126 Niche Fashion Blog Ideas

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Do you know your niche?

Honing in on a niche for your blog can be difficult in the very general topic of fashion. Fashion is a glamorous, beautiful topic, and it's hard to decide which direction to take when there are so many avenues to explore. However, it's becoming more and more evident that niche bloggers have a better chance of monetizing because they tend to attract dedicated audiences.

That said, not all niches monetize equally. Some are easier ie, a luxury handbag niche is easier to monetize than a thrift store styling niche. Don't be discouraged! With some creative, out of the box thinking you can monetize just about any niche.

126 Fashion Blog Ideas

This is just a short list of niches for inspirational purposes only. A brainstorm of sorts, they're not even in a particular order! It's a list to get your creative mind thinking about how to position your blog, or how to start a new blog with a niche in mind. I personally started with a goal of 30 niches, and it quickly expanded beyond that. The sky is really the limit! Mix, match and create your own niche!

  • Handbags: Luxury
  • Handbags: Contemporary
  • Handbags: Sale
  • Shoes: Womens
  • Shoes: Mens
  • Jewelry & Accessories
  • Lingerie: New
  • Lingerie: Vintage
  • Hats: New
  • Hats: Vintage
  • Hats: Avant-garde/Designer
  • Eyewear
  • Work wear: Corporate
  • Work wear: Creative
  • Work wear: Corporate Mens
  • Workwear: Plus size
  • Workwear: Maternity
  • Luxury Fashion
  • Contemporary Fashion
  • Mass market Fashion
  • High Street/Fast Fashion
  • Thrifted
  • Luxury for less
  • Sustainable Style
  • Sustainable Style News
  • Ethical Style
  • Independent Designers
  • Local Designers
  • Local Shopping
  • Online Shopping
  • Sample Sales
  • Online Shopping Sales
  • Lookbooks & Previews
  • Runway Fashion Reviews
  • Product Reviews
  • Runway Trends
  • Runway to “real way” / Catwalk to Sidewalk
  • Music Fashion
  • Cinema Fashion
  • Television Fashion
  • Fashion in Literature
  • Fashion in Art
  • DIY: Fashion Trends
  • DIY: Runway
  • DIY: Crafting
  • Upcycled Fashion
  • Sewing Tutorials
  • Knitting/Crochet Tutorials
  • Handmade Fashion
  • Denim: Women's Premium
  • Denim: Men's Premium
  • Denim Style
  • Denim DIY
  • Street Style: Fashion Weeks
  • Street Style: Local
  • Street Style: Mens
  • Street Style: Womens
  • Street Style: Plus Size
  • Street Style: Age Focused (ie. 20's, 30's, 40's, etc)
  • Street Style: Events, Music, Clubs
  • Fashion History
  • Textile History
  • Fashion News
  • Fashion Technology
  • Fashion Social Media
  • Fashion Business
  • Fashion PR
  • Fashion Design Education
  • Personal Style: Shopping
  • Personal Style: Straight Sizes
  • Personal Style: Plus Sizes
  • Personal Style: Maternity
  • Personal Style: Petites
  • Personal Style: Tall
  • Personal Style: Menswear
  • Personal Style: “Every day”
  • Personal Style: Avant-garde
  • Personal Style: High School
  • Personal Style: College
  • Personal Style: Age Focused (ie. 20's, 30's, 40's, etc)
  • Personal Style: Modest
  • Special Occasion Style
  • Wedding Style: Designer
  • Wedding Style: DIY
  • Wedding Style: Alternative/Niche
  • Wedding Style: Sustainable
  • Lifestyle Style, ie. Preppy, Active, Urban, Artist, etc.
  • Beauty + Style
  • Food + Style
  • Cocktails + Style
  • Nail Art + Style
  • Interior Design + Style
  • Entertaining + Style
  • Floral Design + Style
  • Art + Style
  • Design + Style
  • ____________ + Style
  • Trend hunting/predicting
  • Lifestyle Fashion Photography
  • Editorial Fashion Photography
  • Fashion Photography Tutorials
  • Fashion Models
  • Fashion Model Industry
  • Fashion Model Tutorials
  • Fashion Designer News
  • Fashion Commentary
  • Fashion Feminism
  • Fashion Body Image
  • Celebrity Fashion: Paparazzi, Red Carpet, etc
  • Celebrity Fashion: Where to Get It/Shopping
  • Celebrity Fashion: Trends
  • Vintage Fashion: Contemporary Style
  • Vintage Fashion: Retro Style
  • Vintage Fashion History
  • Vintage Fashion Shopping
  • Vintage Fashion Photography
  • Replica Vintage Fashion
  • Fashion Illustration
  • Personal Style Illustrated
  • Fashion Illustration Tutorials
  • Fashion Illustration History
  • Animated GIF Fashion
  • Fashion Memes
  • Fashion Humor
  • Styling: Personal
  • Styling: Editorial


What niche suggestions do you have?

