50 Instagram Accounts You’re Probably Not Following Yet

telephone receiverLast week we wrote a post about 25 Instagram Accounts We're Totally Obsessed With. While it seems like you're obsessed with them too, there was also an overwhelming response asking for more under-the-radar accounts. We hear you! Through asking around, reading your comments and searching deep, deep in the goldmine that is Statigram, we bring you 50 more Instagram accounts we love, which we hope will liven up your feed and introduce you to some great new bloggers, designers, artists, magazines, stores and brands.

50 Instagram Accounts You're Probably Not Following Yet:

  • kissmyspatula: if you like food porn and dreamy travel photos, this is a must-follow
  • jessiekass: She features mostly images from her adorable personal style blog Seams For A Desire (she's Spanish, so prepare to translate or just enjoy the gorgeousness)
  • lecitykitty: We love Le City Kitty's blog, and her Instagram feed is full of cats, treats and cool shoes
  • swopes: She's a graphic designer and rapper living in Chicago, and you're going to love her photos, we promise
  • PieraLouisa: Okay so we all follow Refinery29, but do you follow their chic Creative Direcrtor, Piera Gelardi?
  • leaf1982: Cool, colorful fashion adventures from Leaf Greener, Senior Fashion Editor at ELLE China
  • _luluchang: We love her blog, lulu and your mom, and her Instagram is just as addicting
  • wolfcubwolfcub: We love the mix of editorial photos that get the Instagram filter treatment on this account
  • somestylest: Another foreign language account featuring lots of global travel photos from the stylish blogger SomeStylest
  • princpaleyo: The feed of the menswear blogger Kate Loves Me is just pure, unadulterated fun (and fashion)
  • stylelikeu: Behind the scenes fashion from StyleLikeU
  • kirnazabete: High fashion, art and flowers make up the bulk of this retailer's lovely feed
  • devonrachel: This LA-based style blogger's account is all about California cool, from fashion to food and more
  • pipercase: Great style shots, especially still-life-style layouts of her daily outfits
  • thepinkdiary: Talk about a well-curated feed; every image is carefully styled and staged, creating a consistently gorgeous account worth following
  • fabnclass: Lovely moments from this fashion coordinator's life, featuring fashion and interior design and lots of girly details
  • wearitbothways: The boy and girl team of the blog Wear It Both Ways share fun, mostly matching looks
  • instablonde: Golden hair, shoes, and nails – some photos are her own, some are taken from editorials, but it's all in the name of blondes and fashion
  • theyallhateus: Two stylish girls and their adventures in fashion
  • anthologymag: Instagrams from a quarterly print magazine that focuses on travel, design and culture
  • kellygolightly: This style blogger mixes images from her style blog with elements of design and travel as well
  • kinfolkmag: Nathan Williams runs the beautiful, nature-full account for Kinfolk, which is “a growing community of artists with a shared interest in small gatherings.”
  • russhmagazine: Behind the scenes photos and fun from Russh magazine
  • boygirlparty: Fun, creative images from this artist, crafter and illustrator
  • NikoleHerriott: This account only has 59 photos so far, but they're all incredibly charming – we're hooked
  • 2g1: We can't understand any of the commentary on this feed, but the images are constantly cool and all have a similar filter, creating a very specific mood
  • hulaseventy: Cute blog, cute images, enough said
  • mrslilien: Follow the photos of the popular design and lifestyle blog, Mrs. Lilien, who calls herself a ‘Bon Vivant of the Internet
  • thelifestyled: Cute dog, cute couple, great style and a healthy sense of humor
  • geronimoballoons: Yes, this company makes adorable, gigantic, festive party balloons – and yes there are lots of photos of them on this whimsical account
  • sfgirlbybay: We love her blog, and her Instagrams are stylish and fun slice of San Francisco life
  • hillary_kerr: Follow the stylish adventures of one half of the founding ladies of Who What Wear
  • citysage: Great slices of life from Anne Sage of the blog, The City Sage
  • spikethepunch_: The feed from this jewelry designer is chock-full of gorgeous jewels and much more
  • advancedstyle: Did you know Ari Seth Cohen has an Instagram account? Well he does and it's fabulous
  • wearseesnap: New to us and full of inspiring fashion photos, this account from the bloggers of Wear See Snap has more than 37,000 followers
  • agirlastyle: A political adviser by day and a fashion writer by night? Yup.
  • bettymagazine: The Instagrams of this British site are just plain fun
  • bleachlondon: All amazing (and crazy colorful) hair, all the time
  • pink_bow: We love how this blogger keeps her lovely photos consistent by using the same filter throughout
  • herwaisechoice: This Vancouver, BC-based personal style blogger's photos are a blend of food, fashion and shopping
  • rachparcell: Her blog, Pink Peonies, is adorable and chic, as is her feed
  • jennikayne: Behind the scenes images from American fashion designer Jenni Kayne
  • stopitrightnow: This style blogger has cool clothes and really cute dogs
  • doorsixteen: This book designer's feed is all about quirky details and delicious eats
  • sandrajuto: Spare and beautifully edited photos from this freelance illustrator, graphic designer and artist
  • chescaleigh: This video blogger has a natural hair obsession and a knack for really fun beauty and personal style photos
  • brad: From nature to art and design, the founder of Virb.com delivers fantastic images from his travels and NY
  • citizencouture: Global street style and travel adventures with Jason Jean of Citizen Couture

[Image credit: Fabnclass‘s Instagram]

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48 Responses

  1. he

    again…how did the King of Fashion not make this list?



