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How to Create a Cohesive Instagram Feed in 5 Steps

YOUR INSTAGRAM FEED STARTS WITH THIS: As we said in our last Instagram post about creating a memorable profile, it takes the average person less than 1 second to decide whether or not they will follow you on...
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5 Awesome Apps to Make Your Instagrams Pop

Tired of the same-old Instagram filters? Or maybe you have some extra time on your hands... or maybe, you use Instagram as your main photo editing tool. Whatever the case may be, the editing tools are getting b...
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Categories + Tags: What Are They & How to Use Them

Confession: I've been blogging almost 6 years, and I don't entirely know the difference between blog tags and categories.  They always seemed like a redundant organization system... like, organize your posts ...
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5 Photoshop Tricks That Will Ruin Your Photos

The invention of Photoshop is at once one of the best things that ever happened to photography and one of the worst things.  Now we have several options to edit photos, there are endless photo apps, Instagram b...
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126 Niche Fashion Blog Ideas

Do you know your niche? Honing in on a niche for your blog can be difficult in the very general topic of fashion. Fashion is a glamorous, beautiful topic, and it's hard to decide which direction to take ...
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Blogger Grammar Basics: Colons, Ellipses, and Dashes

Last week I talked about grammar basics with periods, commas, and semi-colons, and this week I'm getting into the fun and fancy punctuation: colons, ellipses, and dashes. These get used often by bloggers, b...
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7 Signs You Might be a Professional Blogger

"I want to be a professional blogger." We've all said it, but what does it mean? I imagine that for each of us the definition of professional blogger varies.  For some of us, being a professional blogger m...
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23 Ways to Promote Posts & Increase Your Blog Traffic

Writing your blog posts is just a small part of growing your blog. The rest is getting readers to your blog...and that's not always as easy. While there are some tried and true means of growing your blog, t...
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Actually, Bloggers DO Influence People to Buy

Sometimes getting feedback on the impact of blogging can be tough. I keep thinking about how Mickey Drexler once said, “I have yet to see a correlation in my industry between great social media and great numb...
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Blogging Tip: How to Write The Perfect About Page

When you start blogging, the first page you should think about adding to your site is the about page. Although it is one of the most important pages on your site (along with the contact page), it is often con...
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Sister Act: Blogging Duos Keeping it in the Family

As an only child who grew up spending most of her time providing her own entertainment and playing make-believe by herself, running a blog solo has always felt natural to me. I like the control, I'm comfortab...
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Where to Draw the Line with Copied Content

While a pessimist would say, "Nothing is original." an optimist would say, "We're all inspired by each other." In the creative industry, there are times when someone's "inspiration" is a pain in the ass....
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Design That Shines: 10 Tips For A Dynamic Blog Header

The header of your blog is the first thing your readers lay their eyes on. It sets the tone for your content and gives them a feel for who you are and what your site is all about. Myself, I've redesigned my...
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Why Instagram Captions Matter

By Emily VanderBeek, of Isn't That Charming Who needs written words? A picture speaks a thousand of them. Colors collide, events are shown and emotions are displayed all without speaking. Especially on netwo...
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Link Building 101 For Fashion Bloggers

By Ally Biring of Posting gorgeous, brilliant content is unquestionably the best way to increase traffic.  The second best way is link building.  And while there unfortunately isn’t a cle...
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7 Fabulous Free Fonts For Your Fashion Blog

Sometimes with free fonts you get what you pay for, tacky, clunky and unrefined. Sifting through "free font" websites has always deterred me from browsing through the masses of "free fonts" that I'll end up jus...
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What’s The Right Platform For Your Fashion Blog?

Whether you're just about to start a blog or looking to switch platforms, choosing the one that's right for you is a big deal. It's like choosing a city to live in. You can always move, and you can rent an ...
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5 Easy Ways To Take Better Photos Indoors

You might think shooting indoors is easier, since you can usually control all of the elements around your shoot -- but often times photographers struggle with getting that stunning photo while indoors.
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The 10 Best Gadgets For Your Blogger Fashion Blog

Where my Blogspot fashion bloggers at!? Can I get a woop woop? I know there are still many of us out there who use Google's blogging platform, Blogger, for their sites (myself included). It's a very user...
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Beyond Chic: The Fashion Blogger’s Thesaurus

Odds are, if you're writing a blog, you're probably a words person. You'd choose a crossword puzzle over Sudoku on Sunday morning. You excelled in in English more than mathematics back in high school. Or...
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Blogger Tutorial: How to Set Your Rates

When you start monetizing your blog, the biggest question in your mind is probably, "What should I charge?" Figuring out what to charge is probably a question that will never have a permanent answer. Rat...
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5 Chic Handbags That Will Fit Your Blogger Gear

Handbags have always been difficult for me. I love them on other people, but picking out the right one has always been a problem. Especially these days when we have to schlep around a laptop, sometimes a came...
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It Takes Two: The Benefits of Blogging As A Pair

We all know that blogging is hard work, and that the actual act of blogging (writing, posting, editing) can be a solitary endeavor. Recently, though, we've noticed a proliferation of amazing blogs - run by ...
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How To Write A Crystal Clear Post Disclosure

We here at IFB tried to tackle the issue of blogger transparency with a different approach -- by highlighting bloggers and campaigns that did it right, and showing exemplary practices that you can use as an outline for your own disclaimers.
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6 Funny Girls Writing About Fashion (And 2 Guys)

