The 6 Fashion Bloggers Personality Types

fashion blogger personality types
Fashion bloggers are an interesting mix aren't we? Who else takes photos of ourselves (often with a tripod) and posts them on the internet? Sounds strange when you say it out loud doesn't it? But somehow it's the most delightful escape, talking about outfits and fashion throughout the day.

What's more, is that not all fashion bloggers are the same. We're all different and each put our unique take on the ritual of getting dressed every day. Over the years, I've noticed a few types of bloggers evolve… which one are you?


The Star

You are gorgeous and your readers cannot get enough of you! Your content is stellar, and you're the center of it all! Readers come to your site to get a glimpse of the world of a star, and you love it. Sharing your favorite things gives your readers that “insider” feel of knowing a cool girl. People love commenting on your posts about how perfect your outfit is… and your Instagram is a treat of its own.

Examples: Song of Style, Atlantic Pacific

Post types: Outfit posts

Favorite social media: Instagram

The Visionary

You are one step ahead of everyone else. You can see trends coming before they even hit the runways. You're on top of the latest and greatest technology, and your savvy is not missed by others. People come to your blog just to be in the know before everyone else knows.

Examples: The High Low, Style Bubble, Business of Fashion

Post types: News, Designer Discoveries

Favorite social media: Twitter #music

The Philosopher

Thoughtful much? You have the ability to read between the lines on any movement in fashion. Hemlines go up an inch, you know it's about the economy. The return of the classic pump, you're already seeing a shift in the industry. Not only that, you can articulate what this means and put it into delightfully thought provoking context. Your readers come to your site just to delve into the deeper levels of fashion.

Examples:  Man Repeller, Look Sharp Sconnie, Incognito

Post types: News, Trends & Visual Culture Analysis

Favorite Social Media: Twitter

The Fairy Blogmother

You're the glue that holds everyone together. Unafraid of scarcity and competition and all the petty things that plague us mere mortals, you are happy to recommend your blogger friends to others. You bring everyone together and give them a great time! You have the uncanny ability to make everyone shine around you. People come to your site to become inspired, to see what is possible, and those who know you hold you as one of their great assets when it comes to blogging.  Without bloggers like you, the community would be a sad place.

Examples: Yuli Ziv, Adored Austin

Post types: Any type of post, as along as it has a strong sense of bringing people together or giving back

Favorite social media: Meetup.com

The Inspirational Guru

A blend between the Philosopher and Fairy Blogmother… You always know just what to say to brighten everyone's day. You're basically like a blogger therapist to all of us who need a bit of help to find our way. From finding happiness to hosting the perfect party, your blog is all about living better and feeling great about it. If we have questions, you have answers. It's magical!

Examples: Cup of Jo, Gala Darling

Post types: DIY, Inspirational, Philosophical

Favorite social media: Facebook

The Curator

Kind of like a visual DJ, you have a keen eye for pulling things together… even things that to many of us aren't even connected. You can find the most beautiful images from the far corners of the internet and share them with your readers. People come to your site just to know what's hot, and what's around.

Examples: Honestly WTF, LeFashion

Post types: Trend boards, fashion spreads, lookbooks

Favorite social media: Pinterest, The Cools

Which personality type are you?

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63 Responses

  1. Ashley

    I loved reading these– not only because it’s nice to figure out where you fit, but also to figure out who or what you want your site to be. I wouldn’t be surprised if many of us transition from one role to another at some point through our blog’s lives!

  2. Amber

    Oh I think I’m a combination of a few! I’d say maybe the fairy blogmother and the curator. I love to showcase all of my cool blogger and non blogger friends and love getting people together and hope they are able to collaborate. I’m also OBSESSED with creating style boards as that helps me (and others) visualize a trend before we try it! Hooray for typecasting!

  3. AJ Wears Clothes

    This totally needed a quiz with it, ala Cosmopolitan Mag. I’m not sure where I fit in!

  4. Lila&Sirena

    We kind of relate to the Inspirational Guru, we love sharing DIY projects, Inspiration, Style, outfits and music that we are currently dancing and singing.
    But there is have to be more than 6 categories, our type is: The Sharing Bloggers.



  5. Sarandipity

    I think I am a combination of both the philosopher and the curator.

    Saranda from Sarandipity

  6. Pinksole

    I mostly do outfit posts so the star seem fitting, although there’s no way I would compare myself to Aimee or Blair. They are the real stars.

  7. Kimberly Williams

    I’m an individual I’m a different type of blogger *Winning*

  8. Gabrielle Pedriani

    This is so interesting. I don’t know how you continually think outside of the box to create these posts. You philosophize, but in an applicable way. it’s astounding.

    Never would have thought to group things like this.

    Such a good way to find out about other blogs too!


  9. Indiana Adams

    Whoa. Holy smokes. What a great honor to be named among all these bloggers. My favorite thing about doing Adored Austin and the Texas Style Council is connecting people and helping other bloggers figure out how to get out from behind their laptops and out into their communities. I am humbled to be held as an example of the fairy blog mother. Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo!

  10. Mariana

    I’m loving this post! It’s so interesting when you categorised it this way.
    I think I might be The Curator or maybe a mix with the visionary.

