Shop Your Heart Out: The Ultimate Blogger Gear Guide

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It never fails, once mid-August comes around, I get hit with a major shopping craze. Blame it on the classic “Back to School” mentality, but the end of summer and the coming of fall makes me want to wipe the proverbial slate clean and start fresh. This fall, instead of buying shoes, jackets and other seasonal items, I want to load up on the gear that will  not only help me be a better blogger but will also help simplify my life.

Backpacks, tech accessories and more, these blogger-friendly items are going on my fall-shopping wishlist:


A backpack? Really? Yes! It's fashion's biggest and slightly cheeky accessory and this backpack from Lo & Sons is big enough to carry your DSLR and small lens.

Phone tech

Nothing is more annoying than grabbing your phone and it die in your hand. Right? Right. Avoid the dead-phone status with PhotoJoJo's Keychain charger. Keeps you plugged in all the time so you can tweet/instagram/text away.


Do you stay up late at night blogging in bed? Don't lie, you know you do. Or at least, I do and my poor computer ends up getting way overheated and that is not good. I fully plan on buying this modern, simple laptop stand or laptop feet, as they are referred to. Perfect for blogging in bed, at a coffee shop or at the office.

Design iPad

I'm all about customizing my iPad cover and thanks to Uncommon, I can do that. Use your favorite image or design a logo (perhaps from your blog?) and create a unique cover for your iPad.


Coffee shop, airport, library, sometimes, you have to set up your “office” wherever you can and when that happens, you need a pair of quality headphones. I like these Sony headphones because they block out all kinds of sounds and fit perfectly on my ears.

Which items are you stocking up on this fall? Is there anything I should add to my list?

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  1. Erin

    A backpack seems like a must have for fall! I definitely need that 50mm lens too.

  2. Cynthia

    I’m getting rid of my Cr@pberry (yeah, call it patriotism, but I still have one of those) this fall for an iPhone and I really want a camera case with interchangeable lenses. I stumbled on The 3RDi Kit recently and that’s definitely on my list. http://www.get3rdi.com/

    I’m also looking for a zoom lens for my Sony NEX 5N (I prefer this camera over a more traditional DSLR. I’m lugging enough around these days, why should I carry more?) and possibly a bag for my stuff that doesn’t look like a media bag!

  3. Tishiannae

    I haven’t carried a packback since elementary school but I think I will take it on again. My boyfriend usually leaves me with the burden of lugging around our huge and not to mention heavy as heck (with lense on) SLR camera. It usually sits in my bag and weighs on my shoulders usually leaving it sore after half an hour. So this backpack is a must!!


  4. Ana Carneiro

    I really do need a laptop stand -.- poor computer is going to die on me one of these days unless I buy one (because I’m obviously not quitting blogging at one in the morning from bed XD)

    My Own Project

  5. moiminnie

    I love sporting backpacks, they look stylish enough and are usually spacious enough to carry all the necessities (you can take a peak into the outfit section on my blog for styling ideas!). And that minimal laptop stand is exactly what I need right now!

  6. Ally

    The laptop stand is really pretty and seems functional as my laptop is always overheating. Seems pretty pricey, though. Maybe I’m just being a cheap college student.

  7. Auie

    Well, fall is almost over here in New Zealand and I can’t wait for Summer to come. I’d say, always make sure you have your trusted cardigan and a cute coffee tumblr set for fall. Not that you don’t already, but it has been my best friend from fall til the end of winter. (Of course, choices of jackets for winter and not just cardi)

  8. Tatenda

    I love how the backpack can also carry make up for touch up and paper and pen.

  9. Toni Styles

    Nice post… I need so many things. Excited for the new iPhone, DSLR, a new laptop, you name it. With all the shopping for back to school, it does put you in a shop till you drop mood. 🙂

  10. Justine

    I agree with @purevwlz, a cardigan or long pullover, with coffee & a cozy place to set up. that’s all you need for fall (although, yea, the backpack is cool too!).

    but speaking of coffee/interchangeable lenses… a MUG that LOOKS like a camera lens??! just don’t mix the two up (coffee in your canon?)… you’ll go from being the coolest girl in starbucks to… well, the dumbest.

  11. Aves Gry

    I’m certainly will have to invest in a backpack so I can actually put my camera to use. I just feel strange carrying around a backpack though if I am not in school. Maybe if I find one that is supes chic and cool, i wouldn’t mind.

  12. Auie

    @justine… OMG! that is just the coolest thing ever… it’s a must have! <3 thanks

  13. Miss Bad

    I’ll be definitely buying the backpack ;D I would love to have a better camera but I think with my Erasmus it’s gonna be a tough one to get : /

  14. Ms.

    Great info!! That camera needs to hop into my life asap! I’ll definitely lug a backpack around this fall….for style and multipurpose reasons of course lol! Thanks for the shares!



  15. Amanda Irel

    I’m super happy that backpacks are on trend again! They’re way more convenient than a large tote and look super cute with almost any outfit.

  16. Rebecca

    I definitely need to get one of those keychain chargers. The battery life of an iPhone is pretty poor and it’s something that I’d get plenty of use out of.

  17. Khawaja

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