How to Take Your Own Outfit Photos

One of the most asked questions to me as a blogger, is “Who takes your outfit photos?” The answer, most are surprised about the answer, “I do.” Some bloggers have ‘helpers' who take their photos, and some bloggers, such as myself do their own photography. Here is a step by step video guide to how I take photos with my SLR camera.

Notes from the Video

There are just three things you'll need to make outfit shots easier:

  1. Camera: I use a Canon EOS Digital Rebel (updated). Most SLR's have remote capabilities, some point and shoots, check your product manuals to see if your camera does this. Always make sure when buying a new camera that it has remote options.
  2. Remote : To find a remote for your camera, you can just google your model + remote. This is what I came up with and use: Canon Wireless RC1
  3. Tripod: More important than you think, I've broken two cameras because I didn't use a remote (stupid wind!) It's an investment that's really worth it. This Amazon Basics model is well worth its price tag to save your camera!

Steps to taking your outfit photo:

  1. Set up your camera where you want to take the photo
  2. Use a marker on the ground to do your light readings and where to frame your shot (to make the marker… use a rock, a line in the sidewalk, leaf, anything works)
  3. Go to your spot and take a test shot
  4. Check your photo to see if you're in the frame, the light is good, and you're in focus
  5. Go back to your spot and shoot away!

This is the result from the shoot:

girl outfit
This photo I used for doing a review my new project, the eat, sleep, denim blog last week, so I really used, it.

How do you take your outfit photos? Did I miss any tips?

Special thanks to Profresh Style for shooting the video!

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49 Responses

  1. Suze

    I don’t have a remote, or a SLR camera. I use the timer and a point-and-shoot on a tripod, and I think my photos turn out pretty good! 🙂

  2. christina of profresh style

    great job Jennine! loving how you’ve really done step-by-step. It will help us all out! Thanks!

  3. Winnie

    I don’t own a SLR either but I agree with the use ot the tripod, really helps you to get non-blurry pics! Great video!

  4. lisa

    I do “mirror shots” with a point and shoot and collage the detail and full-length shots into one image. It’s nothing fancy by a long shot, but it gets the job done and I’ve gotten pretty good at angling the camera so it’s not obtrusive!

  5. eileen/daisyfairbanks

    Your photos have always been great, and it’s nice to see you on location! I’m still a bit camera shy, so no photos of me. Yet!

  6. Katy

    I take all my own shots too, only I’m old-schooling it with a 10-sec timer and basic digital camera. When I first began it was really difficult to figure out how to take good looking pictures, especially outside.
    Now I find I am really good at finding flat surfaces to rest the camera on and knowing how far away I need to be in order to get a full head-to-toe shot. – Katy

  7. Fajr | Stylish Thought

    This post came right on time. I want to do more outfit posts, it’s just a matter of finding the time. I have a powershot and tripod and the self-timer works, but I’m looking to upgrade to an SLR. Thanks for the tips boo!

  8. Rae

    I do mine with just a point and shoot digital camera. I have a tripod (somewhere), but lately I have been using the trunk of my car or a porch railing as a tripod. It’s isn’t high-tech, but it works in a jiffy. My camera has a “self portrait” timer mode, and it finds your face as a focus point and starts counting down the 10 seconds from there. Then, it will take as many shots as you program it to. I usually take 15 subsequent shots.

  9. Heather Fonseca

    So far I take a shot in the mirror, hate the results, and don’t post any shots of myself. Looks like I need a new camera! I’ll be sure to get one with a remote.

  10. pearl

    i don’t own any ): just have to make do with my lousy point-and-shoot camera ):

  11. The Little Dust Princess

    I use a self-timer and a regular digital camera. : ) I usually set it up on something high or use my boyfriend’s tripod, but I’m researching about DSLRs right now!

