Sister Act: Blogging Duos Keeping it in the Family

kelly erin glamourai sister act
As an only child who grew up spending most of her time providing her own entertainment and playing make-believe by herself, running a blog solo has always felt natural to me. I like the control, I'm comfortable working alone, and writing can be a very solitary profession.

I won't even get into my deep-seeded wishes that I had a brother or sister, but I'll gamely admit that when I started discovering fashion and lifestyle blogs run and shared by sisters – my envy and my curiosity were both piqued.

Wouldn't it be challenging to work in both creative and professional capacities with a sibling? Would you fight all the time? Would the genetic ESP make for perfect collaboration efforts? Who holds the camera, and who gets in front of it?

You can't exactly call it a trend, but the success of sisters who blog and work together in our community is pretty impressive. For example, Elsie and Emma of A Beautiful Mess are a prime example of two sisters channeling their kindred spirits into a wildly successful blog (and book deal!).

Growing lifestyle blog “A Piece of Toast” is also run by two sisters, Sally and Molly Miller. We caught up with Molly last week and asked her to dish on what it's like to nurture and manage a blog with her sister.

“We were best friends to begin with but blogging has definitely made us even closer.  It was hard getting our footing in the beginning and we can't imagine what it would have been like if we didn't have each other to talk about our brand, content direction, and all the guess work that comes with blogging.”

On the challenges of working together…

“Being sisters, best friends, roommates, AND co-bloggers definitely makes our relationship challenging at times!  Of course we fight, have different opinions on blogging matters, and both beat to our own drum in terms of content, posting schedule, responsibilities and the like… But because we love each other unconditionally and trust each other's taste, our tiffs are always surface level issues that we work out quickly.  We feel like we have a strong foundation for our blog and friendship – and being sisters first and foremost is what has made it possible!”

We also spoke with Kelly Framel last week, as we noticed her sister Erin making frequent (and stylish) appearances on The Glamourai. Soon, her sister will be playing an even larger roll in the site's growth…

“My sister, Erin Framel, moved to New York over this past summer, and ever since I've been featuring her on my site as often as possible. I think it's exciting to have a fresh face and a new voice in the mix, and it has always been my hope that my readers would find her as inspiring as I do. It's also so great to have someone you trust completely to bounce ideas off of and to plan and work and dream with ~ which is why I am so excited to have her joining TheGlamourai.com full time starting this February! I can't think of anyone who'd be better suited to helping me take my site to a cool new place, to help me manage operations so that it can continue to evolve and grow.”

So, is a sister the secret weapon for cohesive co-blogging? We've also noticed that Aimee Song's stylish sister Dani has been making more and more appearances on the blog and social media for Song of Style, so perhaps these ladies are onto something!

Blogging duos take many forms, from friends to couples to siblings and co-workers (we've talked to a few of them before!), and no matter the relation, it seems that the relationship is what gives each site it's own unique personality… or personalities.

Do you blog solo or with a partner? What are some of the challenges and rewards of working with someone you're close to?

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7 Responses

  1. Tishiannae

    I love, love, love blogging sisters! Erin & Kelly, The Song Sisters!

    My sister plays a huge part in my blogging – she helps me market my blog., which helps me out a great deal because I’m at work for 10 hrs a day. We have 2 different styles but it’s also interesting to see how we style one piece of clothing to suit our individual style. In the future, I will be featuring her, she is awesome with hair and makeup. Overall, it’s great having a sister who is involved with you blog. Friends may think your blogging ideas are whacky and frankly, think you’re wasting your time with the entire idea but a sister always encourages and somehow shares the vision & dream with love! I love my sis! 🙂


  2. underaveil

    Union is strength!
    We’re twins and co-bloggers at the same time, we both love fashion so we decided to create a space where we co-work together, each one writes her own topics, but consulting with the other for critics (not very welcome sometimes!) and emprovement.
    The most challenging part of co-blogging is the problem of using the same computer, we have to wait until one finishes her work so that the other starts hers.
    However the most gratifying thing is the possibility of dividing tasks, this way each one of us has a light-weighted part to do.
    Thanks for writing about this phenomenon, and showing us that working with sisters isn’t that difficult.

  3. appearanceandlikeness

    A couple weeks ago my sister and I have started a new blog. Both of us already had a blog about crafts and design and we decided join them, and make only one with our diferent points of view.

    We live in diferent countries and sometimes is difficult make an agreement about how we’re going to post. But although we have little disagreements, we trust in each other. We are so happy for share a blog

  4. Danielle

    What a great article! My sister takes the pictures for my blog and it really is so much fun. She doesn’t exactly share my passion for fashion but I see it as another way to hang out and catch up. It also helps her explore her creativity in her own right, and hey isn’t that what sisters are for!

  5. Get Dressed Mommy

    My cousin and I are blogging partners. It is great to have another perspective. We have very different styles but there are challenges and benefits. She doesn’t have as much time to blog as I do so I contribute more, but she has more time to attend events so she picks up my slack in that area. It’s about finding a balance. The greatest part about having a partner is that unlike single bloggers, there’s always someone to be accountable to.