13 Resources for Finding Local and Regional Bloggers

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When we talked about the challenges facing new bloggers and how to break through those new blogger barriers, one suggestion that came up was networking with your fellow local and regional bloggers.  While a lot of my blogging relationships are based online, there's something amazing about being able to email a local and say, “Hey, want to get coffee?” and meeting up to chat about things going on with your blog.

Finding those locals can be difficult, frustrating, and exasperating… so I've rounded up a handful of networks from coast to coast!  Hopefully you'll find one close to you and new bloggers to say “Hi!” to.

Great Resources ‘Round the World:
Fashion Meetup
Fashion Bloggers Meetup
Two Point Oh Plus*

These international sites help you find and participate in local meetups with your nearby fashion industry insiders and bloggers.  Both versions of Meetup have groups within the United States and internationally – including Hamburg, Vancouver, Abu Dhabi, London, and Amsterdam!  *Two Point Oh Plus just recently hosted their first international event in London, but I anticipate as membership needs grow, so will their network of events. (Link takes you to Two Point Oh – a site for both Two Point LA + Two Point Oh +)

Within the United States:

Southern Blog Networks:
Southern Blog Society
Southern Girl Blog Community

West Coast Blog Networks:
Two Point Oh LA
San Diego Style Bloggers

Midwestern Blog Networks:
Chicago Blogger Network
Midwest Style Bloggers

East Coast Blog Networks:
Northeast Bloggers Network
Boston Bloggers (includes all bloggers, but fashion + food bloggers are their largest group!)
Blog Better Boston
Cap Fabb (Washington D.C. Fashion, Beauty, & Lifestyle Bloggers)

This list of regional networks is, by no means, exhaustive!  There are tons of networks related to niche as well, but when you're looking to meet locals, host meet-ups, and find a buddy for fashion week, your local and regional network is going to be a great option for getting started.

If your region (local, state, or tri-state) isn't represented, this is a great way to make a place for yourself as a blogger – start one up! It's a great way to network with local bloggers, build relationships with brands (both independent + local to corporate), and build relationships with public relations brands!

If you're a member of another regional network, in the US or outside, please share it with us!

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  1. choolee

    i am from austria and its really hard for me to get in personal touch with located bloggers 🙁 what a pitty 🙁


    • Noemi

      I agree, unless you’re in UK, for bloggers of other countries finding a network of bloggers is impossible!

    • Jennine Jacob

      Have you tried using sites like Lookbook.nu or even IFB has a search box, you can enter geographic location. Sometimes even googling: “Your city” + “fashion blog” will come up with several bloggers in your area. I lived in Frankfurt, Germany and was able to find several bloggers in the area just by using tactics like that… and Frankfurt is pretty random city-wise.

  2. Eva Tornado

    Why only for the USA? You forgot to mention this fact in the title. Thank you for wasting my time

    • Ashley Robison

      I’m sorry you felt your time was wasted, Eva. If you use Meetup.com, you’ll find that many international city’s are represented. The fact is, I spent hours looking into organizations for the US and international ones, and reached out to a handful of international bloggers I knew to see if they had resources, and didn’t hear back.

      Perhaps a better use of your time would be locating one for your city and sharing it with others, or forming one of your own.

    • Lix

      I’m with you here. It’s really tiresome clicking on links only to find out at the very end that they’re not relevant to you. It would be SO EASY for this post to be titled “13 Resources For Finding Local Bloggers In the US.” SO EASY. Just like it would be easy to put (US Only) in the title of giveaway posts instead of make you look for the footnote that says you’re not allowed to enter.

      Basically, there’s a world outside the US and US people could act like it a little bit. No harm in pointing that out.

      • Ashley Robison

        That would be inaccurate to say – the first 3 resources listed have meetups for bloggers all over the world.

        What part of this “Both versions of Meetup have groups within the United States and internationally – including Hamburg, Vancouver, Abu Dhabi, London, and Amsterdam! Two Point Oh Plus just recently hosted their first international event in London.” says US only?

        Just because you have to click further into the link, and insert your own city, doesn’t mean it doesn’t have resources for international bloggers.

  3. Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

    As one of the co-founders of Southern Blog Society, I just wanted to say THANK YOU for including us in your roundup! We’re beyond thrilled to be listed alongside some other fantastic communities all with the goal to connect bloggers in their areas!