Do share!

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51 Responses

  1. Rima Vaidila

    Love! Was thinking of starting a new handle off my current blog focusing on denim. Since almost 99% of my street style posts revolve around denim…this has convinced me to do it! xoxo from LA!

  2. Annette

    A couple of months ago I started “Lady of Style” – a fashion and style blog for mature women.

    I agree, you have to offer something unique, identify your target group and find your place! Admittedly, I was a bit scared to start blogging at the age of 50 but in fact it turned out to be an advantage. I met the most incredible women and within a very short time frame I became part of a fabulous community within the blogosphere.


  3. Erica B.

    My blog could fall into several niches, but here goes: DIY fashion trends, DIY runway, handmade fashion, tall fashion and fashion over 40!

  4. Shug Avery

    Interesting reading this post because eventhough I know there are some much niches in blogging I actually can’t name them.
    If I had to define my blog I would say that it is a mix of culture, style, lifestyle, photography with some thoughts on femininity. So I guess it really is a mish mash of a lot of things but definitely if I had to focus I’d use the catchprase of my blog “Incognito the cultural blog that doesn’t lack style”. So I’d narrow my niche to culture (eventhough I know it is a HUGE subject) and style.
    This post definitely puts me in deep thoughts :D.

    Shug Avery of Incognito


  5. Jodie

    Great ideas for blogs and even posts in general. Thanks for the inspiration! I want to learn about all of them!! 😀

  6. Catherine @ Not Dressed As Lamb

    Wow that list is truly amazing, Jennine! Loads of inspiration!

    I agree with Annette about being a more mature blogger being a positive thing – I’m 40 – it’s actually been greatly to my advantage not being a 20-something personal style blogger! My other selling points are great photography and great design… and I’m British to boot, so I think the combination of all the above has found me my niche. I find it hard to find new 40+ British style bloggers who are also into the photography/design side of blogging – so if you’re out there, do please get in touch!

    Great post 🙂

    Catherine x

  7. Carol C.

    I actually wrote a post about Fashion GIFS recently because they’re actually really beautiful plus it adds an extra dimension to a post and retains a viewers attention I think 🙂 http://jollycaucusrace.blogspot.com/2013/05/the-rise-of-fashion-gif.html

  8. Sandra at DebutanteClothing

    Great list! So happy to see vintage is represented Woot!

  9. Oliver Greenjeans

    My niche is like “Fashion and everything in between from a fat cat’s point of view”

  10. Tallook

    My niche blog is Tall fashion.

    I wish there were more blogs dedicated to handmade bags.

  11. Anastazja Oppenheim

    Amazing! Thank you!
    I’m kind of thinking about turning Coverrated into a fashion theory blog, with trend analyses, some history, fashion book reviews etc. But I’d have a hard time getting rid of all the unrelated content, so I suppose “Fashion+Culture” sums it up best at the moment. Fashion and culture, brought to you by an awkward girl trying to be funny.

  12. Elin

    No Shopping for 2013 = the opposite of a shopping crazed fashion blogger.

  13. Aiko Miyoko

    Ooo I love this post! I think that fashion is indeed very vast but I also think it is very individual and personal. I do fashion diy tutorials on youtube and my blog but I recently got into street fashion and showing my followers the outfits I am into..and it has been fun so far !

    • Sweta Patel

      Hi Roberta,

      This article is amazing, I love to read this article, We must appreciate this blogger.
      As well I also visited your blogs. All the blogs are awesome, Before this I never got such great blogs to read.
      Thanks to you both,

  14. muna

    Stolen!! Thanxsss a lot for this great niche full of inspiration for my brand new blog 🙂 Lot of hugs from Italy, Muna
    check my blog 🙂

  15. Daria Burkova

    I guess my niche is ‘a fashion-not-fashion girl from Russia’ ))

  16. runwaymonk

    Lovely post. It’s been quite some time, i have been trying to figure out what my blog niche is. And, if I do, is it working?
    I have been trying to establish Trend prediction and Fashion Illustration as my niche. But, somewhere I think i keep losing track by introducing new categories, like DIY ( which is not really something i can manage because of time).

  17. Julia duMais

    So delighted to see some “history” suggestions on here — ethics and feminism as well! Heck, the two of those go together quite well, too: see, for instance, the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory, and Bangladesh today. I’ve found that lot of the fashion history blogs are focused more on one period, and more on the technical details of clothes, and not as much on placing, say, that pretty dress or hat in a greater cultural context. Fashion and labor are so bound together, and not always in comfortable ways, but I think bloggers can play an important role in pushing people out of their comfort zones in ways that traditional fashion press might not, you know?

  18. All the Tall things

    The wonderful thing about writing a niche blog is that your audience instantly GETS you. It’s lovely to see the tall sisterhood emerging online as a result of blogs like mine and other leggy lovelies’.

