10 Sites To Cruise When You’re In A Funk

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Over at the IFB offices last week, each of us took a turn having sort of an off day. You know the kind. Something happens or nothing happens at all, and you just don't feel right. You're sluggish, uninspired, grumpy and probably wearing a lot of earth tones and your hair is up. (Maybe that last part is just me?)

Anyway, sometimes, when you just can't force yourself to put your fingers to the keys and write something, when inspiration is nowhere to be found, and you feel like your day is going to be a total wash – you need a distraction. You need a giggle. You need to look at pretty pictures for a while and dream up something delicious to cook this weekend.

We've all been there. Which is why we decided to share with you all the sites we go to when we're spiraling into the unimaginative abyss on a Wednesday afternoon. These sites are guaranteed to give you the mental boost that you just can't get from that fourth cup of coffee.

IFB's Top 10 Sites  Cruise When You're In A Funk:

1. Thought Catalog: This site is a personal favorite of mine. It's a constantly updated collection of essays written by a bunch of different contributors, and covers the extremely hilarious to the touching to the controversial. It's a daily must-read when I need inspiration for how to keep my writing fresh and humorous, and get a little perspective.

2. Hello Giggles: Like Thought Catalog, HG compiles posts, tips, articles and features from a plethora of contributors, all of which happen to be female. From dating anecdotes to recipes to the ‘Illustrated Tweet Of The Day' there's plenty here to lift your spirits and keep you from being productive at work for at least an hour. My favorite feature? Marissa A. Ross' Wine Time.

3. Suri's Burn Book: We will never cease to be amazed by the things that people decide to create Tumblr blogs about. From Ryan Gosling and puppies to Ninja Turtle noses, there's really nothing to bizarre. Suri's Burn Book, a delightfully sassy satire on celebrity children from the perspective of Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise's daughter Suri is so smart and hilarious, we dare you not to become obsessed.

4. D-Listed: Who doesn't like a side of sarcasm with their daily serving of celebrity and pop-culture news?

5. Overheard In New York: Seriously, people say these kinds of things in public. All the time.

6. Conde Nast Traveler: We like to think we're going to take long, luxurious, expensive vacations to far away places. It's also a place to find quality writing, beautiful images, and find inspiration for ways to structure posts about traveling, eating and adventures.

7. Smitten Kitchen: This blog perfectly mixes insanely gorgeous photography, honest and humorous editorial, and not-too-difficult-and-totally-delicious recipes. Really, what more could you ask for in a food blog?

8. Craigslist – Missed Connections: Admittedly, it's not for the kids, but Missed Connections sort of makes you believe in love again. And let's be real, you have definitely browsed this site before, to see if that really gorgeous guy on the subway last week happened to notice you staring at him and would now like to take you out for coffee.

9. Cute Overload: Baby animals. Animals being friends. Animals riding on the backs of other animals. Bunnies. Kittens.

10. Damn You, Auto Correct! Listen, I don't even have a smart phone, and I could look at this site for hours. Much like the once-popular Texts From Last Night, DYAC is full of user-submitted screenshots of texting conversations gone awry due to the auto correct feature on iPhones.

Where do you guys browse when you're in a funk (besides IFB, of course)?

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10 Responses

  1. jasmine

    i am over here cracking up at “damn you autocorrect” i will mos def be putting that in my weekly rotation! hilarious!

  2. Tamia

    I was a book nerd growing up, so foreveryoungadult.com is always fun, especially when they review old faves like SVH, The Babysitters Club and VC Andrews novels.

  3. Marcia

    Suri’s Burn book is hilarious, I just started following her! I like browsing at theoatmeal.com and tastespotting.com when I’m having a writer’s block.

  4. S Smallcomb

    damn you autocorrect is just too funny! Both me and my guy laugh for hours on that site.

  5. Kat Skull

    Thanks for Thought Catalog! I can’t believe I haven’t been reading it longer.

  6. flysongbird

    i am hitting on these right now..and smitten kitchen has been afavourite for so long!!

  7. G

    You should check out Don’t Shoot The Messenger. You can send anonymous emails and the posts are hilarious!