10. Sam Gagliardi

    Thanks for this list – really helpful!

    I’m loving that retro/vintage is coming back with a bit of modern twist, couldn’t be more suited to it!

  11. High-toned.fr

    Thank you for the links !

    IFB don’t forget me next time…

  12. iloveyoga

    There are many breathable synthetic fabrics that “wick” the sweat away from your skin, which can help it to evaporate quickly and keep your body cool.

  13. David Carney | Oki-ni Store

    Thanks for the list! I hope there will be more to come. Personally, I also like other blogs on menswear that are not mentioned here like:

    You Have Broken The Internet
    Denim Debate

    I hope you can also feature a blog list solely talking about designer menswear

  14. Fraquoh & Franchomme

    May we humbly suggest our blog on men`s fashion, attitude and advice?
    Hope to be included next time!

  15. Jason

    Love them.


  16. MenStylePower

    Dearest IFB,

    We dig your site & love the fact that you’re assisting all bloggers around the world in valuable and logical information. Cudos!

    Here are some of the men’s style bloggers that we respect:


    Cheers and here’s to a prosperous 2013!

    Stig & Style.

  17. Sabir Peele

    Hi IFB Crew,

    I definitely would like to throw my hat in the ring. Check out

    http://MensStylePro.com. I hope you enjoy it.



  18. Scott Purcell

    We’d love to throw Man of Many (http://manofmany.com) in the ring for a men’s style blog to check out.

  19. Tom Schmit

    Great blog, great website by other commenter. I am a farm boy/ construction worker in Wisconsin. As you can imagine I need all the help I can get.

  20. Johnson

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  21. Dresslily

    What I love about fashion is that it’s always changing. I will always love a classic look, but, like I’ve been saying for the past few weeks, I’m on a total vintage/90s kick. The key for me is maintaing the classic feel that has become my signature, while adding in a vintage piece that feels a bit unexpected. I pulled together some images that really match my current style.

  22. nortonbarrie

    Nice blog! The guy in the first image looking so nice and the clothes are also good. I am so glad to read out this blog and the views of this blog are really true that everyone loves to read out the blog about dresses that we wear out.

  23. collegedistrict

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