  12. Theresa

    Wonderful tips. 🙂
    Though the one issue I truly have is finding somewhere convenient where I can take my outfit shots with a tripod. Living in a suburban neighborhood with houses so closely packed together isn’t really an ideal location. Nor does setting up my tripod outside and taking photos by myself with so many passerbys sound really appealing.

  13. Intrinsically Florrie

    Personally I get someone; usually my Mum or my best friend to take one. But though passable my outfit photos aren’t particularly special, particularly when the background is really average- ie my lawn which the summer has killed!

    Tripods are SO much easier than balancing on random stacks.

    Really useful piece.

    Apologies if you’ve done this anywhere else, but: I’d love to see how you personally edit your photos. I very rarely edit mine unless the exposure is dismal or I fancy putting curved corners on with picnik. I’ve no desire to make myself look fake but I’d love beautiful images. I think your photos look great- really nice but not obviously edited.

    Florrie x

  14. Krimly

    My outfit photos are usually taken by my boyfriend but I am moving to Belgium on September so I have just bough a tripod for taking the outfit photos by myself. I hope they will be as good as your photos! 🙂


  15. Mariel

    Great advice, Jennine. I’m curious what tripod models you’ve found that work. I use a Canon Powershot XS20 IS, which is fairly heavy for a point and shoot camera, and my flimsy, cheap tripod isn’t going to cut it anymore. Would love suggestions from other bloggers, too!

  16. Olusola

    I use a simple digital camera with a 10 sec timer. I’m still learning to find flat surfaces at eye level to use as my tripod

  17. Adele

    Simple and effective. I usually get somebody else to take my shots; I could never get myself in focus when I used a tripod – but I’ve been thinking of getting a remote. It would make the job so, so, SO much easier. Rather than running back and forward between camera and posing spot. Also – a marker on the ground… I feel so silly for not thinking of this.

  18. Andrea

    This is great! But I’m glad I always have my sister or my boyfriend’s help to take outfit photos and they are really good!
    But it’s great to learn how to do it by myself, I’m pretty sure I will need those tips at some point! =)


  19. Zlata

    I wonder if it’s still OK to take photos with a “usual” little digital camera in a case I don’t have an SRL-cam? Or is it a history now?

  20. DoubleVision

    Oh the benefit of having a blogging partner! there’s always someone to take the photo or tell me if i look dumb.

    That being said, I don’t think the quality of your camera should EVER stop you from making a beautiful photograph. If all you have is a point and shoot (cell phone, web cam…), make it work for you! learn all of the ins and outs of your camera, make sure everything is in focus, and take your time. Also! Take way more photographs than you think you need… It helps to warm up your photo eye, and then try something new. I always find that my best photographs come from those last few snaps.

  21. Stef

    Thank you for reminding me to tell Santa to bring me a tripod and a remote with my new camera! (ha I know it’s only August, but hey gotta be prepared)

  22. stylefyles

    It was after I broke my first camera that I decided to invest in a tripod. It was the wind that got me too….in fact I dropped my camera twice in a row trying to get the perfect picture. I think I should have gotten the hint the first time around. As far as I could tell at the time of purchase, it’s one of the highest quality yet lowest priced tripods out there.

    In my opinion, a tripod most important investment of the three! Yes, with an SLR, photo quality does tend to go up (but a lot of that is contingent on the photographer, so a high quality basic camera can also do the trick!).

    I’ve never used a remote…it’s the cheapest investment of your three recommendations, and one that I’ve only halfheartedly looked into. Self-timer seems to work pretty well for me, so for now, I’m sticking to it. I’m sure if I ever follow through with the remote I’ll be forever won over.

    Great post!

  23. Reina

    Nice tutorial!
    Btw, ur outfit it’s amazing <3
    I often use my point-and-shoot camera and I think the pics come out pretty nicely, but of course an SLR's pictures are so much better.

    Toodles! <3

  24. christine

    Off subject, but Jennine, you are super cute – first video I’ve seen of you! Thanks so much for sharing! Maybe just I need to boost my confidence and just do it.

