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Тоp 6 Steam Hair Straighteners For Damage-Free Hair

You might be wondering what in the world is a steam hair straightener? Sure, it’s a given that it has something to do with steam, but why do you need it? Perhaps you’re someone looking to buy a thoughtful gift for a loved one and you have entered this unfamiliar online vortex and are feeling a little lost. Don’t worry, this article is here to answer all of your questions, while also helping you choose a steam hair straightener according to your style, preference, and budget.

Maintaining a beautiful and healthy-looking hairstyle is never easy. Hair is one of the first things we notice about someone, so it’s only natural that we’d want to look our best. That’s especially true if we’re meeting someone for the first time, like for an important interview or a long-anticipated date. If you’re born with coarse, unruly and dry hair, bringing some order to the chaos through hair straightening might be a logical solution. Steam flat irons exist because sometimes regular flat irons will only add to your hair damage.

Conventional Hair Straighteners vs Steam Straighteners

Looking at it from a scientific point of view, the hair strand consists of an outer wall (referred to as a “cuticle”), an inner filler called “cortex” and a “medulla”, the center of the hair strand, made up of air and water. The medulla acts as a prism, reflecting light and giving your hair a lovely shine. So here’s the issue with conventional hair straighteners – if you use the wrong heat setting or apply too much heat to an already damaged hair, you are practically cooking it! Whereas, a steam hair straightener will add moisture to your hair during the straightening process, protecting it from burning and frizz.

You might be thinking, “Why bother with a steam straightener, I’ll just iron my hair while it’s wet and it will give me the same result, right”? WRONG! You should never straighten your hair with a hot tool while it’s wet. If you do that you only add more water to the cortex and medulla. When you apply the burning-hot hair straightener to your wet locks, you end up practically boiling your hair from the inside out, which results in a rupture in the walls of the hair strands. That’s how you create even more hair damage, split ends, and frizz.

Steam straighteners, on the other hand, are applied to dry hair. The special inbuilt hydration system and vents are what make these tools very special and one-of-a-kind. They can be used on various types of hair, but are especially effective on stubborn, dry or damaged hair. If you have incredibly curly locks it will do wonders for you (as curly hair dries naturally in comparison to straight hair). If you have normal or fine hair, we recommend you check out our top 10 ceramic tourmaline solutions.

Because this is a detailed guide discussing steam hair straighteners in-depth, we understand if you want to jump straight to a specific section of your interest. You can navigate across if you just click on any of our topics:

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Best Steam Hair Straighteners at a Glance

Nowadays, there’s such an overwhelming amount of products to choose from. We live in a great day and age, where lack of products is never an issue. But we’re sure everyone has at least once felt fed up with researching products. Most times we even give up on buying the thing we wanted in the first place. Don’t worry, though! We have composed a handy list with the best products on the market that will easily help you find what you’re looking for, depending on your budget or individual taste. 

Take a look at our top pick for the best steam straightener:

The Infiniti Pro by Conair is the best flat iron on this list because it’s pocket-friendly, the pros are endless, and it comes with an amazing amount of benefits, especially for people with unruly hair. We are certain you won’t be disappointed by this fiery red steam straightener!

And if you’re in a rush and want to take a real quick look at our top six steam straighteners, here they are:

  1. Top Pick – Infiniti Pro Ionic Steam Flat Iron by Conair
  2. Best Budget-Priced Hair Straightener – Magicfly Professional Salon Steam Flat Iron Hair Straightener
  3. Best For Anyone Short on Time – Huachi Steam Hair Straightener
  4. Best Steam Hair Straightener w/ Ultrasonic Technology – Miuphro Steam Hair Straightener 
  5. Best All-Rounder – MKBOO Professional Steam Straightener
  6. Most Stylish-Looking Steam Hair Straightener – FURIDEN Steam Hair Straightener

Best 6 Steam Hair Straighteners Full Reviews

Infiniti Pro Ionic Steam Flat Iron by Conair – Our Top Pick

Plate material: Ceramic and Tourmaline | Weight: 1 lbs | Battery Life: N/A | Max Temperature: 455°F | Auto Shut-off time: N/A
  • Hydro Silk Ionic Steam Mist for moisture retention; Hydro Silk ionic steam mist infuses moisture for healthier looking hair. Great to use inbetween...
  • Over 60-hour hold, even in humidity
  • Tourmaline ceramic coating for less frizz and damage

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At our top spot, we have selected the legendary Infiniti Pro Ionic Steam Flat Iron by the well-known brand Conair. Conair has been around for over 50 years and they are experts on beauty products – anything from flat irons, curling rolls, and even hot clips. You name it, they have it! No wonder they decided to make their own variation of a steam flat iron – and it even made the top of our ranking!

