The Top 8 Instagram Editing Mistakes That Can Take Your Photo From Rad to Bad

Marianna Hewitt Instagram

Photo via Marianna Hewitt on Instagram

Last week, Marianna Hewitt of Life With Me shared with the world the magical way she edits Instagram photos to make her look even more gorgeous than she already is. The video is amazing to watch as her fingertips deftly smooth and brighten her skin and fill out her hair. The before and after is, like, whoah—in a good way, because the changes look real.

It's tempting to copy those techniques on your own feed, no? And there's no reason why you can't—but proceed with caution. The results don't always look so realistic. While trying to take your selfie from an 8 to a 10, you could unintentionally create a big zero if you're not careful.

As an avid IGer and sometimes overzealous photo editor myself, I found Howard Pinsky's


2. Alien Eye Sparkle

If you watched Hewitt's video, you probably noticed that she added some sparkle to her eye, but immediately realized it was too much and scaled it back. Take her lead and use this enhancement with much restraint, lest you give yourself an alien effect.

3. De-focus Dysfunction

We all want our photos to look like we took them with a fancy DSLR that we know how to use. But using an app like BigLenst to artificially blur your background can go very wrong. See my misguided attempt below, committed shortly after I downloaded the app (forgive me, I knew not what the heck I was doing!) Like me, you might blur edges that should stay sharp, or overdo it to the point that your background becomes distracting and you look like you're floating in some kind of toxic fog. Unless you're a master with this technique, you're better off keeping the background crisp.

Matching Thanksgiving prints! #cousins #happythanksgiving

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4. Morphing Mania

Remember when Hewitt magically poufed her hair with that morphing tool? Amazing, right? You can do that, too. Or you can make your legs longer, your arm thinner, or your butt bigger with an app like Facetune. But do pay attention what happens to the background when you do it, because your body part is not the only thing morphing. Walls can become warped, or, as Kim Kardashian discovered, doorways can become wavy.

Getting right for the new year

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5. Super-Saturating

As with all other edits, saturate in moderation. Colors that pop can be pretty, and over-saturation is a hallmark of the “lomo” filter. But neon grass and artificially electric blue eyes can make human skin appear red or gray—never a good look.

overaturating photos

6. Plastic Not-So Fantastic

The smoothing function available on many mobile photo editing apps is a godsend for exaggerated wrinkles and untimely breakouts. But, again, easy does it or your edits may obscure your flaws only to highlight that you've got something you want to hide. This photo of me for example—I did a little too much softening in the facial area and no I did not save an unedited copy. ALWAYS SAVE AN UNEDITED COPY!

7. Too Sharp

Notice in Hewitt's video above that when she sharpens her photo, she does it by just one degree. When you add much more sharpening than that your picture can create weird halos and look a bit angry and alarming. Plus, your hair starts to look like straw. Also, the experts say to add sharpening last, after all other edits.

photos too sharp

8. Adding a Watermark

“They are distracting, they are ugly, and they are useless.” I can't say it any better than Emil Parkarklis of iPhonphotograhpyschool. He goes on to point out that famous photographers with 100,000+ followers don’t use watermarks, and neither should you. They prevent editors from highlighting your photos, and anyway they can be cropped out.

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12 Responses

  1. Anastasia Nicole

    Awesome tips. I have for sure been guilty of over saturating and going a little too sharp in some photos.

  2. Roxanne

    Great tips. I’ve always tried to fade images which managed to get over saturated as well as balance temperature if the tones are too orange/blue.
    Also one great tip that everyone forgets that the secret to a great instagram image is to edit it and not filter it.


  3. Toni Baldwin

    I loved all of them except #8. Sometimes when your photo get shared a ton, the watermark can help identify you and can prevent catfishes. Any celebrity using WhoSay always does this as well. I always watermark any photo I put onto the web and highly recommend you do it across social media and your blog.
    XO, Toni

  4. Lauren Jade Martin

    I agree with the watermark thing. I hear a lot of people obsess about them and stress about people stealing their pics…at the end of the day if people want to steal your photos….they’re going to. It’s unfortunate but it’s reality. These are some great tips…but I think you left out one important one.. –> Sometimes the best photo is the unedited one that is just natural and real. Find great light and get the shot! 😉

    Lauren Jade
    Lauren Jade Lately
    ‘Simplify Life, Maximize Happiness’

  5. DShaunte

    Great article, I can definitely be overboard on some editing or sometimes a picture looks weird and I can’t figure out why.

  6. heathernoire89

    I love this advice on editing photos. I always see people making there photos appear almost oddly when they most likely look better originally. Sometimes less is more 🙂 Great techniques and advice thanks for sharing . http://bauchlefashion.com

  7. Marta P

    I don’t get why would you even want to modify yourself! It’s important to love you the way you are. 🙂 And even no filter selfie from time to time is important.

  8. Fashion Travel Accessories

    I also stopped over saturating my photos. I used to do it all the time. Light and simple is the best 🙂

    Marj from: Fashion Travel Accessories : Fashion Girl