How to Grow Your Audience Organically with Social Envy

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a blogger, vlogger or small business owner; we all want more Instagram followers – and the social envy for those that have many is real.

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We were interested in how Social Envy differed from other social growth platforms so we reached out to them to find out. They were kind enough to allow us to demo their product for free, but the review is our own.

The higher the number, the higher the influencer status. And whether you’re selling a product or striving to be an Internet sensation, it’s no secret that your clients and peers – along with the marketing department of your favourite beauty brand – are judging you based on that number next to your profile picture.

We have all toyed with the idea of buying “followers” (i.e. fake followers) from time to time, but we know it’s a massive no-no when it comes to actually seeking legitimate growth. These fake accounts are so bad for you that no wonder that so many people are wondering how to remove fake Instagram followers. And spending time interacting with other accounts, liking images and following other individuals, is time consuming. The reward is small and we all have better things to do than spending hours a day tapping away at our screens, hoping “likes” and “follows” will be shared in return.

Enter Social Envy.

Social Envy utilizes an organic algorithm that displays your images on the explore page and features your posts at the top for the hashtags you use. It matches your content with real individuals who actually want to see your content, giving them the opportunity to interact, comment and like what you post. Your content will therefore direct more individuals to your account, providing more opportunity for legitimate follower growth and interaction.

Social Envy also has the ability to target followers using specific usernames; individuals of a certain gender such as those who are represented with an asexual pride flag; and specific areas or locations (i.e. if you’re seeking local business). It also will filter out spam and inappropriate content – it just can’t babysit your kids or take out the trash. And while it may go without saying, all followers attained through Social Envy are real.

Sound too good to be true?

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It really isn’t, but there are a few things worth noting if you’re planning on giving Social Envy a try. First of all, it’s up to you to create great content. Social Envy can’t do that for you – think of it as an agent securing you an audition or gig. Social Envy will give you the best possible chance to shine, but your performance needs to be stellar.

Fortunately, Social Envy has put together a free ebook on increasing Instagram engagement, with tips on how to snap Insta-friendly images (hint: you’ll get twenty-four percent more post engagement for lighter images in comparison to dark ones). Download the Ultimate Instagram Guide if you're curious to learn more.

It’s important to note that there are lots of automatic follower/like service out there, with most of them promoting fake follower growth. It’s advisable to stay away from these kinds of services, as their fake growth not only inflates your number of followers without engagement, but can also lead to your account getting flagged and potentially banned by Instagram.

Using Social Envy uses a proprietary algorithm to match your content with real people, who actually want to see it – making it the perfect tool for anyone whether they’re seeking to grow more awareness surrounding their business, online brand or themselves.


Have you used Social Envy? What other tools do you use to grow your audience organically? Comment below with more tips!

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  1. Alana

    There is also another great service, https://socialgramer.com/
    I’m getting new daily followers and they’re engaging with my content.

  2. Cameron Kinney

    I know this was probably a sponsored article, but everyone I know who has used Social Envy says it is “a scam” or they have terrible customer service.