    If you’re a blogger in the southeast, I welcome you to check out Southern Blog Society. What sets us apart from other communities is that we promote our members daily and in turn, drive traffic to their sites! It’s a large network spanning over 11 states!

    Again, thank you Ashely and the IFB team…you really made our day!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

  4. Asia Mays

    YES I love CBN! Chicago Blogger’s Network puts on great events and (even when I can) twitter lunch breaks, etc etc.

    I didn’t even know the Midwest Style Bloggers Network existed so that should be fun to look into!

    Thank you for the list!



  5. Asia Mays

    YES I love CBN! Chicago Blogger’s Network puts on great events and (even when I can) twitter lunch breaks, etc etc.

    I didn’t even know the Midwest Style Bloggers Network existed so that should be fun to look into!

    Thank you for the list!

  6. N'war

    Although I’m not a fashion blogger but, this give me some idea how to do community for my niche.

    Anyway if anyone from Malaysia, here is the ButterFly Project Malaysia.

    A Beauty and Lifestyle bloggers community. I hope I can be like them for my niche

    • Ashley Robison

      Thank you, N’war for sharing! We have a considerable number of bloggers from Malaysia, and I’m sure they’ll find it useful.

  7. lauren

    Thank you so much for featuring the Midwest Style Bloggers group! We are so excited with how we’ve been able to connect bloggers across the midwest!!

    xo, lauren
    founder of Midwest Style Bloggers

  8. Jamie

    This is actually something I’ve been very curious about. I’m making the move from NYC to Pittsburgh very soon and it’s definitely much easier to find groups like this in NYC. I’ve been doing a lot of research already but this helps even more!

    • Ashley Robison

      Jamie, it may be worth tweeting Julia/Fashion Pulse Daily (@FashionPulse). She’s from Pittsburgh, but is in NYC – she may have some resources, too!

  9. Samantha Peterson

    As one of the co-founders of the Midwest Style Bloggers, I speak for our team when I say that we are honored to be featured in this round up! We love showcasing the many wonderful bloggers that span the mid-west.

    Like Cathy said above, if you are a blogger in the Midwest (fashion/style/lifestyle/food, etc.), please head over to our website http://www.midweststylebloggers.blogspot.com/. Apply to join our site and find other bloggers in your communities to connect with!

    Thanks again IFB!

    The Brunette One

  10. Danimezza

    I took the initiative and founded #AussieCurves which is a weekly outfit challenge for Australian and New Zealand women size 14+. We share weekly outfit pics, throw parties, hold second hand market stalls and our next event is the races! It’s even open to micro bloggers who only use Instagram. My goal was to let Aussie women know that they didn’t just have to look to the US or UK, there is unearthed style at home. #AussieCurves is in its second year and I couldn’t be prouder. My advice, build it and they will come.

  11. Ty Chelsea

    Very interesting and helpful points made. I’m starting my blog and have already started doing this and i’m finding it quite useful for networking and increasing momentum for the each post.

  12. Paula Martin

    I’m from Brazil and through our new online community – Brazilian Independent Fashion Bloggers – we are getting in touch with other bloggers and slowly trying to organize a lil’ meeting! Thanx for all the inspiration

    • Ashley Robison

      Good luck with your meet-up, Miss Peligro! It’s a lot of work to coordinate regional & local groups, but it’s so, so worth it!

  13. Ashley Robison

    Thanks, Amanda! It’s so great to see so many networks for California – y’all have such a big community!

  14. Ashley

    I just recently met a couple girls in Cincinnati, OH thanks to Midwest Style Bloggers! They help me set up a lunch and I probably invited about 14 girls. Unfortunately, there’s hardy any bloggers in this area but meeting the two girls who DID come was so worth the effort.

    xo Ashley

  15. Onele

    I’m in South Africa … Fairly a new blogger so hard to find network, this side as well…

  16. Abbe Elizabeth

    I’m a Texas based blogger, and I personally find networking and finding local bloggers quite hard. So if anyone is a Texas blogger let me know, and I’d love to get in touch!!

  17. Mallory Brown

    I’m a blogger from Tuscaloosa, AL, and I can never find bloggers in my area! Anyone from Alabama, feel free to contact me!