Now, let’s get into why this will be so revolutionary for your hair. The combination of nano-silver infused ceramic tourmaline plates and the conditioning ionic steam produced from the vents of the device will eliminate frizz and drive moisture into the cuticles of the hair strands. It also comes with its very own retractable detangling combs, designed to separate any knots while you style your hair. That way you don’t even have to waste time combing through it beforehand! The steam flat iron comes with a removable water tank, which can be refilled so you can continue to steam-straighten your hair for 20 minutes at a time.

Of course, if you’re not feeling like using the steam technology of this flat iron, or if you simply want a friend with a different hair style from yours to have a go at it, that’s okay! You can turn the steam function off and continue styling your hair as you regularly would. The adjustable heat settings are also there for your convenience. You just have to make sure you use the heat according to your individual hair type.


  • Lightning-quick heat up at just 30 seconds
  • 3 Retractable detangling combs, against extra knotty locks
  • 5 Heat settings to choose from
  • Professional heat-resistant pouch and mat
  • 9-foot 360 rotatable power cord


  • Heavier than other Conair models
  • Have to wait until the iron is cool to add more water

Magicfly Professional Salon Steam Flat Iron Hair Straightener – Best Budget-Priced Hair Straightener

Plate material: Ceramic and Tourmaline | Weight: 1 lbs | Battery Life: N/A | Max Temperature: 430°F | Auto Shut-off time: N/A
Magicfly Professional Salon Steam Flat Iron
Steam Flat Iron Hair Straightener, Magicfly Professional Salon Ceramic Tourmaline Hair Straightener with Vapor Heat up Fast, 360?Swivel Cord, 5 Modes For Dry & Wet Hair, Black. Designed with newest steam function, the water tank can be easily filled with water and oil-free care substances, spray with vast amount of negative ion, help add moisture and gloss to hair and decrease damage.
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This extremely affordable steam flat iron is perfect for anyone who wants to have healthy hair at a low cost. Magicfly Professional Salon Steam Flat Iron combines ceramic tourmaline technology in the plates with innovative vapor technology. Supplied with a refillable water tank, you can also use this reliable flat iron to add moisture and shine to your hair. It's super time-saving, equipped with a PTC heater, and it's ultra-fast to heat up. 

The added width of the ceramic tourmaline plates will help anyone with longer tresses achieve beautiful results – and much faster. The water tank can be used to do personalized hair treatments. Just avoid adding oily substances in the mix, as these can clog the vent holes and create problems keeping the device clean and functioning properly in the long term. You can add some fruit essences and aromas that will make your hair smell wonderful.  This device also has a cool tip at the end of the plates for effortless gliding through the hair.

We recommend you use purified or distilled water in the container to extend the longevity of the device and to keep your hair in top condition. Regular tap water usually contains chlorine and common metals, pesticides, and above all limescale, all of which leave residue in your hair, especially when heated to such a high degree. Residue can build up over time in the fine mechanism of the device, and it could have a terminal effect.


  • 360-degree swivel cord for extra portability
  • 60-minute auto shut off feature
  • Lock button for safe portability
  • 5 adjustable temperature settings
  • Comes with hair clips
  • Suitable for different hair types


  • Not suitable for argan oil treatments or other oil-based hair treatments
  • It takes longer to heat up

Huachi Steam Hair Straightener – Best For Anyone Short On Time

Plate material: Ceramic and Titanium | Weight: 1.1 lbs | Battery Life: N/A | Max Temperature: 392°F | Auto Shut-off time: N/A
  • Smooth Results with Less Frizz in Half the Time: This flat iron heats up pretty fast and gives you the smooth silky hair you like.
  • Styling Your Hair in A Most Healthiest Way: The straighteners go up to 200 degree Celsius/392 degrees Farhenheit in just 30 seconds. The heat should...
  • High Quality Guarantee: 1 inch ceramic plates fit most people. Huachi portable flat irons is light weight, sleek looking and suitable for travel,...

