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Magnetic Rollers 101: Review and Guide on the Best Hair Rollers

Living life with pin-straight hair can be a nightmare. Not only is it difficult to maintain volume, but it also gets pretty boring after a while. I can’t tell you the number of times I have tried to spice things up with a fresh hairstyle. The sad truth is, using hot tools to style your hair daily does lead to some unwanted heat damage, so I have had to think about alternatives. As retro as it may sound, magnetic rollers are an amazing way to style your hair while also adding volume and bounce to your curls, without baking your tresses.

There are many alternatives to hot styling, and hair rollers have been around long enough to prove it. There are so many different curls you can achieve with hair rollers, and over the years, people have experimented and have had breakthroughs with different kinds of rollers. Self-grip velcro rollers, brush rollers, perm rods, foam rollers – even hot rollers are a thing now! If you want to learn more, some of the most amazing hot rollers can be found in our dedicated review.

Strangely enough, magnetic rollers actually have nothing to do with magnets – they are simply plastic cylinders, some with ventilation holes in varying sizes that are used to provide long-lasting curls. Magnetic rollers are one of the cheapest and safest ways to curl your hair, and this article will cover the best hair rollers out there as well as answer some frequently asked questions!

Best Magnetic Rollers At a Glance

  1. Top Pick – Conair Magnetic Rollers, Set of 75
  2. Best Magnetic Rollers for Voluminous Waves – Annie Snap On Magnetic Rollers
  3. Best Snap-On Magnetic Rollers for Defined Curls Diane Snap On Magnetic Rollers, 1 3/4 Inches
  4. Best Hair Rollers Multipack for A Versatile Look – Salon Care Magnetic Rollers
  5. Best Magnetic Rollers for Long Hair – Salon Care Jumbo Magnetic Rollers
The Conair Magnetic Rollers Set of 75 is ultracheap, and you’re getting a lot for what you’re paying for – 75 magnetic rollers plus a hair comb and pins. These magnetic rollers by Conair also come in funky colors and varying sizes, an excellent deal!

Best Magnetic Rollers Full Reviews

I have selected the top five magnetic hair rollers, perfectly affordable and suitable for all hair lengths. These are also the perfect gift for an upcoming birthday!

Rollers, Curlers, Brushes – we’ve got you covered! Check out our other articles to find the best product for your hair:

1. Conair Magnetic Rollers, Set of 75 – Top Pick

  • 54 MULTI-SIZE MAGNETIC HAIR ROLLERS create body and long-lasting curls. Hair Curlers can be used on damp or dry hair.
  • INCLUDES PARTING COMB AND 20 METAL HAIR CLIPS, plus a clear zippered storage case
  • DO-IT-YOURSELF CURLS, WAVES, UPDOS & MORE: From hot rollers, straighteners, bun forms, & styling kits, Conair has everything you need to give yourself...

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This set of 75 magnetic hair rollers by Conair has the top spot in our review for a number of reasons – the set is ultracheap, and you’re getting your money’s worth! Conair is a reliable and popular hair accessories brand, so you can be sure you’re not buying products that will break during the second month of intense use. The set comes with a total of 75 hair rollers that come in six sizes. The large magnetic roller in pink (2.5” x 1 ¾”) makes a slight wave in the hair and adds volume. The large magnetic rollers in purple (2.5” x 1 ½”) give a beachy wave, the green and yellow medium rollers (2.5” x 1 3/8” and 2.5” x 1 ¼”) will give you defined curls, while the orange and blue rollers (2.5” L x 1” and 2.5” x 1 1/8”) are perfect for springy curls. With this huge variation in size, you can do pretty much anything from updos to curls and more. Did I mention the set comes with freebies as well? This set of magnetic rollers by Conair also includes a comb with a pointy end so you can separate your hair quickly and easily. It even comes with a set of pins and a plastic bag to keep them in. What a bargain!


  • A set of 75
  • Varying sizes and colors
  • Comes with a free comb and pins
  • No heat damage
  • Ideal for fine and thin hair
  • Travel pouch included


  • Not the easiest rollers to use

2. Annie Snap-On Magnetic Rollers – Best Magnetic Rollers For Voluminous Waves

  • For the best looking curls and waves
  • Rollers hold Securely
  • Easy to use and wash

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This jumbo pack of snap-on magnetic rollers by Annie is perfect for people wanting to achieve a relaxed, natural-looking wave. The hair roller set is primarily made for people with medium- to shoulder-length hair but can be used on longer and shorter hairstyles to add volume. Snap-on rollers will hold your hair securely in place with the cap. The hair roller set is very beginner-friendly, which is a great plus. These hair rollers only come in one size (2 ½-inches), so if you know the exact wave you want to achieve and you don’t want to spend on rollers you won’t end up using, this Annie snap-on magnetic roller set is perfect for you.


  • Six rollers
  • Perfect for all hair types
  • Easy to use
  • Washable
  • Ultracheap


  • Only comes in one size

3. Diane Snap-On Magnetic Rollers, 1 3/4 inch – Best Snap On Magnetic Rollers For Defined Curls

530 Reviews
  • Strong, non-breakable material
  • Holds and locks curls in place
  • No pins or clips needed

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The Diane Snap-On Magnetic Rollers are very similar to the Annie Magnetic Rollers, with the difference that this set is 1 ¾-inches in size. The hair roller set also comes in a lovely purple color, and it’s made of nonbreakable material. This size is perfect if you want to achieve defined curls, and the snap-on clip will hold your hair firmly in place. For best results, try not to use too much hair to wrap around the hair roller. That way, you won’t need additional bobby pins or clips to secure your hair. Getting a couple of packs of this product will be perfect for people who have a lot of fine hair. This is guaranteed to give you your desired volume and curl. You can use the Diane Snap-On Magnetic Rollers on both dry and wet hair. If your hair is dry, all you have to do is spray it gently with some water, roll up your hair, and wait for it to dry. Typically, 25–30 minutes is all it takes to get the hairstyle you want without being tied to a hot tool for half an hour. This is another great benefit of snap-on magnetic hair rollers – you just need to roll up your hair for 5 minutes and let them do their magic!