If our list of funny fashion Tumblrs isn't enough to get you out of your mid-week rut, take a gander at these funny gals writing about fashion that we've noticed (and chuckled at) here at the IFB office.
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Bigger, Better, Bolder: Build Your Media Kit

This is the next in a very exciting series we’re bringing to you on IFB in anticipation of the upcoming #IFBcon. Each day, we’ll have a different post designed to help your blog become – you guessed it – bigger...
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5 Tips On How To Set Traffic Goals For Yourself

Higher traffic on your blog means a greater possibility of making your blog a self sustaining business. So, what's the magic formula behind getting higher numbers? There's a myriad of things you need to do, but one way to grow your reach is by setting tangible traffic goals for yourself.
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Photography 101: Know Your DSLR Dial

You know all those little symbols on that wheel at the top of your DSLR camera? They can elevate your photos to a more professional level. We've broke it down for you symbol-by-symbol so you can make the most of your camera.
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How Condé Nast Salaries Stack Up With Blogger Incomes

Most of Cone Nast's salaries don't really surprise me (yes, there are people only bringing in $25k a year while working at Vogue), but I wondered how bloggers' incomes stacked up next to these coveted editorial positions.
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How To Optimize Your Instagram: A List Of 10 Do’s And Don’ts

Yesterday, Mashable created a guide to choosing the best Instagram filter for your photos. To follow up, we've taken it one step further: the fashion blogger Do's and Don'ts to Instagram. Check out our tips below, and feel free to share your tips in the comments.
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The Most Important Moments In Fashion Blogging History

Do you know your fashion blogger history? Our community has been rapidly changing over the past couple years -- so fast, in fact, that we've barely had time to take a look back at our progression. In honor of our 7th IFB Con (can you believe it!? 7!!), here's brief peek at how bloggers have evolved thus far, a la timeline format.
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3 Ways To Make Money Off Of Instagram

While Instagram has gained a reputation for turning just about anybody with a smart phone into a decent photographer, some entrepreneurs have been using the free social media platform for marketing and selling their product. In an article by Business News Daily, they interviewed fashion businesses that have utilized their Instagram accounts for e-commerce. See their three secrets to Instagram success here:
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Why Bloggers Don’t Need Agents

If I had signed with an agent, I could 100% guarantee you IFB would not be where it is today. With a team of five, on the verge of a total website relaunch which you'll see in July, the IFB Conference twice...
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How To Conduct A Successful Fashion Interview

Many of us start blogs as a way to keep our skills sharp when it comes to writing and talking about or keeping up with fashion. Your blog can be a calling card or gateway to a job if you’re smart and savvy with your content! A great clip to pass along to a potential employer or publication you might want to contribute to is an interview.
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Bloggers Share Their Photo Editing Tips

When I set out to gather quotes for this post, I intended to make a round-up of the best Photoshop tips from bloggers in our community. I more-or-less assumed that most established bloggers were using this prog...
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Pitch Yourself (And Your Blog) to the Press

The business of blogging is still pretty new and now more than ever there’s room for opportunity. Bloggers are becoming TV hosts, regular guests on shows, and quoted in magazines. We have agents. We are are the...
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25 Ways To Promote Your Personal Style Posts

This is the fourth in a 4-part post series brought to you by ASOS Fashion Finder, dedicated to helping you showcase and promote your personal style through photography, social media and smart spending. Whet...
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How To Photograph Your Personal Style

This is the first in a 4-part post series brought to you by ASOS Fashion Finder, dedicated to helping you showcase and promote your personal style through photography, social media and smart spending. Smile....
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50 Online Tools to Better Your Blog

Creating a blog is only one part of the blogging equation; you absolutely have to manage and maintain your blog in order for it grow and become better, faster, and more successful. There used to be a time wh...
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Top 10 Fashion Bloggers Who Nail Their Niche

So what exactly quantifies "nailing your niche" by IFB standards? Well, this won't be  your typical list of blogger who make bank and have insane amounts of traffic and followers, command $10,000 appearance fee...
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So You Want To Switch Blog Platforms

Last week's post about Blogger sparked a very lively conversation in our community. Some commenters are attached to Blogger and have had great success with that platform, while others are ready to make the ...
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Business of Blogging: Building A Media Kit

At the IFB Conference in New York, not only did Ari Goldberg from StyleCaster steal the show during the Balancing Act: Business and Blogging panel, he also gave bloggers a lot to think about when promoting ...
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The Reality of Blogging While Working a Full Time Job

As I write this, I'm actually behind on my deadline-- posts I write for IFB go live on Mondays and Fridays and it's Monday morning.  Yesterday I had to send Jennine an email that said, "I'm sorry, I'm behin...
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Five Tips For Taking Better Photos of Yourself

Self-Portrait Taken With Camera on a Tripod Using a Remote I'm always getting emails from readers and blogging friends about how to take better photos.  Photos of friends, photos of buildings, photos of thei...
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How to Take Your Own Outfit Photos

One of the most asked questions to me as a blogger, is "Who takes your outfit photos?" The answer, most are surprised about the answer, "I do." Some bloggers have 'helpers' who take their photos, and some blogg...

How to Create Your Media Kit

This is the year you’ve decided to get serious about monetizing your blog. Whether it be for banner ads, video ads, sponsored posts, text links, giveaways, etc, chances are if you’re working with a company, t...