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Styling Guide: Tips On How to Style Your Lab-Grown Diamond Jewelry

In recent years, the fashion industry has experienced a surge in demand for lab-grown diamond jewelry. Consumers have welcomed lab created diamonds because they have the same brilliance as mined diamonds and are typically less expensive. If you're interested in exploring this trend further, you might want to visit – a company we consulted for help with creating this article. LabGrown has been a leading manufacturer of lab grown jewelry with over 100,000 customers and 20,000 online 5-star reviews – they know a thing of two about lab diamonds!

With their growing popularity, lab diamonds provide users with more freedom to create sophisticated outfits or accessories that complement various outfits. The purpose of this guide today is to mix the best lab diamond pieces with various types of clothing to enhance visual coordination and versatility.

Diamonds for Daily Wear

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Every day, you wake up and rush out of bed to prepare for work. How much time do you have to plan your outfit for the day, including matching accessories?  We believe you require jewelry that will allow you to leave the house fast without having to worry about whether it suits your outfit.

Choosing the right jewelry can enhance the look of your daily outfits. Here are a few diamond jewelry options for daily wear and how to style them.


A simple set of white gold studs is your go-to. For example, a lab-grown diamond 10K white gold studs are perfect! It pairs perfectly with any dress for any occasion. Wear it with your trench coat for a short cold morning commute to the office! It's quick and easy to grab on the way out of the home.


You should have one or more of these! Lab-grown diamond rings are ideal for pairing with a modest business shirt, a lovely formal dress, or a magnificent suit. They look wonderful with everything you put on. If you are wearing a wedding ring, this is the perfect accessory to complement it without overpowering it!

Solitaire Ring 

A lab-grown diamond solitaire ring is an excellent choice if you want a refined and high-end look while remaining simple. It has a feminine yet confident aura that will not only improve your appearance but also give you a pleasant attitude.


With something as simple as a halo pendant, you may truly experience the blessing of the day through the enhancement that it provides to your appearance! A halo pendant is an ideal piece of jewelry for your attire. You will look wonderful whether you wear an open shirt or a long-necked T-shirt! It's suitable for everyday wear!


If you've been wearing lab-grown diamond studs and want a change of style, a pair of lab-grown diamond hoops is the right solution! For example, 1-inch hoops are ideal for daily use. It looks wonderful for both outdoor and indoor events. It's a lifesaver if you're not sure what accessories to wear.

Tennis Bracelet

If you enjoy wearing bracelets and styling your wrist, a lab-grown diamond tennis bracelet is the perfect choice! It pairs beautifully with your watch and is easy to style with your outfit. It adds a standout element to your wardrobe and suits you beautifully. This is a simple complement to your workplace attire.

Diamonds for Evening Wear

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Evenings demand accessories that complement more dramatic shapes and colors. Statement necklaces hung from delicate strands are great accents. Consider cascading designs with emeralds or Asscher-cut lab diamonds ranging from three to four carats in size. The emerald cut has rectangular, step-cut facets for a touch of brightness and elegance. The Asscher cut, with its rounded corners, resembles this rectangular form and delivers concentrated fire.

Cushion-cut lab diamond necklaces strung by twisted knotted strands in gold or silver provide a whimsical touch to your look. Cushion cuts have rounded rectangular facets, creating a softer but sparkling look. If you want to add charm to your face, big drop earrings in marquise or oval shapes are ideal. Marquise cuts have an elongated lover's knot form that is ideal for seduction. Ovals combine brightness with a rounded teardrop shape. Surrounding the trademark lab diamond with rose-cut Morganite or fancy-shaped tanzanite gives individuality to the evening look.

Diamonds for Denim and Leather

Denim, leather, and other fashion-forward textiles beg for layered accessories that exude a casual elegance. It is an excellent option for choosing stackable lab diamond rings in many narrow bands of varied widths.

Princess or baguette cuts work well with distinct rings along each finger. The former conveys old-world elegance through angular faceted forms, and the latter has rectangular elongated sparkling motifs. You should also try statement chunkier pendants, such as triangular lab diamond charms or rusted shields on long delicate chains. 

Settings enriched with tarnished silver, yellow, or rose gold complement the look of leather jackets and faded jeans nicely. Geometric cuts bring the edgy, antique sensations of raw luxury throughout.

Diamonds For Minimalists

Delicate understated lab diamond jewelry is popular among individuals who prefer minimalism in fashion and accessories. Layer thin platinum or white gold chains, each accented with a flow of round or trilliant cuts. Rounds enjoy perennial appeal as nature's cut while adding gloss. Trilliant cuts lend an artistic triangular feature to the traditional round, creating subtle depth.

Another elegant choice is open bangle bracelets with sparingly applied Surface pavé settings in round or oval shapes. Cushion diamonds under half a carat exude classic beauty with their softened rectangular appeal. All compliment the fitted leanings of subtle personal style seamlessly.

Diamonds on a Budget

Not all consumers can afford to buy expensive jewelry, but lab diamond choices are available at all price points. lab diamond rings are less expensive than traditional diamond rings yet display diamond appeal that is imperceptible to the human eye. Three-stone stud earrings with small rounds or princess cuts weighing less than a quarter of a carat sparkle at a reasonable price. Lab diamond solitaire pendants strung by delicate chains maintain the spotlight where it should be: on the elongated trillion or teardrop oval cuts.

Many designs satisfy most day-to-evening demands stylishly while keeping total lab diamond weight under one carat. Fashion and value come together elegantly through affordable lab-grown diamonds, thanks to patience and careful sourcing.

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