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Streetwear Outfits: 11 Best Ideas for Men

One of the most daunting categories of men's fashion has to be streetwear fashion. Streetwear is such a broad, varied category of clothing that it can sometimes be hard to know what qualifies as street style. The fashion industry moves so fast, it can be hard to keep up.

But don’t worry, we got you. Some brands and clothing items have become streetwear staples that you can't go wrong with. We're giving you the best streetwear look ideas to stand out.

11 Streetwear Outfit Ideas

1. Loose Fit Hoodie with Fitted Pants

Loose-fitting clothes are timeless classics of any streetwear wardrobe. However, it's important to note that there’s a big distinction between “loose” and “baggy.” Loose-fitting clothing sags, but is still well fitted to your silhouette overall (like the example below).

A great outfit idea is a loose-fitting top (think hoodies) with some well-fitted pants (think skinny jeans). Matching loose with fitted shows that you have put thought into the overall look of your fit. It looks deliberate yet laid-back.

Enhance your hoodie collection by adding custom pins. These subtle accessories can turn a basic hoodie into a personalized statement piece. Whether it’s a single pin on the lapel or a cluster on the pocket, each pin lets you express your unique interests and creativity. Start exploring custom pins to give your hoodies a distinctive flair that sets them apart.

It doesn't have to be a hoodie either. “Loose with fitted” works for just about any shirt/trousers combo. Try a loose-fitting white or graphic tee, or a loose-fitting jacket. And, remember, relaxed and casual—not baggy. You don't want to be swimming in your outfit.

Loose Fit Hoodie with Fitted Pants

2. Bright Colors (Neon or Pascal)

Streetwear clothing allows you to have a lot of fun with colors. You'll enjoy a lot of color creativity once you get into streetwear, from bright and vibrant to retro and neon. More muted pastels are also seeing a significant resurgence lately. Have fun with it, and roll with the colors that work for you.

The main idea is to match your colors correctly. Even within the bold category of streetwear, you have to match your attire. A general rule is to pair a bold color with something a little more laid-back. So, if you're rocking a flashy top, you could match it with casual blue ripped jeans or chinos, and vice versa.

Streetwear allows for playful experimentation with colors, from vibrant hues to muted pastels. Properly match these by pairing bold items, like a flashy top, with more subdued pieces such as blue ripped jeans or neutral chinos. Elevate your look by accessorizing with vibrant-colored accessories like pendants that complement your outfit. 

Man wearing blue t-shirt

3. Cargo Pants

Cargo pants are seeing a notable resurgence in modern streetwear. These British Armed Forces loose-fitting pants with prominent pockets were considered pretty off-brand until recently, but they’re coming back. Today's street fashion cargo pants are not as loose as the originals. Remember: you want loose, not baggy.

Many cargo pants now come with tapered legs for that added fit. And it's just a bonus that these pants have so many convenient pockets.

man wearing cargo pants

4. Throwback Athletic Wear

Classic sportswear is another modern street fashion trend you should be paying attention to. Brands like Nike, Adidas, and Champion continue getting more popular in the street menswear scene (and we aren't just talking about their shoes). These brands make cool and affordable shirts, pants, and jackets that you can rock on almost any occasion.

man in athletic outfit

5. Joggers

Joggers are back in a big way. A classic pair of fitted joggers works for an everyday look and is no longer just for working out. Pick up a tapered pair of joggers from any classic athletic brand, and you've got a versatile pair that you can wear for working out or for going out. Athleisure is a thing, and it's here to stay.

It's important to remember that joggers and sweatpants are not always the same thing. Joggers are usually more tailored and they’re made from a lightweight material. Sweatpants are often shapeless and made of thicker and warmer fabrics.

Streetwear Joggers men

6. Timeless Shoes

Sneakers have always found a home in street fashion styles, and this isn't going to change anytime soon.

The juggernauts like Nike and Adidas are as popular as ever, and both have adapted to modern streetwear trends. Popular sneakers are sporting a bit of a vintage look these days, drawing heavily from the ‘90s and early 2000s.

And you can't go wrong with the classics. There will always be a spot in streetwear for some Chuck Taylors or Old Skool Vans. Streetwear culture has always drawn heavily from skateboarding and hip hop, which explains the lasting appeal of these sneaks.

