25 Ways To Promote Your Personal Style Posts

This is the fourth in a 4-part post series brought to you by ASOS Fashion Finder, dedicated to helping you showcase and promote your personal style through photography, social media and smart spending. [See Parts 1, 2 and 3 here.]

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Whether you’re just beginning or a pro looking to stay fresh, promoting your personal style posts often takes more time than the actual posting part. Back when I was starting out, it seemed like it would take me an hour to do a look post and two hours promoting it. This meant posting content to various sites, interacting with readers, checking traffic stats and click-throughs and of course, reading through comments. Promoting posts is really a fun part of blogging as this is where you have the chance to meet other people in your community through interacting on external sites. Besides, the more places people can find you the more chances you have to build your readership!

1. Create a page on your blog that houses all your personal style posts. Make sure it’s accessible and easily visible on the top or side bar of your blog. (TIP: Create a sassy button on your sidebar) That way people can browse and find your looks easily.

2. Post your look to ASOS Fashion Finder. Be sure to make sure your look is tagged for any trends you are rocking, and add “shop the look” items to help your followers achieve a similar style.

3. Team up with a blogger in your area to create looks together. Make it a special trip, like a brunch or a visit to the park and cross promote your posts to get exposure from both your audiences. (Great for taking better outfit photos as well!)

4. Do a monthly or weekly round up of your looks. If you post looks every day, once a week, or less often once a month. It’ll give your readers a chance to review the week and visit anything they might have missed.

5. Add your past looks in trend posts. Are you posting about floral denim trend? Did you recently wear some floral jeans? Be sure to include this in your post!

6. When you push your newest post on Twitter, be sure to tag the brands you’re wearing with the “@” symbol. This is an easy way to get your blog in front of the eyes of the social media team at the brands you love. They may retweet your link and give you a major traffic boost!

7. When you promote a post on your Facebook fan page, upload a photo of your look, just like you would on your own timeline. Tag the brands you’re wearing so they can be notified and check out your style! They may share it with their fans, too.

8. Pin, Facebook, or create an outfit on ASOS Fashion Finder of a style icon who wore similar items or inspired your look and include a link to your blog post in the caption, showing your readers how they can these looks at a more affordable price.

9. Create a Facebook photo gallery dedicated to all your different looks. Here you can upload photos from your blog or unused outtakes, and then provide a link with each photo to check out the whole post on your blog.

10. Create a Pinterest board dedicated to the different seasons and organize all of your blog posts on these boards according to seasonal style. The easier it is for them to find outfit inspiration, the faster they will click through to your blog posts.

11. Work with your fellow bloggers to create a weekly round-up of personal style posts. Each of you will share one link on the post and all of the participating bloggers will post this one big round-up on their blogs.

12. Post a teaser image of your latest look on your Instagram feed, with a link to your blog.

13. Be sure you’ve got at “Pin-It Button” installed on your blog.

14. Post photos or graphics on your Tumblr with links back to your blog.

15. Offer to giveaway one of your favorite, easily-styled products that you have featured on your blog. Jewelry, bags and scarves are the easiest as they will one-size-fits-all.

16. Register on BlogLovin and share your blog posts on that platform.

17. Share your blog post links on StumbleUpon, a discovery and social sharing platform that distributes content to followers and fans who like similarly tagged content.

18. Promote your post on Twitter more than once a day. Because of time zones and the rapidity of your readers’ feed turnover – it could easily be missed the first time!

19. Apply to be a part of a blogger network.

20. Research potential blog contributor positions or guest posting opportunities on blogs that have a similar focus as yours. Pitch your blog as a leader in the community and submit links that show off your individual personal style.

21. Participate in the weekly IFB project: It usually pertains to personal style, so create a look and post that fits the theme of the week and submit your links each week. These posts get shared with the entire IFB community and are guaranteed to bring new visitors to your site if you’re selected.

22. Submit your post’s images to Pinterest Boards that are open to contributors. getting your photos (and subsequently your blog posts) out there on Pinterest will position you as an expert in the community. Magazines like Glamour, Elle and online destinations like the Glitter Guide & Refinery 29 have boards that let bloggers submit their pins.

23. Some magazines like InStyle showcase blogger outfits inspired by their past articles, if you make an outfit maybe, just maybe you’ll make it into their print edition!

24. Pitch your personal style posts to other bloggers. Be very careful with this one. If you read a blog that regularly post looks from other blogs, you might have a chance of getting your style posted about by sending them a few of your looks they might love.

25. Have ideas for looks you’d like to wear? Create an outfit on ASOS Fashion Finder, this will keep your followers hungry for the outfit photos that are coming up (plus, it’s a little kinder on your pocketbook).

Bonus tip! Be sure not to post and jump off the computer, stick around for a while and be sure to engage with any feedback you get after hitting publish. This will make your readers feel more love and help keep them coming back.


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