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This post is brought to you by Beso, a shopping and style site that marries editorial content and aggregation: You can get ideas for things to buy and search through the offerings from retailers – both big and independent – in one fell swoop.

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In the ever-evolving fashion blogging industry, we’ve all struggled to figure out the best way to create a profitable and successful business from our site. We sometimes forget that our greatest asset as online publishers is our unique point of view: our taste and the recommendations we offer. As we gain readers, we also build their trust.

Tapping into that trust as a monetization stream is a key strategy for financially successful bloggers. That’s where affiliate programs come in.

Beso,a shopping and style site that marries editorial content and aggregation, has a program designed especially to help bloggers earn money from their shopping recommendations.

Beso Rewards is easy to incorporate into your blogging routine, and an efficient way to monetize your blog (and social media) without cluttering it with ads. This program is also pay per click, meaning you get paid even if your clicked links don’t convert to a purchase. They also pay a minimum of $0.10 guaranteed per quality click.

A pay per click program means the barrier to earnings is much lower, which is great for up-and-coming and beginner bloggers. Since you don’t have to wait for sales to close (as long as 3 months with some affiliate programs) you also get paid faster. With no minimum payout, you can start collecting income (big or small) in just a month.


Another benefit? It’s free to join and open to anyone to create an account and begin using the links. We love this more democratic approach because it opens up not only the option to use affiliate links, but also makes earning income from your blog much more of a reality for a wide variety of publishers.

Links from Beso Rewards can be used across channel – create a Pinterest board of your dream closet or a gift guide, tweet a link to your latest sale purchase or direct your blog readers to a bevy of the best statement necklaces to pair with a little black dress.

Beso Rewards provides tracking tools and account management features to help make it easier to follow your earnings, and setting up payment is as simple as providing an email address; since earnings are sent via PayPal.

Whether your content covers apparel, decor, food or lifestyle content – Beso Rewards’ has access to the right online retailers for your audience.


As with any new business strategy – you’ll want to study up on your audience as you start to share links. We have plenty of tips for maximizing your affiliate program potential here, here and here.

Sign up for a Beso Rewards account here.

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7 Responses

  1. Sheyla

    Thanks for this helpful and informative post. I’ve been using affiliate links for almost a year and NOW I’m finally starting to see the monetary fruits of my labor. Beso looks like a great affiliate so I will definitely try it.

  2. Silvia Herself

    Too bad it’s not working. I’ve trying to register since yesterday and I get the same thing “Shopzilla Publisher Program Registration
    We’re experiencing difficulties. Please try again later. “

  3. Fashion Yard

    This is great and helpful information, i will def check out Beso this could be very beneficial.Thanks!

  4. Jas Nicole

    This informationis very helpful as I am getting into affilate programs for my blog. Beso sounds like a really cool program. I am going to check it out. Thanks a bunch.

  5. Kate

    I read this and was so excited go to sign up, but unfortunately it’s not open to Canada! Bummer!

  6. Fashchick

    Thank you for sharing. This look like a very good affiliate program, especially those that are starting news. Will check it out 🙂

  7. Anders

    I think this whole thing about PPC and influencer marketing is about to change. E-commerce shops cannot pay the bills with branding or inspiration and they pay way to much for “inspiration links” which does not convert to a purchase. I think that influencer will need to make a better job optimizing their content to comtent (Commerce content) which can drive sales and bring value til business’.

    I stopped working with CPC a year ago only focusing on CPO businesses and since then revenue and income has been growing.