The 6 Best Tablets for Fashion Bloggers

fashion bloggers tablet

Can a tablet make keeping up with your blog easier and which ones are the best for fashion blogging?

I resisted the call of the tablet for a while, thinking that all I needed was my trusty MacBook. But after a couple of seasons working during New York Fashion Week and going out of town for work, I decided that it might be time to invest in a tablet. Apparently I'm not the only either as tablets are predicted to outsell notebook sin 2013*. Anyone who has lugged around a laptop through security and onto trains knows that it isn't the easiest to travel with. Don't even get me started with taking it to New York Fashion Week; you couldn't pay me to take mine to a show. Too bulky, too much work and not necessary.

But, for the blogger who has to turn out blog posts while on-the-road or in-between shows, a tablet could make your blogging life much easier. Think about it – easy to transport, more battery life, small enough to fit in a clutch.

Which ones are worth your money? We found six perfect for you:

surface windows rt

What: Surface

Why: An alternative to Apple's iPad, the Surface is the Windows-supported mobile device that delivers everything you'd want on a tablet. Two cameras (front and rear-facing), 8 hours of battery life, blogger-friendly Microsoft Office software already installed, a USB port, and enough memory (32 or 64GB) that allows you to store photos, videos and more. And it only weighs 1.5 pounds, so clutch-appropriate.

samsung galaxy tab 2What: Samsung Galaxy

Why: Small enough to fit in a tote or shoulder bag, this tablet has a fast processor, decent-sized memory, a multi-touch screen that allows you to access information on the web This tablet would be more for the blogger who wants to watch videos on the plane, while waiting for meetings, or catching up with friends via social networking apps. This doesn't boast as many business-functional features. It's more basic than the others, which is reflected in its less expensive price.

ipad 4What: iPad

Why: You can't talk tablets without mentioning Apple's iPad 4. Super lightweight, fitted with a 9.7-inch Retina display, a 2,048 x 1,536 resolution and enough battery life to last you up to 10 hours of use and front-and-back cameras and all your favorite apps, it's a great choice for the blogger who wants to stay connected and manage the basic blogging tasks while on the road. Depending on your needs and travel locations, you could live with just the wifi capability and forgo the 4G connection. But that totally depends on your location.

nexus 10

What: Google (Samsung) Nexus 10

Why: What sets this tablet a part from the rest is it's resolution. With a 2560 x 1600 pixel display (the highest in the world), this is the tablet for those who want clear, crisp images, videos and text. Magazines, websites, you name it, everything looks so much better on this tablet thanks to its 300ppi capability. Definitely the tablet of choice for the blogger who focuses on photography or video.

amazon kindle fire hdWhat: Amazon Kindle Fire HD

Why: Much like the Nexus, Amazon Kindle Fire is catered to the blogger who is all about visuals. The 1920 x 1200 HD display with polarizing filter and anti-glare technology gives the ultimate viewing experience for your videos, books, websites, and more. Another big plus? You get unlimited storage on the cloud with your Amazon content.

nook tablet

What: Nook HD

Why: The most impressive model in the Nook family line, the Nook HD is a paper-thin tablet that is geared toward the content-consuming blogger who is a fan of books, magazines and catalogs. Yes, there are apps and wifi so you can search online but the Nook is more of a reading app, especially with access to over 3 millions books, magazines, etc. It's a good alternative to the Amazon Kindle Fire HD.

With choices like these, maybe it's time to invest in your own tablet. Do you have a tablet and can offer your recommendations for your fellow bloggers?

*Source: Mashable

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23 Responses

  1. Sofie - Little Makeup Face

    I have the Galaxy Tab 2 and love it! I don’t using for blogging but I do use it to browse for ideas when I’m just being lazy at home.

  2. Melanie Fontaine

    I’ve had an iPad for a while now and I love to take it with me on vacation instead of my laptop. However, I am not often using it for the act of blogging itself. I’ve tried before, but something always seems to go wrong. I’m probably just not using my tablet effectively and with the right apps, but I just find compiling posts much more hassle-free on my laptop.

    However, I do use my iPad a lot for other things that are blogging-related, such as checking my stats, commenting on other blogs, doing research… I’d love to become more comfortable with using my tablet for actual blogging, but I just haven’t taken time off yet to become fully comfortable with it.

    Melanie Fontaine

  3. sasskia



  4. Carrie

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 and its so handy for taking down notes and coming up with ideas. Though I wouldnt use it for blogging itself (then again I wouldnt use any other tablet for blogging either) But I would really recommend this tablet.

