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Pat Flynn’s Smart Podcast Player

Pat Flynn's Smart Podcast Player… Does it ring a bell? We're giving an overview of the plugin below, here on IFB!

In case you didn't know, IFB is running a series titled “Start Your Own Podcast: A How-To for Fashion Bloggers”. We’re breaking down everything you need to know about podcasting: what you should consider before you begin, what equipment you need to purchase, and how to get your followers to tune into your podcast. In this week's instalment, we're doing an in-depth review of Pat Flynn’s Smart Podcast Player plugin.

Pat Flynns Smart Podcast Player

Our goal with this series is to help fashion bloggers make the jump from blogging to producing audio content. It's also worth noting, this series is not specifically tailored for individuals in the fashion industry. Whether you’re a fashion blogger or are just curious about podcasting courses, check out “Start Your Own Podcast, Part III: The Best Podcasting Courses for Bloggers”. And while you're at it, check out “Part I: A How-To for Fashion Bloggers”, “Part II: What Your Need Before Your Begin” and our roundup of the best podcasts for fashion bloggers.

In his week’s instalment, IFB’s Laura Kell will be discussing the features of Pat Flynn’s Smart Podcast Player plugin. Flynn is a digital entrepreneur and runs his resource website, Smart Passive Income. His goal is to educate online entrepreneurs about proven strategies, when it comes to running an online business and optimizing their passive income streams. He created the podcast player he always wanted, and we’re getting into it in detail below.

Pat Flynn’s Smart Podcast Player: The Overview

One day, Pat Flynn decided to create the podcast player he always wanted.

Enter the Smart Podcast Player plugin.

The Smart Podcast Player is a fairly straightforward plugin for websites/blogs. It allows a podcast host to display their podcast directly onto their website. Listeners can listen directly to their favorite podcast on the website, as opposed to having to use iTunes or similar app. The plugin benefits both host and listener in a number of ways. The Smart Podcast Player costs $12 (billed monthly) or a $96 annual fee. Fun fact: John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneurs on Fire is a user of Flynn's podcast player.

Flynn does an excellent job introducing his Smart Podcast Player in this Youtube.

The Smart Podcast Player Features

Flynn has essentially meshed together all of his favorite features from other podcast players, and incorporated them into his Smart Podcast Player plugin. Smart, right? We break them down below.


You can match the player to your site’s color schemes. Or choose a color theme for the player that best fits with your blog’s branding. Flynn is obviously committed to providing his users with the best experience, so the plugin is easily customizable to suit anyone’s color branding. Always a bonus.

Email Capture Capabilities

In case you weren’t aware, the Smart Podcast Player is the only podcast player that allows you to capture your listeners’ email addresses. Essentially, the plugin will help you build up your email list, while providing an excellent listening experience for your listeners. Win-win, right?

Listener Friendly Features

Listeners have more control when they listen to your podcast via the Smart Podcast Player plugin. They can speed up or slow down an episode or jump ahead sixty seconds, if they want to. The makes “rewinding” and “fast-forwarding” episodes much easier for the listener. Overall, the listener user experience seems to be one of the best features of the podcast player.

Custom Sort Episodes

You choose which order that you would like your blog’s readers/listeners to view your podcast’s episodes. For example, if you want a list of your top ten most popular episodes readily available to your listeners, you can display the episodes in that order (as opposed to iTunes, where a listener views them displayed from newest to oldest). Overall, the podcaster has more power and flexibility in the marketing of the episodes to their listeners with the Smart Podcast Player.

Professional Support

Flynn has a team working to ensure that users of the Smart Podcast Player are provided with support. This also ensure that the plugin will be kept updated and maintained from Flynn’s end.

Flexible Payment Options

If you are unsure whether you would want to commit to a full year (and annual price) of using Pat Flynn’s Smart Podcast Player, you have the option of paying month-to-month at a slightly higher rate.

The Downside…

The benefits are clearly outlined above. Flynn has created a great product for podcasters out there, that clearly benefits both listeners and hosts alike.

The downside? Well, the costs could be considered a bit high for some individuals – especially those starting out with podcasting. Of course, it's nowhere as much as what you would pay to a video production company (we tested Media Pouch, for example, and they are awesome but quite pricey) but still, it's a lot if you are a new fashion blogger.

And while it’s great to provide your listeners with an amazing user experience, it’s a bit of an unnecessary frill. Apps like iTunes and Soundcloud are fairly easy to operate for your average listener.

Personally, as an individual (and long time podcast listener) who is very picky with their user experience, I question whether a listener would really appreciate all of the functions of the player. Nowadays, most millennial prefer to listen to their podcasts downloaded onto their smart devices. And I don’t hear loads of millennial complaining about the quality of listening to a podcast on the likes of iTunes or Soundcloud (although, I personality dislike the Castbox podcast player).We’re less concerned with a player app on the podcast’s website, more about the quality of the podcast itself (remember, content is king!)

Our advice? If you’re curious to try out the Smart Podcast Player, opt in to be billed monthly for a short period of time.* You can then judge as to whether using the plugin has benefitted your podcast, amount of subscribers, email list, etc. Then make the call, before committing to paying for an annual membership.

*Pro tip: Put a reminder in your calendar, so you don’t forget to cancel/change your membership about three months or so.


Flynn's built a pretty decent product. It's absolutely worth checking out, if you're a podcaster looking to add that extra feature to your website.

Have you tried Pat Flynn's Smart Podcast Player? What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!

**Disclaimer: IFB was not sponsored or financially compensated for reviewing Pat Flynn's Smart Podcast Player. 

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