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Fortnite Halloween Costumes For A Spookier Battle Royal

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Everyone gets to dress up as their favorite character and go trick or treating. But sometimes it's hard to pick what costume you want to wear. So I say, look at your favorite things. One of mine is Fortnite which I’m sure you've probably heard of. 

I spend my free time in front of the TV trying to get that sweet Victory Royal. Sadly, I am not as good as I think I am, but at least I can still enjoy the skins and dances. For the parents out there, Fortnite is the game your kid plays while you are asleep. It has lots of quirky characters and cute dances, my favorite is the Turk's Dance and my favorite skin is Drift. 

I think so many people love Fortnite because of its cartoonish design and the visually appealing characters. The gameplay also makes an impact and because it's in third-person, you can see your customized character.

With Fortnite's wide range of quirky and visually appealing characters, there is ample inspiration for creating memorable Halloween cosplays. Imagine the thrill of embodying your favorite Fortnite character, complete with their distinct outfit and iconic dances. For those seeking an extra touch of authenticity, incorporating props can elevate the cosplay to another level.

It adds an element of mystique and excitement, mirroring the dynamic gameplay and adventurous spirit of Fortnite. With a Fortnite-inspired cosplay featuring a Japanese katana sword, Halloween celebrations can become an immersive and unforgettable experience for both Fortnite enthusiasts and those who appreciate creative costume choices.

Now, even if your parents don't know what Fortnite is, they have probably heard of it. The game has flooded into the mainstream and like anything popular, such as slot gacor gampang menang, there are a ton of toys, pens, backpacks, and even Fortnite Halloween costumes. Some grow-ups might call that the essence of capitalism, but I refer to it as awesome. I mean, how can you not like it when two of your favorite things come together?

There are a lot of badass Fortnite Halloween costumes out there; however, the best ones are all officially licensed, so be on the lookout for that. Also, here is a quick tip – if you are ever wondering between two sizes, always go with the large one. With all that being said, let me introduce you to my favorite Fortnite Halloween costumes.

20 Fortnite Halloween Costumes for Kids & Adults

Fortnite Halloween Costumes for Kids

1. Omega Costume

InSpirit Designs unisex child Child/Youth Costume, Gray, M

This Fortnite Halloween costume is based on one of the rarest skins in the game. So the manufacturer had to make it as badass as possible. Not only does it look awesome but it also lights up and is officially licensed, meaning you won't be getting a cheap knock-off. Any kid would be the envy of the neighborhood while wearing this costume.

2. Skull Trooper 

Fortnite Skull Trooper Adult Costume Jumpsuit w/ Hood & Accessories - Medium

Prepare for one of the oldest and most epic of all Fortnite Halloween costumes, the OG players know what I am talking about. Show that you fell in love with the game long before it became mainstream and strike fear into the hearts of your enemies. Put on your mask and hood, tie your bandana, and belt up your ammo pouch with the kids Fortnite Skull Trooper costume.

3. Rabbit Raider

Spirit Halloween Boys Rabbit Raider Fortnite Costume | OFFICIALLY LICENSED

This adorably evil Fortnite costume is perfect for anyone who wants to strike crippling fear into those around them. From what I could tell the Halloween costume is top quality and it even comes with an egg grenade strap. What more is there to want?  I know that the Rabbit Raider is one of the least popular Fortnite Halloween skins, but personally, I love the look.

4. Drift

Spirit Halloween Fortnite Kids 2-Fer Drift Costume | Officially Licensed | Video Game...

Out of all the Fortnite costumes Drift has to be the best looking (at least that’s how I see it). Take on the persona of the most iconic character in the game and obtain his magical fox powers. That last one might not actually happen but then again the character is based on a magical Japanese fox.

5. Bone Pattern Halloween Dress

Bone Pattern Halloween Dress

Dress up your munchkin as a cute little spooky skeleton with this little Halloween dress. A three-piece black dress including a romper, a trouser, and a cap, all made with quality materials to ensure comfort. As for style, this little dress has a colorful skeleton design on it—not as realistic as a real skeleton but enough to pass the Halloween vibes.

6. Giddy Up

Fortnite Giddy Up Costume

This Halloween, why not hop onto that iconic Fortnite pink lama? This Fortnite Halloween costume for kids doesn't only have an inflatable pinata, but also a fan. So not only will you look like an awesome party animal but you will also stay cool underneath. The Giddy Up has to be one of my favorite Fortnite Halloween costumes and skins in the game.

7. Black Knight

Rubies Fortnite Black Knight Tween Costume Top & Hood - Small 9-10 yrs

Get ready to defend the castle and bring victory to the kingdom with this Fortnite costume. If you don't know, the Black Knight is a legendary skin in the game. It was awarded for achieving Tier 70 in the season 2 Battle Pass. Sadly, newer players can't get the skin, but at least everyone can dress up as him.

8. Tricera Ops

Spirit Halloween Girls Fortnite Plush Tricera Ops Costume | OFFICIALLY LICENSED

Unleash your inner dinosaur with this legendary Fortnite Halloween costume. The Tricera Ops skin is part of the Dino Set and is available at the Item Shop. So you can easily get to play as your favorite dinosaur and look just like it this Halloween. Personally, I love the skin — I mean what is there not to love about a gun wielding triceratops?