Last update on 2024-05-26 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Not everyone looking for a steam straightener has thick, coarse, or dry hair, right? So we have selected this device for anyone out there who has fine hair and wants all the benefits of an impressive steam straightener. The Huachi Steam Hair Straightener is a great device for anyone who doesn’t want to apply intensely high heat on their locks. It has two settings – 356 F and 392 F, which does not make it ideal for the curliest and most stubborn hair types. If you have wavy hair though, this will be beyond satisfactory. 

The Huachi Steam Hair Straightener is also one of the quickest hot tools you can use to style your hair. The company aimed to include features that will help style your hair in just a few minutes with the added bonus of titanium plates that heat up ultra fast. The lightning-quick heat up and the material of the plates will help you slide quickly through your hair strands, without any pulling or snagging, so you can instantly achieve your desired look.

You can use the Huachi Steam Hair Straightener with or without the steam benefits, making it a pretty decent tool to have if you want some variety. Alternatively, if you have balayage or a hombre, the steam technology of this straightener will do wonders for your dry and color-treated ends by smoothing down ragged open hair cuticles. Here are some more benefits of this extremely affordable steam hair straightener:


  • 30-second heat-up
  • Comes with dual voltage
  • Suitable for thinner, damaged hair
  • 60-minute auto shut off feature
  • Comes with a 360-degree swivel cord


  • Titanium ceramic plates, which aren’t as nourishing as tourmaline ceramic alternatives
  • Only two temperature settings – low (356 F) and high (392 F)

Miuphro Steam Hair Straightener – Best Steam Hair Straightener With Ultrasonic Technology

Plate material: Titanium | Weight: 1.05 lbs | Battery Life: N/A | Max Temperature: 410°F | Auto Shut-off time: N/A

Unlike other steam straighteners, the Miuphro Steam Hair Straightener features a special kind of ultrasonic technology, which is extremely nourishing for the hair, leaving it moisturized and smooth post-styling. Instead of using high-temperature steam, this unique device utilizes ultrasonic technology to decompose water, creating a safer treatment during the straightening of your locks. 

In comparison to other models, this steam straightener is a little less versatile, offering only two temperature settings at 350 F and 410 F. Reviews, however, state that customers with unusually stubborn and curly locks are still extremely satisfied by the results. In all honesty, having a moderately high-temperature setting, in this case 410 F, is safer than the intensity of straighteners reaching all the way to 450 F. The temperature setting was put on our cons list for a different reason, though. This steam straightener doesn’t offer much flexibility if you’re after adjusting a specific temperature, so do keep that in mind.

The Miuphro Steam Hair straightener has a refillable water tank that can last for 8 minutes maximum, making it not suitable for people with long hair. However, if you want to avoid multiple trips to refill the water tank, Miuphro has already thought about it. Each of their steam straighteners comes with a water bottle for a quick refill.


  • 360 Swivel power cord
  • Comes with a water bottle for easy pouring into the water tank
  • Locking switch, convenient, compact, and safe
  • 60-second heat-up
  • Automatic shut off feature after 60-minutes of non-use
  • Worldwide dual voltage, suitable for traveling


  • Full water tank gets used up in 5-8 minutes
  • Only two temperature settings – at 350 F and 410 F

MKBOO Professional Steam Hair Straightener – Best All-Rounder

Plate material: Ceramic and Titanium | Weight: 2.2 lbs | Battery Life: N/A | Max Temperature: 450°F | Auto Shut-off time: N/A
  • 【PROFESSIONAL STEAM HAIR STRAIGHTENER】7pcs steam holes ensure a constant 4.5g/min steam eruption, allowing water ions to penetrate into the hair,...
  • 【3D COMBS + TITANIUM PLATING ALUMINUM PLATE】3D combs allow your hair to be neatly combed before straightening , preventing hair from being torn...
  • 【NEW MCH HEATING】The MCH (Metal Ceramic Heater) gives even heat distribution and quick temperature recovery time. The adjustable heat temperature...

Last update on 2024-05-26 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

If you’re willing to spend a little extra cash on a steam straightener that will impress and inspire you, we have the perfect device for you – the MKBOO Professional Steam Hair Straightener! This salon-quality steam straightener is worth every penny and its features and benefits seem endless. Its unique technology provides incredible results for curly hair, as well as for all other types of hair. The plates have seven steam holes enabling steam eruption and allowing water ions to pass through the hairs. This technique, combined with the titanium ceramic plates, ensures a moisturizing and hydrating effect on your hair.

