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How to Create a Memorable Instagram Profile in 4 Steps

Create Memorable Instagram Profile
Did you know that, on average, people decide whether or not they want to follow you on Instagram in under 1 second? It's actually two-tenths of a second to be exact! It really makes you wonder whether or not your profile has what it takes to capture people's attention…

If you're Instagram profile has been a little dry lately, there are 4 easy ways that you can breathe a little fresh air into it and make it unforgettable. If you're looking to power up your IG profile and start getting more attention, follow these simple steps below to optimize your account now. The good thing is that you can do it all in less than an hour!


Having an Instagram name that is easy to find and remember is so important for creating an unforgettable profile. The great thing is that you can change your username at any time, so don't worry about being stuck with the one you currently have if you're not happy with it. Don't forget to also make your profile public if you're trying to increase your following and engagement!

Follow these guidelines when choosing your name:

  • Make sure your name is easy to type (no crazy letter combinations, emojis, or characters)
  • Include your actual name in the “Name” box so people can search for you either way
  • Try not to bucket yourself (ex: “blondefashionista”) in case things might change down the road
  • DON'T junk up your user name or name with multiple emojis. Just don't.


Your Instagram profile picture is much more important than you think. It's one of the biggest things that will attract new followers. Often times, new followers will judge your profile picture to decide whether or not they want to follow you. Make sure you're putting your best foot forward!

Follow these guidelines to choosing the perfect profile picture:

  • Choose a photo that people can see your face. Faces are more relatable and new users will connect more with faces than full body, landscape, logo, or product images. There are few exceptions to this; but for the majority of people, faces are the way to go!
  • Have your picture be cohesive with the color schemes you use in your gallery
  • A solid background is better than something with distraction


Think of your bio as your welcome mat. It is the place where you will greet new followers and let them know what to expect. It is also a great way to utilize keywords that make you easier to find in searches, and it's a place where you can promote and grow your e-mail list.

Follow these tips to crafting a great bio message:

  • State who you are or what you do (Blogger, Business Coach, Photographer, etc.)
  • Share what followers can expect (“Blogging tips for entrepreneurs”, “NYC street style photos updated daily”, “Food pics from European cafes”, etc.)
  • Include a call to action (“Contact me here”, “Download my free library of resources here”, “work with me here”, etc.)
  • Include your website URL
  • A couple emojis are fine, but don't overdo it. EVER.


The most important ingredient that will get people to follow you is your content. Are you creating incredibly awesome content that makes people not want to look away? If you're not, it's time to change something. You want your cover story–or the first 9 photos of your profile–to be so enticing that people will have no choice but to hit “follow”.

Follow these tips for creating an amazing story:

  • Have a cohesive color palette
  • Use the same editing techniques with formatting and colors.
  • Take photos that are visually appealing… and when in doubt, use the rule of thirds!
  • Upload photos that match your bio's expectations
  • Be consistent and continue to upload gorgeous pictures to build your story


If you follow these 4 easy steps, you will undoubtedly be headed in the right direction to creating an unforgettable Instagram profile that will encourage people to follow you the second they find you.

And you can get all of this done in less than 1 hour! Hurry up and power up that profile now!

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