The Fashion Blogger’s Guide of Who to Follow on Twitter

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With millions of users, Twitter can be overwhelming. Sure, you can use hashtags, lists and directories to find interesting people to follow, but that can get time-consuming or lead you in the wrong direction. Or, you can use this guide! In this guide, you'll find accounts that are interesting, informative and engaging. So whether you're new to Twitter or want to follow more fashion and blogger-related tweets, take a look below:

Fashion News

Sharing the latest in fashion and fashion blogging.


Blogger Stars

The blogs we all know and love.


Up & comers

Bloggers doing big things this year!


Brands & designers

Get exclusive behind the scenes and first looks directly from the sources:


The crafty ones

DIY, design and home decor sprinkled with fashion and lifestyle.


Fashion PR & Media

Telling the fashion news like it is!


Blogger Collectives & E-Zines

Localized blogger groups and blogs turned e-zines



These shops tweet the latest looks and collections, events, sales & more.



Add a dose of inspiration, laughs and general fun in your Twitter stream.


The IFB team 🙂

This is by no means definitive. Let us know your favorite fashion or blogger-related Twitter accounts in a comment!

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49 Responses

  1. Austen

    Totally need to add Rumi Neely and BryanBoy to the list of big name bloggers. Best friends with amazing fashion sense!!

  2. DressCode:HighFashion

    Great list but


    is missing in the ‘Up & Coming’ Blogger list 😉

    Hugs, Jen

  3. Ashe

    Jess! This is fantastic. I’ve often wondered about this myself– who are the best people to follow for news, for insight, etc. Thank you for the time it must have taken to compile this!

  4. Mira Musank

    The first thing I did after reading this blog post is following all the IFB team 😉

  5. Nasreen

    holy moly this is a genius post! I think you tagged the wrong WWD??the one you tagged is some dude and in his description it says ” I think you meant @womensweardaily” hahaha


  6. Mira Musank

    For @WWD, I think it’s supposed to be @womensweardaily, no?

  7. Chris

    What, no mention of @OffTheCuffDC? I am hurt! Really though, we humbly submit ourselves on behalf of the menswear blogging space.

  8. Bhavna

    I’m also a fashion blogger, check out my blog please 🙂 bittersweet-bhavna.blogspot.co.uk

  9. moiminnie

    I’m kind of bummed I didn’t see @moiminnie up there 😛

    Joking, but thanks for this post. I always have a hard time following the “right” people. I usually follow someone only to discover I’m not really interested in what they tweet and feeling bad for having to unfollow. So this list is much appreciated!

    minnie @ http://www.moiminnie.blogspot.com

  10. anne m bray

    I’m a member of Two Point Oh LA and I’m so glad that you included us — thanks!
    Wanted everyone to know that Kelsi is now doing a fashion, beauty, + style group beyond LA, called Two Point Oh PLUS. @TwoPointOhPlus

  11. Cieñ fashion

    This is a Great list, I have some of them already! Also Im starting this new Facebook page “Talking Moda” and Ill be posting this in my page! Thanks for the Info!! And please visit my Online Store @cielfashion
    www.cielfashion.com If any blogger needs some clothes to talk about… Feel free to contact me!

  12. Amy Flurry

    Great list! Recipe for Press is an online resource for DIY PR resource for fashion brands, bloggers and entrepreneurs. Editors are using us too as a source for emerging fashion and lifestyle brands. We’re growing quickly! @recipeforpress

  13. Lisa

    These lists/names have helped Tremendously!!!! Another great person to follow is @TiffanyLD !! She’s Aaaamaazing!! XoXo

  14. Jamie

    Wow, this is incredibly helpful! Thank you for putting together such a thorough list. It can be hard staying on top of everyone and everything you should know about and follow all across social media.

  15. Pearl

    Thanks so much for this guide. I’ve been really struggling to find the best people to follow. Invaluable article!

  16. Pearl

    Thanks so much for this great list. I’m new to Twitter and I’ve struggled to find good people to follow. Invaluable article!

