5 Chic Handbags That Will Fit Your Blogger Gear

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Handbags have always been difficult for me. I love them on other people, but picking out the right one has always been a problem. Especially these days when we have to schlep around a laptop, sometimes a camera, smartphone…and if you don't have a car, like I don't have a car… the perfect handbag will make the difference between looking like you're on the way to the office to looking dressed up. I didn't realize this until I invested in a nicer handbag. Actually, the first “luxury handbag” I purchased was a Givenchy Pandora bag, which was on sale 50% of half off. It was nice but didn't fit my laptop.

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The next bag I got was the 3.1 Philip Lim Pashili bag, and it transformed my life. It was so easy to transport my laptop, and my camera… and it was no longer necessary to carry a separate bag for blogger gear and a handbag.

pahli bag

pashli contents

We visited Saks Fifth Avenue, to test out what bags would be great for this fall. The requirement would be that it had to fit a laptop, DSLR (Canon Digital Rebel) and a smart phone. And of course look amazing.

My Favorite: 3.1 Philip Lim Pashili Colorblocked Bag ($950) :

When you get into looking at fancy bags, anything under $1,000 starts to sound “reasonable” and for it's quality, Philip Lim is very reasonable. I also have a weakness for getting something from one of his collections once or twice a year, the only “designer” I have stayed true to over the years. Even though I don't know how long the color block trend will live on for, I did love the color block bag. It is roomy and would even fit a pair of heels along with the rest of the blogger gear. No wonder we've seen this bag on a lot of blogs, it's practical and fashionable.

YSL Cabas Chic Medium Bag

My Dream: YSL Cabas Chic Medium Bag $2195

Believe it or not, this bag fits everything. It's not gigantic, it's well-structured and amazingly beautiful. What more do you expect from YSL? I loved the black leather piping, the lush brown leather and the leopard print hair-calf. Even though, I'm not quite ready to spend that much on a bag, it's really one of those I would dream about. Besides, no one would guess you were toting around a laptop in that bag!

Coach Legacy Candace Caryall

Practical & Chic: Coach Legacy Candace Caryall $398 *in-store exclusive at Saks Fifth Avenue, other colors can be purchased here.

From the looks of this, you can probably tell I'm a satchel gal. Coach has really modernized by reviving their heritage designs (is that possible?). Anyway, I love Coach's new look sans-logo and gaudy hardware. This red is the perfect red for the fall and will add a cheerful dose of color during the dreary winter days. At $398, it's a great value with the buttery soft leather, and the roominess to literally carry all your blogger gear.

gryphon handbag

gryphon full handbag

Casual Friday: Gryphon Satchel (In-Store Exclusive at Saks)

Who knew Gryphon made handbags? I really know them for their trench coats. While having a fancy bag isn't necessarily “causal” there are days when I am causal, and have to schlep my laptop around. My neighborhood, Nolita, has a very fauxhemian, effortless, yet upscale vibe. I feel like this would be a perfect bag that's stylish yet unassuming.

iPad on the Sly

iPad on the Sly Handbag

Honorable Mention: iPad on the Sly… Dianne Von Furstenberg Harper Connect Multi-Media Bag for iPad $695

Ok, this bag won't fit your laptop OR your camera, unless it's a point-and-shoot. But it will fit your iPad, and it has a special zip so it acts as a case, as well as a handbag, so you don't have to take your iPad out of your bag. I guess it would be great for iPadding on the Subway, or something, like undercover spy work.

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24 Responses

  1. Lacey

    My Phillip Lim Pashili made it through NYFW and beyond! Not only did it hold my laptop, camera and iphone …it also held my pumps with ease as I gave my tootsies a rest and wore flats between shows!

    Lacey 🙂

    • Jennine Jacob

      Oh cool! I’m thinking about getting a leather version, because the plastic one is great, but I REALLY have to stay organized. Guess that’s a bonus too!

  2. kez

    What a timely post, J! I was actually meaning to write you & ask for your recos for a grownup work handbag! Because I’m really, really bad when it comes to handbags. One that’s spacious to hold all the stuff I schlep, yet chic enough to carry to dinner, out n about, etc. (Yeah, when you don’t have a car you’re pretty much stuck with one bag for the entire day, am I right?) I LOVE the Coach Legacy Candace Caryall. I may have to invest in it for an early bday present. xo

  3. Chasing Sheila

    Oh my, I definitely share your Cabas dream! And that DVF multi-media bag is adorable.


  4. clothing online

    Those are some amazing hand bags. They are so well designed. I really like the Red one (the last one actually). It looks so attractive and if you carry a bag like this, it will be noticed by all of the people around you which makes it a good buy.

  5. FashionableTeacher

    My problem with some of these bags is a lack of a shoulder strap. For me, that is a must. In all honesty, I don’t feel the need to pay $1000+ to get a really nice bag. My favorite bag of the moment is my Dooney satchel.
    And I agree. Until you get a really nice leather bag, you don’t realize what you’re missing out on. I started buying them about 5 years ago and never looked back.
    Loved the article.

    • Jennine Jacob

      Oh yes, the shoulder strap, I used to use those but they would always break on me in the most inopportune time, like running in the airport to catch a plane, or something crazy like that. I usually go for the tophandle bags with enough space to put on the shoulder. Those straps usually have more support, and have not broken to date!

  6. Natalie Ast

    Omg! I love the DVF iPad purse. I love it when technology is incorporated into a design, since it’s an integral part of daily life. I absolutely can’t wait for Rebecca Minkhoff to release those teal DSLR camera bags! It’s about time we treated our Apple and Canon devices with the respect they deserve!

  7. http://angelestyle

    I never understood why one would pay over $100 for a bag when I could find really stylish ones for half the price at boutiques. Then I purchased my first Coach bag and now I know. There is a “feel” to a well made bag that is worth it. I am partial to totes that will carry a water bottle, a can of Starbucks double shot espresso is I need energy and my sweater or coat draped on top of it if the Mall gets too warm. Free People has a white tote I am checking out.

  8. Pretty Passions, Fine Fashions

    Although one day I would love to buy designer handbags and have already planned to save up for a Chanel 2.55 as soon as I get job (I’m 15 so I can’t afford designer bags at all yet!) , I’d love it if you could show some handbags that are slightly cheaper and available either online or in store. However, I live in the UK so online would be better for me but I don’t want to sound like I’m being demanding here but some cheaper yet, practical bags would be nice! I ADORE the YSL bag though. Definitely a bag of dreams x


  9. Ascending Butterfly

    Why, oh why did I read this? I really did NOT need to see that YSL Cabas Chic Medium Bag! This post should have the ‘bag porn’ warning on it! Me WANTeeeEEE, Me NEEDeeeEEE, Me LIKEeeeeEEEE!!!! 🙂

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

  10. OneSweetGirl

    I’ve been having dreams about the Cabas Chyc YSL totes (mainly the black and white one) ever since I saw them, but dreams they will be. The 3.1 Phillip Lim is by far the most gorgeous. I was wondering, wouldn’t the Marc Jacobs Flipping Out satchel and/or a gloriously classy Celine fit in your list? I’m guessing they fit the requirements.


  11. Georgina

    I’ve been looking for a bag for my undercover secret agent work for ages. Perfect! Thanks so much!

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  13. FundooShop

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  19. Hermilie smith

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  20. nmariya

    Just checking, but you don’t really think that DSLR stands for Canon Digital Rebel, right? DSLR stands for Digital Single-Lens Reflex. Sorry if you already knew that! The wording confused me, I guess…