  5. Simona M.

    I thought about investing in a tablet but from what a saw, they aren’t much blogger friendly. Some apps still need to be developed for bloggers I guess in terms of posting. Or maybe I’m not aware of them?


    • Zuriel

      The Windows surface is actually a great tablet with Microsoft word 2013 built in and other things like power point and excel, notebook. I’ve been using it for everything on my blog including designing my blog which can be quite difficult to do in most tablets.

  6. Georgie

    I have been thinking about buying a tablet constantly past two weeks. Thanks a lot for the tips! My favourite is Samsung. Well, I would love to have an iPad but it’s much more expensive. And I kinda like Samsung. I also saw that there is some picture editing program which could be good. I think having tablet for either blogging or doing blogging related stuff is very useful. I would use it a lot probably as I am travelling somewhere all the time. Thanks again for the tips. I hope to buy one soon! 🙂

  7. Zuriel

    I had the Surface since December 3rd and I have to say that it has the most amazing hardware for a tablet but need a bit more work on the software. But either than it’s amazing, has everything a blogger needs and the attachable keyboard is very handy but unfortunately it’s sold separately for about $120.

  8. Nadya Helena

    I have an Asus Transformer and GOD IT WAS HELPFUL. You can switch between tablet mode and netbook mode. They keyboard docking has an extra 4-5 hours added battery life, and the fact that it HAS keyboard docking made it easier for us to blog (blogging = writing = too tiring on a keyboard-less tablet), so definitely a recommendation!


    • Loriann

      Hi Nadya,
      Thank you so much.
      I am writing about your tip to use the Transformer for blogging.
      Would you still recommend it or have you moved on to something different?
      Loriann in San Leandro CA

  9. Chelsey

    I’m with Melanie. I initially put an iPad on my wishlist about 2 years ago because I wanted to have the portability of blogging on the go. I’ve had mine for a little over two years now, and I still prefer blogging on my laptop. My blog is more picture heavy, and I can’t seem to get the format how I want it if I’m using the ipad. I do, however, get a lot of blogger tasks done through my ipad. (Reading magazines through Newsstand, queuing tumblr with the Tumblr app, pinning on Pinterest, checking out other blogs, and mapping out my blogger calendar.) I do wish I could get the hang of blogging on it though, so I’m all ears if anyone has tips? Maybe the setback is because I have wifi-only.

  10. Barbara

    I just got the Samsung Note II and I am yet to use it for blogging too as the laptop still tops them all. Taking pictures, recording videos and following up on all my other social media platforms? It is perfect for all that.

    I guess, no matter what we say, the laptop is still a basic foundation for every serious blogger.

    Lagos, Nigeria

  11. Wotshernameagain

    I find my Ipad doesn’t want to work with the blogger app efficiently, the layout looks off ant I have to go and amend it when I get to a desktop computer hopefully this will get sorted out soon. I do plan to make videos for YouTube while I’m out and about though

  12. Peet

    I’m surprised, I thought these would be more expensive! And I’d definitely pick Samsung’s – fast processor is music to my ears.:)

  13. Nasreen

    While it seems ideal to go with an apple tablet, the first option looks good and I love the layout!! good price too 🙂


  14. Elle

    Great post! I have an iPad and I use mine for blogging all the time. It makes it easy and very easy to manage your pintrest, tumblr, twitter and blogger (as well as another networks you use). I also find it very useful to edit my photos on photoshop (available through the App Store). Although there are a few things I cannot do on my iPad in reference to my blog, I use it for everything else…it’s like my baby.

    Elle xo

  15. Jane Laced

    I have the samsung galaxy player and I think its awesome. I blog all day and its just big enough to go in your pocket!

  16. Romina

    I had an ipad 2,but i didn’t get use to it, now I have a blackberry playbook. I live in Peru, and here there is not free wifi, you have to pay for it. However the playbook make some fusion with my blackberry 9790 with an app and then I have internet everywhere.

  17. Jacqueline Jax

    I run 4 blogs completely from my iPad. I take photos with my phone or DSLR and Instagram or tumblr the photos and can even upload them to my iPad for later blogging. Then my blogs are all run from the WordPress app right on the iPad so updates and blog ideas are placed right on my blog saved as drafts until I’m ready to post. It’s an amazing time saver and with this light weight fast toll with me all the time, I put out sme awesome posts. Check out my site… http://www.avaliveradio.com

  18. lehenga

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 and its so handy for taking down notes and arising with ideas. Though i might nt use it for blogging itself (then again I wouldnt use the other tablet for blogging either) But I would really recommend this tablet.