    All the Tall things started as a fashion blog, but it’s the “tall” thing that really unites my readers… so it’s evolved into a lifestyle/ confidence/ advice blog for tall women while still retaining a very clear niche.

    L x

  19. E-M

    I had NO idea that there were SO many categories! I thought it’s pretty much enough if you say you blog about personal style, but all of those categories made me see it totally differently! However, I wouldn’t put my blog in any frames because then I’d feel as if I can’t blog outside that subject – I love blogging about various subjects and therefore it would be more than difficult to put my blog in some categories. 🙂


  20. Nadya Helena

    I would say I fall under the Fashion in Art and Fashion Illustration, but then again most of my posts are very widely scattered topics (local brands, thought provoking posts, random thoughts, etc) so I don’t think The Dilly Chic can quite fall into one niche.
    Anyway thank you for the insight Jennine!

    eyeshadow illustrator

  21. Clever Little Buttons

    My niche is fashion news and feel good, positive image fashion. I do think you create your own niche as your blog develops. I started off as a plus sized fashion styling blog and it has developed into everything that is ‘Feel Good’ about fashion, interior design and news! Great post, certainly got me thinking!

  22. Caroline Topperman

    I played with finding my niche for a long time and to be honest I think I’m still defining it. I realized early on, however that I really love the word style. I feel that it encompasses so many different facets of art (I’m including everything from fashion to architecture in that word). My blog focuses on accessories with a little beauty thrown in and I’ve reserved about 1% for some wild card posts!


  23. Nasreen

    JENNINE JACOB you are a godsend! while I’m still trying to figure out what I want, this puts things in perspective and allows me to rule out so many option! thank you so very much 😀


  24. Nasreen

    JENNINE JACOB you are a godsend! while I’m still trying to figure out what I want, this puts things in perspective and allows me to rule out so many option! thank you so very much 😀


  25. Jacqueline

    My blog has been dedicated to sustainable fashion, I also cover a wee bit of vintage but the concentration is on the designers themselves and their sustainable practices and materials. It’s a great blog for someone who is interested in studying design or is a design enthusiast.

  26. Ariana

    Thank you. I am still trying to define my niche. I recently decided to add in food & travel to my personal shopping blog. But now I am rethinking sigh. This is a great list I like the idea of Food & Style/Fashion. I love art and I can see the art in fashion and food. Figuring out how to melt those two together with original ideas is the challenge. Gives me something to work with.

  27. Style is...Sustainable Fashion

    Love this list and glad to see that the sustainable fashion niche is included. There seems to be a growing number of sustainable fashion blogs around at the moment. I also love reading DIY/upcycled and charity shop fashion blogs, again there seems to be a growing number of blogs in this field.

  28. Grant

    Hi Jennine,
    Thanks for sending some inspirations on fashion. I’m writing on a blog about niche blogs so this list is for sure help me to target the right fashion blogs:)

  29. Shawkimah Jordan

    My niche is wrestling + style. Weird combo, but it sums me up in a nutshell and I figure no matter how small the audience may be for it, it’s what I love. Who knows, maybe it’ll open up a new perspective on it to those who have the “it’s stupid” approach to pro wrestling.

  30. annie

    I started a fashion blog just to share my experinces as relates life. And sell my bags ..but not sure I want to put a tab on how I write.can I advice

  31. Tsholo

    mine is what i coined “Mix and Miss fashion” a.k.a ‘quirky’ fashion! thekhoifro.wordpress.com 🙂

  32. DRW

    My partner and I were just brainstorming what our niche could be and we are dumbfounded! We just started our blog back up again but we feel like we need to pin point our niche. We call it a lifestyle blog and write about fashion, events, and food but we really want to laser in! Ah there are so many thing we are passionate about does that make us too general?

  33. Revolution Clothing

    I have been trying to focus in the urban fashion specifically about sending the message across to younger generation about self recognition from a political stance.

    I enjoyed your post with regards to knowing your fashion niche and building around it. thank you for such a great post 🙂

  34. gwen lao

    Great list! Perfect for someone like me who is starting out new. Thank you for sharing! Now I have endless topics for my blogs. Planning to be an avid blogger. no downtime.

  35. Regina

    Great article, we have a bilingual fashion blog, focused on Ethnic Fashion, mainly from Latin/Central America and Mexico. Always interesting to read articles like this!

  36. LadyTee

    Very awesome post. I am thinking about opening another blog and was trying to find niche ideas I can focus on.Your post has been able to give me what I need. Thanks a lot for this

  37. Adelynn Pang

    I have been struggling with the right niche as fashion is a broad topic. I am aiming to go for personal style and beauty but I find it a little too overwhelming, especially me as a beginner in blogging. This list helps A LOT, as well as the comments where people sharing their niche. It gives me an idea what I should do now! Thanks for sharing this.


  38. neha

    I am new in blogging and this is a Great List, definitely it will help me to enhance my blog niches. Thanks for sharing this with us.

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