  • Non Breakable material
  • Snap-on clip
  • Affordable pack of six
  • Great on medium and long hair
  • Perfect for all hair types
  • No bobby pins or clips needed


  • Magnetic rollers are not actually “magnetic”

4. Salon Care Magnetic Rollers – Best Hair Rollers Multipack for a Versatile Look

  • Curlers do not "grab" hair so there is little chance of breakage
  • Hair clings easily to smooth surface
  • Easier and faster settings

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If you want to purchase hair rollers to last you a lifetime, the Salon Care Magnetic Rollers kit offers twelve dozen (yes, dozen!) rollers with five different sizes to choose from. The beauty of buying a set with so many rollers is that you’re not buying multiple packs of the same product (which also means less plastic waste – and congrats for doing that). There are eight dozen long rollers, versatile enough to give you both volume and defined curls. The other two dozen are shorter, smaller rollers, for tight, springy curls. The main difference between these rollers and the snap-on magnetic rollers is the lack of a clip – you’ll need a little more skill and dexterity with these, but it’s hair after all, not rocket science. I’m sure you’ll be able to hack it! Don’t be fooled by the negative reviews – many of the customers who purchased this product aren’t aware that magnetic rollers don’t include magnets in them and were left disappointed after their purchase. It’s good you read this article, right?


  • Set of 12 dozen hair rollers
  • 8 dozen long rollers
  • 4 dozen short rollers
  • Perfect for fine and thin hair
  • Little chance of breakage
  • Ultracheap


  • No metallic clips included

5. Salon Care Jumbo Magnetic Rollers – Best Magnetic Rollers For Long Hair

  • Available in
  • 3" Green (item# 292550)
  • 2" Grey (item# 292549)

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Jumbo hair rollers are so much fun – they turn straight hair into beautiful waves with texture and volume. If you have straight hair like me and you like to maintain a good length, you know the nightmare of trying to add any kind of volume to your tresses. The Salon Care Jumbo Magnetic Rollers are excellent for achieving voluminous waves without perm rods or hot tools. It’s particularly hard to maintain a healthy, long mane, and hair ends are typically the most damaged part of your hair. If you want to keep it healthy, jumbo rollers are a great way to do that. You can choose from the 2-inch or 3-inch sizes. You’ll also be saving so much time when using magnetic rollers. Trust me, I know the struggle of standing in front of a mirror for an hour to get the desired hairstyle. Magnetic rollers give you the freedom of going about your day without being glued to a curling iron.


  • Vented magnetic rollers
  • Perfect for long hair
  • Super affordable
  • Easy to use


  • Edges are a little sharp

Magnetic Rollers – FAQs

During my research for the best magnetic hair rollers, I came across several topics that seemed to trouble customers. Let me answer some of the most popular questions regarding magnetic hair rollers!

What Are Magnetic Rollers?

Magnetic rollers are hard-plastic cylinders with ventilation holes used as an alternative curling method to hot, curling irons without heat damage. They are an ideal curling method that won’t damage your hair. Nonetheless, there are some curling irons that won’t damage your hair irreversibly. Check them out! 

How Do Magnetic Rollers Work?

Bear this in mind – many customers consider this false advertising, when in fact it’s just a misnomer. The “magnetic” part comes from the idea that they are being used on damp hair, which “sticks” to the rollers almost like metal does to a magnet. There are never actual magnets involved! 

Do Magnetic Rollers Really Work?

Of course they do! Personally, I prefer using magnetic rollers as opposed to other curling methods (that is if I am able to plan my day ahead and won’t be going out last minute). I use magnetic rollers on damp hair without any hair spray post-curling and typically end up with curly hair for a couple of days if I have left them on for a few hours until my hair dries. 

What Sizes Do Magnetic Rollers Come In?

Magnetic rollers come in all kinds of sizes. The large magnetic hair rollers – the 2-inch and 3-inches in diameter – are great for long hair and achieving waves and volume. For bouncy curls, I recommend medium 1-inch and ¾-inch rollers, while the ½-inch rollers are great for tight curls.

Are Magnetic Rollers Suitable for Any Hair Type?

Even though the different hair roller sizes suit pretty much all hair types, if you have ultrashort afro hair, it will be a tough thing trying to get a roller in. You can experiment with curling sponges instead. Take a look at the top 4 sponge curlers out there for more information!

How to Use Magnetic Rollers?

By now, you probably already know how to use magnetic hair rollers, but let me explain it briefly. First, if you’re wondering how to use magnetic rollers on dry hair, wet your hair in case it isn’t damp, and you’re not coming out straight out of the shower. Part your hair into 1-inch sections. Start rolling your hair slowly from the ends to the roots. Once you have finished wrapping your hair, use a bobby pin (if you don’t have a clip on your hair rollers) to clip your hair. Repeat until you’re done with all sections, and wait for the hair to dry.

Best Selling Magnetic Rollers

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