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The Trending Styles for the Oktoberfest Clothing this Year

Since Oktoberfest is just around the corner, “SAYING YES TO THE RIGHT OKTOBERFEST OUTFIT” is an important decision!!  We all know Lederhosen and Dirndl are the perfect outfit choices without any doubt for the Oktoberfest, but there is always an option for what is “trending” and what is “obsolete.”  These traditional garments have emerged as trending clothing, worn on many occasions outside Oktoberfest. Thus, fashion designers have started presenting their designs at many fashion shows before the coming Oktoberfest iteration.

The Hits Styles for the Oktoberfest Outfits

For men and women, authentic lederhosen and German dirndl are the trending outfits for this Oktoberfest, too.

Trending Oktoberfest Outfits for Men

Lederhosen evolved from simple work clothes without embroidery, just serving to sustain the rugged terrain of the Alps. Today leather breeches come in many cuts, colors, and embroidery options.

Modern Colors for Authentic Lederhosen

Brown reigns supreme in the lederhosen world, even in contemporary fashion scenes, and is undoubtedly the safest option for the upcoming Beerfest.  From light tans to deep chocolate hues, these earthy tones reflect the natural colors of the leather and symbolize the traditional Bavarian heritage.  Gray leather shorts are another traditional choice still trending and perfect for an authentic Bavarian experience.

Modern trachten leather trousers call for a bolder look, and nothing better than black lederhosen for a sleek and edgy look. They are perfect for a fashion-forward twist on the classic. Deep forest green leather shorts are another modern color option for making a statement without straying too far from tradition.

Trending Cuts in Authentic Lederhosen

Considering the style options, the trending styles for the lederhosen are the “kurze lederhosen” or “Lederhosen shorts” and the “bundhosen.”

Types Characteristics
Lederhosen Shorts-falls above knees -modern -detailed motif
Bundhosen-fall below knees -traditional -simpler detailing

Trending Embroidery Styles for Lederhosen

Embroidery on the lederhosen has a deeper meaning and translates for more than the motif sewn on the leather breeches. Designs like the Edelweiss flower, oak leaves, stags, and family crest are still trending motifs, but modern leather shorts' techniques have quite changed. The shaded embroidered motif or the playful natural color embossed embroidery showcasing the actual colors of the edelweiss flower, white, wooly-haired blossom, and star-shaped petals are the trending for the lederhosen.

Lederhosen Style Ideas for Upcoming Oktoberfest

There are multiple ways to create a trending look with Lederhosen for Oktoberfest 2024.

Pairing Lederhosen with Modern Shirts

Ideally, the lederhosen is paired with crisp button-down shirts or trachten checkered shirts to create a Bavarian look. However, a well-chosen modern shirt can offer a chic twist. A crew neck or polo (Arnold Schwarzenegger's iconic Oktoberfest look) is ideal for a casual and comfortable take in neutral colors like white, brown, or navy.

Graphic tees featuring Alpine themes or even a favorite beer at Oktoberfest team are in style for the Oktoberfest. This approach works best with a knee-length bundhosen, accessorized with the statement Bavarian belt to elevate the outfit. A traditional Bavarian hat is essential for a cohesive, fun aesthetic.

Blending Look with the Right Accessories

Amber Kane quotes, “Accessories make everything better.” Rightly with lederhosen, accessories make every leather breech different. Small details make the biggest difference! From shoes to suspenders, everyone is important for the trending looks.

  • Matching embroidered suspenders
  • Wearing Complementing Bavarian shoes
  • Trending Lederhosen Shoes (sneakers are very in)

Women Trending Outfits for Upcoming Oktoberfest

Dirndl, the counterpart of Lederhosen, allows for a lot of room to be playful and to choose from what is trending in the dirndl world.

Dirndl with Modern Prints

Currently, many prints are frequently used on Dirndl's mood boards. Floral prints have never been out of trend, but small and large ones are all in. Houndstooths, strips, checkered, digital print alpine motifs, and self-prints are all over the market.

There is obviously a mix and match in these traditions for women, with the apron printed while the rest of the dirndl (skirt and bodice) are kept mute with plain or self-prints.

Trending Colors in the Dirndl Dress

The color palette for trending dirndl design is quite diverse. All the rich jewel tones (amethyst, topaz, black onyx, ruby, emerald) are made to be the premium choice, exuding regal charm.  Contrary to this, soft pastels (soft pink, blue, green, yellow, and lilac) are popular, especially among young girls.

Monochromes, especially black dirndl dresses, is another famous option from the color wheel for the trending lederhosen. Although once forbidden to wear at Oktoberfest, black is now seen in almost every oktoberfest tent.

DID YOU KNOW?? The most expensive Dirndl was worth €100,000 and manufactured from pure wild silk. It was adorned with 150,000 Swarovski crystals and took 300 hours to embroider.

Trending Dirndl Style and Cuts

Ruffles are trending and are detailed on almost every dirndl dress, mostly on the apron and skirt trim. Ruffles enhance the appeal of a dirndl dress, creating a flowy look. Mini dirndls are quite in, especially among the youth, creating a sensually appealing look for the Oktoberfest.  Midi dirndl is trending among the middle-aged group and elderly women.

Dirndl Style Ideas for Upcoming Oktoberfest

Makeup, hairstyling, and accessorizing the dirndl are very important for looking voguish. Soft, natural makeup looks best for the daytime at Oktoberfest with dirndl, while a little glammed-up makeup looks perfect for the nighttime at Wiesn.

A braided bun or braided front with soft curls is the trendiest Oktoberfest styling idea. Accessories like Mary Jane shoes and light edelweiss flower jewelry are all you should do for the Oktoberfest this year.

Women Lederhosen for Oktoberfest

Lady hosen (lederhosen women) popularity has been skyrocketing at Oktoberfest lately. Women's lederhosen is also crafted from authentic leather, detailed with Bavarian motifs and fine seams, but the only difference is the cut and style.

Women's lederhosen sits tightly on the body, accentuating the curves, and are usually shorter (above the knees). They are paired with suspenders and boots and are best suited to a high ponytail or side braid ponytail. Pinterest is a great source for finding hairstyle inspiration for the upcoming Oktoberfest.


The key to looking as good as the locals at Oktoberfest is to dress appropriately. Lederhosen Store helps you stand out with top quality Lederhosen and Dirndl in both classic Bavarian designs and trending cuts and styles. Our store also features women lederhosen for the Oktoberfest if they want to ditch the traditional dirndl outfit.

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