Streetwear Nike shoes

7. Military Watch

There is always room to add some flash to your wrist. A cool watch attracts the eye and is a great way to accessorize. Streetwear style is about making a bold statement, which has led to the rise of aggressive accessories, including the watch.

Having a military watch is a great way to make this statement. These watches are bold, rugged, and very stylish. And, like the cargo pants, military-style watches are insanely useful. Many of them sport a range of features, including directional aids and GPS. Style is king in streetwear, but it's always good when that style is also functional.

Man wearing military watch

8. Camo Pants

Camo fell out of favor for a little while in the fashion community. But the fashion world is cyclical, and camo is back.

Pick up some fitted camo pants for your next outfit. But remember that the rule with patterns is that you want to match the camo with solid colors, like in the fit below. Camo is a bold pattern, and you want to make this boldness pop by pairing it with something laid-back. A simple white or black top works great with camo pants.

Aim for a pair of tapered pants that fit loosely through the rear and thighs. Camo works best when it's relaxed. Consider pulling from other options on this list and pick up a pair of camo joggers or cargo pants.

Man wearing camo pants

9. Denim on Denim

Denim is a classic, and we are not just talking about jeans here. Denim can complement most outfits. A cropped denim jacket over a loose-fitting shirt is a streetwear favorite these days and a classic complement for bold colors. It's also an easy way to layer up your fit, and layers are an easy way to make a tired outfit look new again.

But we can't end a section about denim without talking about jeans. Jeans will always be in style. The thing that changes is how jeans fit. Loose-fitting jeans are quite popular right now, but a classic straight fit or skinny jean still does the trick. Tapered jeans are also hot.

Or why not do both? “Denim on denim” is a popular fit. Denim jacket, white tee, and denim jeans for that casual minimalist look.

Grab some washed-out light blue denims to give yourself that ‘90s to early 2000s look that continues to dominate streetwear.

Denim is extremely versatile, and it's not going to go out of fashion anytime soon.

denim on denim outfit men

10. Hats

Your fit doesn't stop at your shoulders. Hats are a versatile way to add that final touch of individuality.

You can never go wrong with a classic baseball cap. Nowadays, muted, classic baseball caps are popular, and the dad hat continues its run of popularity. Hats are also drawing from hip-hop culture from the ‘90s and 2000s. The bucket hat has made a strong resurgence. Even visors are making their way back if you want to be even bolder.

It's usually easiest to pick a simple hat with solid, muted colors that you can match with any fit. A basic dad hat complements pretty much any casual outfit.

Pierced ears offer a great opportunity to enhance your style with the combination of hats and earrings. Given the vast choice of earring designs available, opting for custom earrings will allow you to stand out from the crowd. Whether you choose designs incorporating street style elements or simpler styles that are versatile for various occasions, this combination is sure to elevate your outfit.

man wearing blue cap

11. White Tee + Bold Patterns

A classic white tee is always in style.

With streetwear, it's about accentuating the simple with the bold. A great outfit idea is to combine a white tee with bold colors or patterns. The white tee provides the subtle background for your bold color/pattern choices and makes everything pop.

Combine your white tee with bold patterned pants or layers to elevate your simple look. This is an easy way to rock bold patterns without worrying about “clash”. Bold patterns are meant to stand out on their own, and this means they should be matched with something more laid-back.

If a white T-shirt feels too plain, accessorizing it will add a personal touch. Custom necklaces (check this website for a few of my favorites), a hot trend in fashion, let you infuse styles you love and showcase your unique style and preferences.

Streetwear is flexible, but it's still about having clothes that fit you well and colors/patterns that match. It allows you more freedom and creativity than most areas of fashion, and these golden rules will always be true.

Streetwear Outfit for Men Example

In Conclusion – Be an Individual

Streetwear is primarily about making a statement, which means that it leaves a ton of room for you to express your individuality. In many ways, expressing this individuality is the only thing that matters.

In this article, we took you through the hot trends of current streetwear.

But remember that this doesn't always do streetwear the proper justice. Streetwear has so much room for creativity and individuality.

Keep an eye out on some popular streetwear brands and designers like Vetements, Raf Simons, Supreme, or Stussy, just to name a few. Menswear blogs could also be an inspirational resource.

While we could keep giving you trends and rules to follow, we want to leave it up to you as well. Find what works for you, and find how to express your individuality. Then, pay attention to the current trends, but don't allow them to decide how you will dress. Build your style—that's what streetwear is all about.

man in typical streetwear outfit

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