  2. A Girl, A Style

    Thank you so much for including me on this list (it’s an honour to be listed on any of IFB’s ‘best of…’ lists!)

    And what a great feature; I’m off to visit all the other feeds you’ve listed!

    Briony xx

  3. Kate

    Yay, so glad to see my 3 suggestions made this list! & now I have so many more to explore! Great post! <3

  4. Kitty

    Thank you loves for including me on this list! I love you all at IFB! Been a fan since forever!! xo

  5. Dan

    I just followed every single one of them… this really took long!! thanks though!

  6. Natalie

    I actually already follow a lot of these, what does that make me, ahead of the times? Or just an addict?!


  7. Parin Desai

    these are really cool, loving lecitykitty and the cats are so cute 😀 got to love cats! @rinyyy

  8. Jessica@Myourstyle

    Wow! This is a big list! I should check and follow them. Thanks!

  9. Ayo

    Also you have http://gramgram.net which act like the app flipboard for iphone by presenting instagram user’s photo stream in a stylish way and sorted by themes like : brands, fashion, food or celebs.

  10. Sips of Life

    I need a name for name for an account. I will be posting pictures of cute ice creams,cakes,cupcakes an many others. I was wondering if you could please help me find a name for my Instagram name.

  11. Sam

    I found a pretty funny Instagram user by the name of @satiregram
    the pictures posted are satirical and a hilarious commentary on the “typical Instagram user.”

  12. Sara

    You missed Kaftan Usman on Instagram.. She brings the best of fashion and style … My favorite!

  13. InvenShun

    This list is really bad. Its boring for somebody who doesn’t like FASHION

  14. @pressdabutton

    These links are great!!!
    Most of them should go into the suggested users ….

  15. Jenna

    @takeitliterally is also hilarious. They act out idioms/phrases through pictures – for example “Roll with the Punches” (a bread roll next to 2 jugs of Hawaiian Punch) or “Shrimp on the Barbie” a piece of shrimp on a Barbie doll. Love it!

  16. AustinSlay

    If you love art, food, nature, animals, and action shots, please follow me! I promise you won’t be dissapointed. I love taking panoramas, super macros, and collages. Have a wonderful day!

    Instagram name ‘austinslay’

  17. Courtney Jines

    For another under-the-radar account with great photos,
    check out:

    INSTAGRAM: MoonKittyyy

  18. Maria

    Really like them! I follow few 🙂
    Follow my account please! @mariaaa I follow back

  19. Monica

    I love Instagram!..so many fabulous pictures and ideas. Thank you for mentioning all this fab accounts.

  20. nicole

    Instalove!! Thank you for this list! So many great creative minds behind these accounts/photos.


  21. Beeswonderland

    I hope next time I’ll be on the list too:-$

  22. Ashley

    For more cool accounts, check out: http://www.girlsoninstagram.com
    Foudn this site a while ago and it’s probably for perverted teen guys to get their fix, but I found it’s quite useful in discovering some very cool fashionable women from all over the world. Bet those guys don’t look at is like that!

  23. Xavier

    Cool! I’m checking ’em out right now! I already followed a few. Soon they might all be followed by @kadeem_official. ^_^ 😀

  24. Pleaser Shoes

    Excellent Ideas!! I have been looking for a list like this for a long time.. Seems Everyone feels the same.. 🙂

  25. Yukimi

    I really enjoyed checking these instagrams out!

    Hopefully one day I will make the list too!

    Please check out my Instagram: @jyukimi
    my fashion, beauty and health & fitness blog: http://www.jyukimi.blogspot.com


  26. Bren Larimore

    @thesmugalert is the funniest thing out there. Literally makes me cry at times.

  27. Xara

    I love sneakers, art, and photography but most of them are my THREE CATS! @theesaurs

  28. B Schechter

    follow @Schechter206 for some cool posts. Just check the page out, pretty solid. Cool nature/landscape photography. All shot with an iPhone 4 too! Unless otherwise noted

  29. Sara

    I recently started following @lizbeth__mendoza because her artwork is amazing! She has some cute photos of her parrot, too. So it’s a bonus <3

  30. Jesse

    Awesome list! Check out my list of artists on IG you should follow because they’re the bees knees! http://instacoolart.weebly.com/

  31. Lenny

    I like @cupofmeat – a varied, quirky, curated account – very inspiring!