The hot tool comes with an adjustable temperature, shown on a LCD display, so you can select your preferred heat according to the thickness of your tresses. It’s suitable for all hair types and guarantees quick styling and lasting results. The larger  plate size will automatically save you time during styling, reducing the passes you make at your hair strands, thus avoiding any unnecessary heat damage. All this and more makes it one of the best hair straighteners using steam. The flat iron’s curved edges also allow you to style your hair any way you like – curl, straighten and you can even add beachy waves if you want!

The MKBOO Professional Steam hair Straightener has many other nifty benefits. The device comes with removable comb teeth, which reduces knotting and split the hair strands evenly, giving you a lustrous and lush look through even heat distribution. The water tank is by far the largest of all the steam straighteners on this list, with a total capacity of 40 ml. It can be easily refilled with the pipette (included with the purchase). Customer reviews state the results from straightening can sometimes last up to two days, which is pretty impressive for a hair straightener!


  • Ultra-fast 30-second heat up
  • 40 ml water tank
  • Worldwide dual voltage
  • Removable brush
  • Auto temperature lock – a time saver
  • 60-minute automatic shut off
  • 360 swivel cord
  • People with various hair types can use it


  • Heavier than other steam irons
  • Comb easily slides out

FURIDEN Steam Hair Straightener – Most Stylish-Looking Steam Hair Straightener

Plate material: Ceramic | Weight: 1.88 lbs | Battery Life: N/A | Max Temperature: 450°F | Auto Shut-off time: N/A

Last update on 2024-05-26 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

FURIDEN Steam Hair Straightener is a professional-grade steam straightener, perfect for achieving salon-quality results in the comfort of your home. It’s an impressive and stylish-looking steam hair straightener, available both in white and rose gold. It is designed to be smooth enough and wide enough to be able to use a single pass per hair strand, saving on time and heat damage during straightening. 

The FURIDEN Steam Hair Straightener is a great solution for anyone fighting frizz. Customer reviews mention that using FURIDEN steam hair straightener before going out limits the reaction of their hair to humidity. The product achieves this by sealing in moisture into the hair during the straightening process. No wonder rating reviews of this product and technology are so high!

The vapor infusion technology will leave your hair smooth and soft and will help elevate your style so you can maintain your signature look. The steam flat iron also comes with a stylish zippered case and two hair clips, so you can easily separate your hair strands during styling. The water tank is easy to access through pressing a single button, and you can modify the heat settings with the control roller. Bear in mind there is a 5-degree difference between each of the settings, so you can’t be specific down to the smallest detail. Check out our guide on the best temperature settings according to hair type in the section below.


  • Suitable for all hair types
  • 38 adjustable settings
  • Auto worldwide voltage


  • The plates are made of ceramic, as opposed to better alternatives
  • This is a straightener, so curling isn’t ideal

Steam Hair Straightener Buyers Guide 2022

Straightening irons are versatile tools, equipped with unique specifications, that make them stand out and tailor to various user preferences. Steam hair straighteners, in particular, are especially suitable for people with dry, fragile, and damaged hair that often result after bleaching or multiple color treatments. We have highlighted the most important advantages of steam flat irons, and because this is an honest review, we won’t spare you any of the disadvantages either.


Regular hair straighteners and flat irons heat up and “fix” your hair into the hairstyle you want, but have you asked yourself how they do it? The high heat emitted by the hot tool drives the moisture inside the cortex of the hair strand and locks your hair in position. The shiny after-effect has a lot to do with the moisture being sealed into the surface of the hair strand. Sadly, some heat damage will always occur when using hot tools to change your hairstyle. 

Thankfully, the uniqueness of hair straighteners comes from their ability to induce moisture into the hair, instead of stripping it out, without burning or breaking your cuticle apart. This is especially good for people who feel like their hair looks like a bundle of straw after straightening it with a regular flat iron. Did we also mention that steam straighteners can be used in all hair types, regardless of thickness? Not just that but this specific technique of straightening will solve any humidity restrictions you might have experienced in the past. Steam straighteners also rely on negative ions to keep the hair in place. 


Probably the main disadvantage you’ll come across upon using a steam flat iron is the upkeep necessary to efficiently use it. What we mean by that is, of course, the refilling of the water containers. If you have below shoulder hairstyles, we recommend you keep an eye on the size of the water container, to make sure you can style your whole hair without constantly having to refill with water. If this somehow doesn’t tickle your fancy, take a look at the top 10 ceramic tourmaline hair straighteners, for some of the best non-steam alternatives out there!

Best Selling Steam Hair Straighteners

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