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Stylish Ways to Wear an Aran Sweater this Spring

Long gone are the days when Aran sweaters were worn exclusively by men – these days, this charming jumper is an essential part of any woman’s wardrobe. Thanks to its original design and unmatched versatility, the Irish knit sweater can be styled in numerous chic ways for the spring season. Keep reading this article if you want to learn more about how you can get the most outfits out of your Irish sweater!

Wool and Denim 

Wool and Denim

Wool always looks chic and naturally fashionable when paired with denim, all thanks to the difference between the textures of the two. Wearing your Irish knit sweater with a pair of classy denim jeans might seem like a basic combination yet it can look tenfold better if you choose the right fit and design. Get a pair of wide leg denim jeans in a light wash and match them with a white knit sweater for a comfortable and bright outfit perfect for spring. 

Silk Midi Skirt 

Silk Midi Skirt

Similarly to the wool and denim combination, the mix of the rugged wool texture and the thin and delicate silk create a contrast that results in a luxurious appearance. To keep things classy, pair a cream Irish sweater as the ones you can find on Gaelsong with a dark-colored silk midi skirt – this will create a refined outfit perfect for a date night or a late evening event. However, you can also use this combination to add some color to your spring ensembles, for example by swapping the dark skirt for a vivid pink or red one. 

Layered Over a Dress 

If you have a spring dress that is truly beautiful, but you just grew a bit tired of it, you can spice up your outfit by layering a knit sweater over it. Such a combination will be ideal for the days when you don’t feel like carrying a jacket around, as after the temperature rises you strip off the sweater and tie it around the shoulders. Add a pair of heeled sandals and some delicate jewelry and you’ll get a feminine and elegant look that's perfect for a spring evening out.

Casual Leggings 

Aran Sweater and casual leggings

One of the greatest advantages of Aran sweaters is the incredible versatility of these garments, so even after putting together a sophisticated, elevated look you can easily transition your sweater back to a casual piece. On those chilly spring days when you have some errands to run and don’t want to spend too much time choosing an outfit, pair your warm sweater with some casual black leggings. Finish the look with some white sneakers and a cross-body bag to keep your ensemble sporty and chic and you’re good to go!

Work Outfit 

Aran sweaters are the perfect match for a variety of outfits, not just casual but semi-formal as well. For example, you can easily incorporate your knit sweater into a work ensemble by wearing it underneath a blazer with a black skirt, or by pairing it with some tailored trousers and a thin button-up shirt underneath. Such an outfit calls for the appropriate accessories, such as a delicate wristwatch, a thin black belt, and loafer shoes.

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