  11. Vicky@nailtechnicancourse

    can’t tell you which one I am and I am sure that no one else would agree with me anyway. To be honest, I still haven’t got over the last survey like this I did, which resulted in me being labelled a crazed control freak with committment problems.

  12. Nadya N.

    is it weird that I don’t identify my self as one of the personality types :'(

    • Ais

      No, but there are only six types here; the blogging community is much too large to fit everyone into them. Some are bound to not quite fit, nothing wrong with that 😉

  13. Shug Avery

    I discovered this post today and I find interesting this classification and that also some bloggers don’t fit into these categories because it shows how vast fashion blogging is. It also shows that personality is so much important in blogging because it is what makes you stand out from the crowd much more than your ouftits.

    Shug Avery of Incognito


  14. Jennifer Nini

    I am definitely the Philosopher given the context of my blog is eco ethical fashion!

    My blog is about highlighting the social and environmental impacts of the fashion industry and helping others choose fashion choices that are more conscious.

    So if you believe in this philosophy and live in the US and want to win an ethical necklace by The Leakey Collection (who I am supporting as their fashion helps to raise money so that Kenyan communities can rise out of poverty) then just head to the blog post and the details are in there!

    http://ecowarriorprincess.net/2013/04/earth-day-2013-the-leakey-collection-ethical-jewelry-give-away/ View

  15. Raquel C. Macias

    The Inspirational Guru I think 🙂

    Have a great weekend everyone!!! Xoxo

  16. Dona-Eva Octavia

    I’m more of an inspirational guru except that my fave social network is instagram 🙂

  17. debi c

    the visionary and the fairy blogmother are the slots i fit in..this was a fun read..

  18. Shweghna Gursahaney

    Speechless after seeing this post. It’s fun to know what kind of a blogger I am 😀

    Great work (Y)

  19. Sundal

    A cross between the Fairy Blogmother and Inspirational Guru, or so I would like to think! My blog’s all about DIY, styling second hand pieces, beauty recommendations for girls on a budget or ethical brands and I love a good indie or handmade label, whether it’s fashion, beauty or accessories.

  20. Aya

    Of course these are only applicable if your content suggests as much as the titles infer… otherwise, you simply desire the title and hope you match up. If anything, I fit into the “The Fairy Blogmother” category, but that’s only because I am a mother and a nurturing type… but really, it seems somewhat presumptuous to think I truly fit into any one of these (glorified) roles. I guess they are a little fanciful, to me… I almost have to downplay them in my mind to relate to them a little better.

  21. Leslie

    philosophical but wtf @ the blogs under that label. if thats “thinking” i dont wanna be a part of it

  22. Michelle

    This was a really fun read! As I read I was scrolling through all my favorite bloggers and placing them into their little categories. As for me, I think I would fall into the Inspirational Guru and I hope to be a Fairy Blog Mother when my readership grows. Loved this!

  23. Katie

    Love this! It totally tapped into my inner middle schooler who loved taking those personality quizes inside magazines. Everyone loves to read about themselves.

    I sadly couldn’t pin point what type of blog I have 🙁 Possibly its because I don’t have enough feedback from readers, since many of these types have a strong connection with those who read their blogs.

  24. olga

    Interesting….. I agree with all the above given examples of blogs related to each category. I am into DIYs, but still would be hard to say which category I belong to…. intriguing!

  25. justine

    cool! wouldn’t mind being a star/philosopher/curator…

  26. Christina Marie

    I am 100% with a doubt “The Philosopher”. I love classic pieces, but also enjoy shaking it up and being edgy which using classic pieces. And Twitter is my homie! haha!

  27. Pamela E

    I’m a Mix of The Inspirational Guru & The Curator. I think.
    Xo Pam

  28. Billy B.

    My Keylee is definitely “The Star” just follow her Instagram and you will immediately see that to keep up with Keylee, you have to be a star yourself! Our blog is more of a mix of a “The Star” and “The Visionary” what combination could possibly be better?! Happy Blogging!

  29. Adela

    I’m kind of hoping to be the star! Nowhere on their lever yet, but with your help – hopefully one day 🙂
    Adela x

  30. Julz

    Ii am most defiantely the Visionary! and a little of the Philosopher!(: Great article!

  31. Alice Sibley

    What about the “stylish friend” blogger type who tells it like it really is, fesses up to wearing the same skirt since college, and tells you about the great deal she got? That’s me 🙂 I think there is plenty of room in the blogosphere for the relatable stylish friend blogger.

  32. Jenn Staz

    I love the post! Wasn’t going to comment, but I just wanted to let you know that cupofjoe.com is redirecting to ww1.cupofjoe.com and i can’t view that blog 🙁

  33. Nastya Rudakova

    It’s a bit ridiculous, but I figured out I’m a star blogger! Of course I’m not such a ‘star’, but I’m making outfit posts and I believe that they’re quite good and I’m working on making my outfits better. Also I share my photography, and I hope it’s fine with the other content. I’d rather call myself a ‘stylish attitude’ blogger, as I always have my own opinion on everything:)

  34. Marie

    What is a girl who rants about runway pics, does nail art tutorials, and gives tips on fashion sketchbooks,