Fortnite Halloween Costumes for Adults

9. Cuddle Team Leader

Spirit Halloween Adult Fortnite Plush Cuddle Team Leader Costume - S/M Multicoloured

This is a great Fortnite costume for those of us who are all grown up but are still a kid at heart. After all, Fortnite is a game that can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. Luckily there are also a ton of adult Halloween outfits. The Cuddle Team Leader makes for a wonderful Halloween outfit, not only because it's adorably badass, but also because…well, it's great for cuddling.

10. Brite Bomber

Spirit Halloween Adult Fortnite Brite Bomber Costume - S

Dress as the awesome Brite Bomber – one of the scariest skins to face in the game, or at least it was until the Dark Bomber. Show your love for the Brite side with this Fortnite Halloween costume. It even comes with glasses, which quite frankly speaking you can add to your daily wardrobe.

11. Zoey

Spirit Halloween Adult Zoey Fortnite Costume | OFFICIALLY LICENSED - XS

Become your favorite green-haired girl with this costume (hair dye is not included so keep that in mind). You might remember Zoey as the epic skin that disappeared every time you got close to it. Sadly, the skin is not available at the Item Shop, but that doesn't mean you can't use it as inspiration for this year’s Halloween party. With this Fortnite costume, you won't become invisible but you will look epic. 

12. Rex

Spirit Halloween Fortnite Rex Plush Costume for Adults | OFFICIALLY LICENSED

If you want to be a cuddly T-Rex, you're in luck! The Fortnite Halloween costume is perfect for pretty much every occasion. It’s a great outfit for showcasing your nerdy side at a party or for staying at home with your significant other. You can also dress up as Rex and go pick up some groceries. Personally, I would wear this to my brother's wedding if I could.

13. Dark Voyager

Take on the form of your favorite spaceman. The Dark Voyager costume may not come with a helmet but at least it's fluffy and it has reflective trim, a harness, and a helmet-inspired hood with an attached blacked-out visor. So basically everything else apart from a helmet. Still, I could totally see myself going to some private Halloween party with this plush.

14. Crackshot

Spirit Halloween Adult Fortnite Crackshot Costume - S

The way I see it, you can either dress as a cute or a scary Fortnite character on Halloween. Everyone has their preference, but if you are anything like me you’ll always go for the terrifying costumes. And it doesn't get more bone-chilling than the Crackshot Fortnite costume – just look at that smile.

15. TomatoHead

Spirit Halloween Adult TomatoHead Fortnite Costume | OFFICIALLY LICENSED

Have you ever wanted to be a mustached tomato? Me too! Lucky for the both of us, this Fortnite skin exists. If I get this TomatoHead costume for this Halloween, I would probably wear it every chance I get. It's literally a tomato with a mustache and a pizza shirt. Become a tomato and show your love for pizza with this hilarious Fornite costume.

16. Raptor

Spirit Halloween Adult Fortnite Raptor Costume

This is probably one of the most legendary Fortnite skins and definitely one of the first. Show everyone that you are an OG player with the Fortnite Raptor costume; it even comes with bullets. I should mention that those bullets are not meant for shooting, only looking. Honestly, I could see any Fortnite fan rocking this on Halloween.

17. DJ Yonder

Spirit Halloween Adult DJ Yonder Fortnite Costume | OFFICIALLY LICENSED

Drop the beat and show your love for music and video games. The Fortnite Halloween costume looks like your typical DJ with a Llama for a head. The costume is perfect for any party and even if someone doesn't know what Fortnite is, they will almost definitely know what a DJ Llama is.

18. Adult Black Knight

Spirit Halloween Adult Fortnite Black Knight Costume - L

That's right, it's the return of the Black Knight, only this time for Adults. Possibly the rarest skin, this character is a sign that you have been playing for a long time. But you don't have to be an OG to wear the Halloween costume – you just need to be a medieval badass.

19. Adult Skull Ranger

Spirit Halloween Adult Skull Ranger Fortnite Costume | OFFICIALLY LICENSED - XS

Become your favorite undead soldier with this Fortnite Halloween costume. The Skull Ranger is quite easy to get, it only costs 1,200 V-Bucks from the Item Store. So you can easily add it to your Fortnite Halloween skins collection and even wear it as an affordable costume to some random Halloween New York party. And if you find an adult Skull Trooper costume you can even match with your partner. By the way, if you’re more open-minded and want to be the start of the party, you and your friends can dress up in trio Halloween costumes.

20. Adult Rabbit Raider

Spirit Halloween Adult Rabbit Raider Fortnite Costume | OFFICIALLY LICENSED

Kids should not be the only ones allowed to dress up as psychotic rabbits. And if you think that this Fortnite Halloween costume is not psychotic, just look at that mask, not to mention the grenades on his chest. This is the perfect outfit for people who like to walk the thin line between terrifying and cute.


I would really like to know which was your favorite costume and who is your favorite Fortnite character. Mine was Drift, although I really liked the light-up option of the Fortnite Omega Halloween costume. With so many options it's still hard to choose just one. 

Ultimately, there are so many iconic video game characters that I won’t be surprised if you choose a couple of costumes and change your outfit during the Halloween party. That’s actually not a bad idea, right? First half of the party you go as DJ Yonder and after 12, just when things get a little bit messier, it might be time for the crazy Rabbit Raider to make an appearance.

Whatever costume you choose you should not forget that the most important part of Halloween is having fun, whether that’s with characters from your favorite game or inflatable costumes. So go and gather the tastiest treats, make the best of friends, and TP the meanest houses — but don't tell anyone I said that. 

Best Selling Fortnite Halloween Costumes

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