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How to Write an Excellent Social Media Bio

This post was originally published in March, 2012 and updated on April 27, 2016. ifb guide perfect social media bio

To convince social media consumers to follow you and your brilliant tweets, Instagram posts and other various streams of your digital life, you have a tiny shred of their attention to work with. If you think your bio isn't important, reflect for a moment on the times you decided not to follow someone back because they don't have a bio, or because their bio doesn't mean anything to you (guilty!). You want to come up with something witty, but not to the point that it obscures all meaning. So what can you do to give your bio some oomph, and get people to click “FOLLOW?”

Easy, just use our simple formula for writing the perfect bio:

What You Do + Where You Do It + A Peek of Personality (clever use of emojis encouraged) 

Yep, it's that easy. Need an example? I used the formula to write my own bio, which I've rewritten numerous times. It never felt quite right until I employed the formula

stylenik instagramYou quickly get what I do and where I do it, plus a little glimpse into my general philosophy on life (and music taste, if you happen to know that quote). What do you think?

Here are a few more of our favorite social media bios… how's yours doing? Let us know in the comments!reasonstodress instagram

mrs peasy instagram



bleubird instagram zanita zanita instagram

Crissie Fuller contributed to this post.

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  1. Meriem

    Thank you for the great post, I’m recent to blogging and still struggling in getting many flowers. I am a mother to twins, work part time in finance admin and recently released my fashion blog. I love fashion and I would love my page to inspire all followers around the world.

    Could you please help of how I make my bio more attractive?

    Many thanks