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Transferring Files Easily Online

Words no blogger ever wants to see… “File too large to send”

There is nothing more frustrating than working on a big project, finessing your content, making it perfect… and being told you can’t send it. Too annoying! 

It’s not just an issue for bloggers; at times everyone needs to send large files out. It could be emailing wedding photos to your friends and family; or sending those funny videos you took from a birthday party – we all could do with some help with sending and receiving large files.

You’ll find that email accounts can’t hold much storage – for example Gmail can hold files of up to a 25GB limit but nothing more.

Large files can also eat away at your storage space – even if they are just sitting in your sent folders.

Whether it’s photos, videos, music files or your work for a creative project with large sized files involved, it would be great to have more options for sending these easily and securely.

That’s why we are championing Transfer from Creative Fabrica, which is an online file sharing service that takes all the hassle away. 

Read on to discover more about their offering as well as some top tips for reducing your file sizes and storing your content safely.

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Using the Cloud to upload your files

Whichever email provider you use, you’ll probably find this one of the first places you go to in order to share large files, no matter the reason. Today, many providers offer Cloud storage for you, often meaning that you won’t actually need to store the large files on your device.

Making it even easier, the functionality is now normally built into the platform already. For example, if you are using Gmail you can click on the Google Drive button as you select and upload your attachment – then send it as normal. If you are using Outlook, you’ll follow similar steps by choosing OneDrive to share your files.

Regular bloggers who need to send lots of content frequently will find that email may not be the most efficient way of sending files, even with this functionality. This is where specialist file transferring sites come in, to help you out.

Remember to compress your files first

Before we even discuss the benefits of using a file transferring site it can be very helpful to compress your files first. In only a few clicks, you can compress your entire folder, ensuring you are saving space as much as possible.

Lots of image editing tools (like Adobe for example) will have a built-in image compression feature for you to use.

If you are in a hurry to reduce your image sizing, one large file will usually transfer faster than having multiple smaller files in one folder.

It’s important that you don’t lose the quality of your imagery so double check the quality before you send multiple files.

Online File Sharing sites

There are lots of sites out there you can use to share your large files safely. We like Transfer by Creative Fabrica for their ease and security.

How much does it cost to send files?

It is totally free to send files via Transfer – yes that’s right, a free file transfer service for you to try.

How do I use Transfer from Creative Fabrica?

It’s super easy to send large files via Transfer. You can simply drag your files onto the site, or search for them via a folder. You can check it out here

Your recipient will then have a whole week to download the files their end, meaning there’s no major time pressure to worry about.

You can also watch their video to bring the concept to life even further.

Can I receive and send large files?

Yes! You can send large files up to 2 GB in size – that equates to ALOT of files, photos or videos!

Sending large files (over 2GB)

If you find that you need to send lots of files that are even bigger, you can easily upgrade to All Access which will allow you to send up to 1 TB of content.

If you have a particularly big project, you could also explore the option of mailing your recipient an external drive. It’s a great way to send a very large amount of content or data. 

An external hard drive is easy to buy and not expensive; you simply upload your content then mail it to them. You can always have them return it if needed.

The downside is waiting for them to receive the drive in the mail, so you want to leave plenty of time. It cuts out any issues of transferring large files online; we all know that downloading a terabyte of content can take a while, even when you have a fast connection. It also erases the issue of data storage on your device.

It’s pretty simply to also encrypt your drive if you have any worries over privacy.

Sharing large files… in Conclusion

When selecting the file sharing service that is perfect for you and your needs, you should consider the types of files you are sending, your security requirements and how fast you need to send the items.

Remember, you don’t know how your blogging needs will look in the future, so don’t accept limits on size or quantity of files you need to send. You are in charge!

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