  17. riris

    I’m followed @ISpyDIY, @_IFB also also @tavitulle for a long time, 🙂


  18. Louise Henderson

    I’ve only recently started using Twitter (i’m @DecennaryBlog if anyone is interested) in the past month properly so I’ve found this list very helpful! – I’ve also found following famous people who are known for the style influence such as @alexa_chung or well known models like @Caradelevingne and well known fashion brands is a really interesting way of getting inspiration 🙂

  19. The Science of Happy

    Magazines in general are an all round great source of entertainment and news!


  20. Annie

    Such a great list – absolutely adore @MarieDenee and @Apartment_34!

    Any chance of finding a list of independent designers, small labels, and affordable retailers on fashion and home living?

  21. Adela

    Queen UK – nothing to do with fashion but so funny! Net-a-porter for sale alerts and much more, The Outnet – send pic of your shoes on #shoefriday and you can win store credit! Plus so many more.
    Adela x

  22. Iridium Apparel

    What a great resource, happy to say I do follow some of these already, but seems like there are always new ones to explore!
    (obligatory plug: please follow @iridiumapparel! we are an independent women’s clothing designer.)

  23. Ebenezer


    I read through your blog and I must say, it was an interesting read – I like it. I’m the social media rep. for a new fashion leather Accessories Company based in Georgetown, D.C., O’Bazzië Classics. We are in search of fashion bloggers willing to feature us on their blog sites. Please, feel free to contact us if interested: [email protected]. Feel free to visit us on Instagram: @obazzieclassics

    Best wishes.

  24. Joyce

    Thank you so much for this great list. Especially the Up & Comers list is so interesting.


  25. Danielle Wightman-Stone

    Would be nice to see more localised fashion tweeters – for instance I think in the UK that should include:

    And if anyone wants to follow me I am @FashionNBarbie

  26. Elena

    Very helpful post and it will definitely save a lot of time in search of great users!

  27. Amanda Flyn

    I second Rumi Neely of Fashion Toast. Also Emily Weiss of Into The Gloss and Phil Oh (StreetPeeper) for Street style photography:

  28. Charlotte

    Will be adding these people now!



  29. Nancy

    Thanks for this list; I was just looking for more bloggers to follow on twitter. If anyone knows of anyone else, let me know.

  30. john

    Nice post and really intelligent thought.
    I appreciate your post ….
    Thanking you

  31. Jennifer Ngo

    I love the idea of this post/article because I check my twitter all the time and that’s where I get most of my fashion news.

    However, some of the “content” is wrong. Like @WWD isn’t @WWD on twitter, it’s @WomensWearDaily. Not to mention the link didn’t take me to the right page. As a blogger myself, I understand you’re eager to put a post up and skip rechecking your post and links but of these silly mistakes take away from the experience of the reader! Your objective was to make it easier for me by doing the research for me but with the wrong twitter handles and links, I end up doing the work myself!

    Also, I think everyone has their own opinions on who should be included on this list but this post/article is a great starting point.

    Good post though.

  32. Lulu

    Hey I’m just starting out as a blogger and would love you to check out my twitter x


  33. Courtney Moseley

    OMGGGGG? Upcoming – NO MENTION OF @panelclothing
    They have the best highfashion mix of streetwear i’ve seen in the UK. THEY ARE CRAZY. Make sure you check them out SERIOUSLY.

  34. Bridgette

    The twitter for Conde Nast is: @CondeNast btw!

    we are @theraghouse


    Team ShopRagHouse

  35. Curtis

    That’s a comprehensive Twitter list that should come in very helpful moving forward…

  36. Valerie Wyndham

    Thanks for this awesome list! I am a new blogger. Visit my website and have a look! Thanks for the tips! xoxo —V.

  37. peter ruskin

    Great list and will be following some of the above. One of my favs is @StyleCollezioni posting only stylish women’s fashion.

  38. Cate Adair

    I will be sure to follow these! Thank you. I’m new on the blog scene though I’ve been in costume design for years. You might have seen my work on Desperate Housewives? I would be so pleased if you would check out Fash365.

  39. Maria

    What a great list Thank You!! We will for sure check all of them out. I’m helping my mother with her new line of necklaces please come check them out.
    we are on twitter and instagram

  40. Nina

    Thank you so much for this list. I have a hard time getting into twitter and figuring out who to interact with and retweet from so I will definitely check some of these out! I actually follow some already.

    twitter: @lamodefolie
    blog: lamodefolie.blogspot.com