  25. Melissa

    Thanks so much for this! I’ve always wondered about how people took good outfit photos!

  26. Lyddiegal

    I take all my own photos with the tripod and remote. The tripod was a worthwhile investment — i’m so much more comfortable taking outfit photos with no one else there.

    My one tip to add would be to set the tripod so the camera height is about 3 feet off the ground to get a more flattering angle.

  27. rouline janiz

    I know how hard it is to set up a SLR using tripod especially the indoor setting, but it’s actually quite a fun thing to do just to use the tripod and posed like whatever you want since no one’s watching, and trust me you’ll end up with amazing photos with crazy poses 🙂 hahahaha.. check out my blog.. 🙂



  28. Mariucella



  29. In Kinsey's Closet

    Such good tips. I have a helper, but I’m sure as it gets colder he is going to be less likely to wake up at 6:30 and take my pics before I leave for work!

  30. Leia

    At the moment I just use a digicam and self-timer but I know I need to upgrade! Will definitely look into investing all the items you suggested 🙂

  31. Tali

    Very helpful, thank you!
    20$ for a remote? Damn, I never saw any cheaper than 50 EU! Now I’m going to search better..

    And I wish I would not pay attention to the people staring.. How do you guys deal with it?

  32. Literal Gemini

    Nice video. Like another commenter I’m still “old schooling” it with a 10 sec timer and a digital camera. Im just not sure yet if I want to invest in an SLR. But Im thinking about it. As the photos do seem to come out clearer. But taking photos outside is kinda scary. I dont want people staring at me like Im crazy. But perhaps one day I’ll try it.


  33. Michelle

    i’m still working on getting different lenses for my SLR. I really want a telephoto lens.

  34. Jolie in the City

    I just purchased a tripod today. Can’t wait until it arrives so I can start practicing! I do have a serious question: for the self-photographers, how do you get over taking photos of yourself in public? Do people look at you like you’re crazy?

  35. Danah

    This is actually the best guide I’ve seen on taking outfit photos! Thanks so much!

    Just one question, though – does the height of the tripod matter? I don’t know why but I’m assuming since I’m tall(ish), I’d need a tripod that extends beyond my height to capture my whole body. Is that accurate or no? Please correct me if I’m wrong!

    Danah xo

  36. tany

    As i am just starting out, I have been wondering this myself, thank you for such an informative article. I think it’s time to invest in a really good camera!


  37. Ruben Ramos

    I am working on taking some self portraits. Thanks for the info I think its going to help.

  38. Tovah

    I have just finally gotten to the point where I’m able to take shots of my face that turn out halfway decent.

    I don’t have a great camera like yours, it’s more of a point and shoot, but I think I’ll invest in a tripod. The last thing I want is my husband taking my pictures. Oh my gosh. What is his problem? lol.

    Anyway, thank you for the great tips!

  39. Jannine

    Do you use manual or automatic settings on your camera? I really like your photo above. It’s like someone took it for you so it means you are an effective self-photographer (if there is such thing) How do you achieve those blurred background?

    I would really like to know 🙂

  40. CLK Fashions

    Great video, very helpful– I have been thinking about shooting photos of myself, instead of dragging my boyfriend outside in the cold to photograph me. Time for a new purchase of a remote + tripod!

    Christina ♥

  41. Bex

    Thank you SO SO much for this! I was tempted to stop blogging as I’ve always taken selfie’s of my outfits which doesn’t look professional at all. I always thought people had photographers take their outfit pictures.

    I am so excited to get a camera like this and start taking better outfit shots!!! Thank you SOOOOO much Jennie!

    x x x

  42. Ankita

    This is such a great video. I’ve just gotten into fashion blogging and everytime I have to drag my husband to take my pictures. I would love to do this independently without help. The only thing is having confidence to take pictures of myself 😛