Beyond Chic: The Fashion Blogger’s Thesaurus

Fashion Blogger Thesaurus

Odds are, if you're writing a blog, you're probably a words person. You'd choose a crossword puzzle over Sudoku on Sunday morning. You excelled in in English more than mathematics back in high school.

Or maybe not, but you're acutely aware of your vocabulary skills now. You have to use them pretty much daily in your posts! Writing everyday makes the part of your brain that holds your extensive lexicon nice and strong, but it can also lead you into a rut of repetition. Everything is cute, all the collections were chic, and that store is just amazing.

Sometimes that easy word, right on the tip of your tongue is the right word. Sometimes that jacket is just chic.  However, sometimes it's fun and inspiring to challenge ourselves to explore beyond our usual vocabulary. Language is a powerful thing. It can evoke imagery, stir emotions and illicit powerful responses from readers. We have so many descriptive, creative, words available to us that don't get the usage they deserve. The goal is not to alienate your readers with obscure terminology, but to please them with something unexpected. Why not try the unconventional?

Sometimes cool is cool, but sometimes what's cute might actually be delightfully sweet…

  • amazing: astounding, mind-blowing, electrifying, impressive, stunning, shocking, phenomenal, remarkable, awe-inspiring, thrilling
  • Chic: current, elegant, sharp, smart, sophisticated, refined, studied, urbane
  • Classic: quintessential, archetypal, distinguished, excellent, ideal
  • Classy: posh, prim, ritzy, trim, turned out, glossy, tasteful
  • Cool: fresh, refreshing, snappy, clever, keen
  • Cute: charming, delightful, pretty, sweet, darling, fetching, precious
  • Easy: natural, accessible, effortless, leisurely
  • Excited: ebullient, elated, fired up, jubilant, overjoyed, pleased, tickled, flushed, reveling
  • Exciting: fascinating, intriguing, spellbinding, riveting, enchanting, compelling, irresistible, magnetic
  • Fabulous: breath-taking, outrageous, marvelous, spectacular, striking, superb
  • Fancy: frilly, frou frou, sumptuous, showy, ornate, embellished, deluxe, lavish, rich
  • Simple: light, clean, straightforward, uncomplicated, stark
  • Stylish: dashing, dressed to kill, dashing, jazzy, jaunty, a la mode
  • Vintage, retro: dated, nostalgic, evocative
  • Wonderful: admirable, astonishing, brilliant, remarkable, miraculous, sensational, swell, ambrosial

Do you think there are too many overused words in the blogosphere? What words are you tired of? How do you keep your jargon fresh? Share your exceptional perspective in the comments!

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26 Responses

  1. Sarah's Real Life

    I think the most overused words and phrases (besides the obvious “cute”) are:
    “my [insert season here] uniform”
    “go-to outfit”

    Sarah’s Real Life

  2. Luxury Designer Handbags

    This is SUCH great advice! I oftentimes find myself resorting to the same few words to describe the designer accessories that I write about. It can be so frustrating!

  3. Stephanie

    I don’t keep track of the words I overuse. I’m afraid that if I go back and check, I’ll surprise myself (in the most unwelcoming way). But thanks for this post. If I’m not already diverse with my words, now I know to change it up!

    -Stephanie from Chocolate Laced

  4. Nathalie

    Ha I’m so guilty of the overused words but I think more than anything when bloggers refer to their readers as “my {insert pet name here}” is overkill! So many people do it!

  5. Sarah

    Super helpful! I say amazing, go-to and fabulous all too much. Thanks for helping me get out of my vocab rut!

  6. Karina De Jesus

    As I am not a native English speaker, this post is extremely helpful. Thank you so much, I’ll definitely put it to use!!

  7. Joanne M

    Precisely what I needed to hear! Rewriting tomorrow’s post now Nd stepping up my vocab game;)

  8. Hua Jing Li

    I definitely feel that there is an overuse of certain words on fashion blogs, me included. Sometimes, I like looking at the visual rather than the writing because it is more eye catching or there much in text, only this is cute jacket is so amazing.
    Thank you for posting this and reminding us to place more creativity in our choice of words

  9. Lauren W

    So guilty of this! I get so self conscious of my writing, I try to change up my wordage. I’m afraid to check now! Great article.

    xx Lauren

  10. Toni Styles

    This is amazing darling! It’s a-ma-zing. Did I mention it’s amazing? Oh “dear” I did.

    Enlightening post!

  11. Kim Ross

    This is a great post! There are a lot of overused words on this list. Thank goodness I am a lover of the lexicon!

  12. Filipa

    I couldn’t agree more. I’ve noticed that many times I tend to use that one or two words when I want to describe something. That makes me search for another similar word, and because of that I often loose more time than planned.
    Great article and very helpful! Thanks!

  13. Clara

    Honestly, I think every blogger (fashion or otherwise) should have a copy of this on hand:

    Much more clear and relevant than Strunk+White.

    Anyway, great post. If I see one more person describing shoes as “classic,” I’m going to have an aneurysm.

  14. Chelsey

    Loved this post. Every blog post I write, I struggle with trying to avoid words I constantly use.

  15. Rachel

    So helpful, I really think it is key to change up adjectives, so one doesn’t start to sound like a broken record. Definitely added some new words from the list above!

  16. nz fashion week

    It’s a real fun and very inspiring to challenge ourselves to explore beyond our limits.

  17. June

    This is a really helpful post! I have bookmarked this page and am definitely going to refer to if pretty often. I often use the word ‘love’ but have noticed that a word many bloggers use in their comments is the word – inspiring. Anyone agree with me?

  18. Marlee

    oh i need this!

    also i really really hate it when people say ‘pop of colour’
    i don’t know why, but it really agitates me.

  19. Yazmina from Girl with a Banjo

    Wow, this post was ambrosial!!!
    No, seriously. It was such a great post! Specially for bloggers who are not English mother tongue but still want to blog in English. There are certainly lots of terms that I am missing!
    But I guess you forgot the word “efortless” :). It’s so extended!


  20. Ana

    I needed this.

    Commenting in the wee hours and in a language that’s not my own seriously limits my vocabulary 😛 .

  21. Crystal

    Haha, I use a lot of these when I’m tired/sleepy/can’t think.

    Here are a few that you can add onto…


    crystal dots.

  22. Karen A.

    This is a great post and pretty helpful too. Sometimes I find myself using the same words on comments. If there’s something I hate while reading other bloggers post is the use of “Like” in almost every sentence. Not too long ago I read a post and the whole thing was ” I went like to a party and like a I had so much fun” why not just write ” I went to a party and I had fun”..Anyways, Thanks a lot for all the help.

  23. naomi

    Good list but evocative does not mean vintage or retro…that doesn’t make much sense to be another word for vintage. Evocative means bringing strong images, memories, or feelings to mind….not retro or vintage.