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Sustainable Fashion Brands You’ll Love To Wear

Sustainable fashion is quickly becoming a hot topic, especially as the issue of climate change comes into better view through current research. As opposed to fast fashion where clothing is worn only a few times and replaced by new clothing frequently, sustainable fashion is more durable clothing made from eco-friendly and renewable materials that are meant to last.

Some examples of materials used for sustainable fashion include beechwood, bamboo, and eucalyptus. These raw materials are turned into fabrics that can be designed into clothing, handbags, and even shoes.

There are so many reasons to invest in sustainable fashion, but these are the top 10.

10 Reasons to Buy Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable Fashion Woman Poncho

Overall, buying sustainable fashion is equivalent to making an investment in the earth. Not only is there less waste in our rapidly overfilling dumps, but the cost to the earth to renew the materials used for sustainable fashion is far less.

  1. The raw materials require less pesticide usage.
  2. The raw materials require less water to grow.
  3. The raw materials are not as taxing for the earth to replenish.
  4. The fabric materials are softer but more durable.
  5. Sustainable fashion contributes less to global warming.
  6. Buying sustainable fashion increases the demand for sustainable materials.
  7. Sustainable fashion saves you money in the long run.
  8. Sustainable fashion makes a statement that you support a healthy environment.
  9. The raw materials require less land for farming.
  10. The fabric materials do not rip, tear, or stain easily.

Sustainable materials use less farm land (meaning less deforestation) and require less water to grow. For the consumer, products made from sustainable materials like bamboo are incredibly durable and do not need to be replaced as frequently as cheaper materials.

Many fashion brands using sustainable materials offer trendy styles and cuts. Shopping sustainably does not have to mean that you will sacrifice style.

5 Great Sustainable Fashion Brands

Initially, most ethical clothing produced was largely artisanal, original, hand-crafted type casual-wear due to the independent and alternative nature of the sustainability scene and its designers. While this is the admirable and essential foundation of the sustainable fashion industry, consumers seeking ethically made garments suitable for the office, sophisticated social events and more formal environments didn't have a wide variety of choices.

It's no surprise then that over the years a number of new sustainable brands have started branching out by releasing collections consisting of more classic, formal and modern smart-casual workwear outfits. So now fashion lovers who want sustainable high-end, stylish office attire can find natural, authentic and ethically produced clothes and make a rewarding, guilt-free purchase.

So with that in mind, here are five excellent and exciting sustainable fashion brands offering super stylish workwear collections:

1. Country Road

Sustainable Fashion Cross Road

This well-established Australian brand produces all types of clothing and home products for men, women and kids. Their collection for women contains cool, elegant and modern suits, trousers, shirts, jackets and dresses with a definitive smart, feminine, business-chic look. Their sustainability efforts include banning harmful dyes in garment production, a commitment to the protection of workers' rights, and paying a living wage to their suppliers.

2. Cock & Bull

Sustainable Fashion Cock and Bull

Cock & Bull is a classic menswear and accessories brand specialising in tweed jackets, waistcoats and hats. They use locally sourced organic, recycled and reclaimed textiles and much of their garments are produced in the UK. Their collections offer vintage, classic English country clothing with a hint of a trendy urban theme. Think bespoke tweed waistcoats and flat-caps carefully remodelled by inner-city London creatives in a way that revives the traditional craft of tweed clothing by injecting an element of colour and originality.

3. Indecisive

Sustainable Fashion Indecisive

Indecisive is another Australian brand whose collections consist of soft, flowing tops, trousers and dresses. The loose folds and ties of their spacious and comfortable designs accentuate the female body in a sensual and classy manner – a perfect artistic look for anyone working in a design related field. They produce part of their range domestically and their pieces are made from eco-friendly bamboo and upcycled materials. They aim to reduce their waste products to zero by offering their excess materials to other manufacturers.

4. High & Mighty

Sustainable Fashion High and Mighty

High & Mighty is actually an online shop that sells designer menswear brands such as Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, Tommy Hilfiger, etc. What makes them a great addition to this list is that they are a member of Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI), which protects and seeks to improve the conditions of people working in the clothing industry around the world. High & Mighty has a code of conduct that ensures that workers who produce the clothes they sell are treated and paid fairly. So you can shop here with confidence that you making an ethical purchase. Their collections include all of the typical smart and formal clothing you would expect from classic designer brands.

5. Dorsu

Sustainable Fashion Dorsu

Dorsu has a great range of dresses, skirts, trousers, t-shirts and tops with a trendy, smart-casual theme. Their collection is so varied you could source an entire work wardrobe due to the variety of colours and textures in their eclectic designs. The designs would be well-suited to an office with a modern, informal culture- especially where the need to slip smoothly from work to an East London rooftop bar after work is a regular occurrence.

Dorsu has strong ethical principles that include using reclaimed fabrics that have been disposed of by bigger brands and eco-friendly packaging like bags made of scraps of fabric from their warehouse. So there you have it: five ethical brands that provide a diverse range of fabulous workwear for all types of office environments. From corporate chic to trendy tech, there's something for everyone looking to add sustainable garments to their work wardrobe. And as more and more ethical clothing labels spring up and the demand for high-end, luxury items grows, this will surely be an exciting area of sustainable fashion to watch. 

There is always another option for being a sustainable fashion addict. You can give a second chance to your favorite clothes by renovating your wardrobe.  Let's think about that – cutting an old pair of jeans might give you the best pair of summer shorts. Dive into your old fashion trophies and get creative.

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