The 10 Ultimate Photo Editing Apps for Android

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Android users, you've asked for more app recommendations and we here at IFB have heard your cries.

Since you are just as photo-obsessed as we are (wait, are you following us on Instagram? Because you should), we figured it was only appropriate to do a big roundup of the best Photo-Editing apps for Android. We even asked a few of you out there which apps were your favorites. This is what you all said:

From special effects to color-enriching, these apps give you the opportunity to publish and share photos that showcases your perspective and builds your brand:

With over 70 filters and 50 frames, you can do so much with your Android photos. More than you could ever imagine. Also, make sure to use the digital zoom, time lapse features will make sure you capture the moment as best as possible. The only problem with this app is the it produces low-res photos.

This intuitive app allows you to use advanced filters and editing tools to make engaging photos and videos, access exclusive tips and tutorials from social influencers and experts, and stand out from the noise by using differentiated visual content.

  • Photo Grid

You can never have enough collage-making apps, right? Right. Many people love Photo Grid because of the nice array of templates and layouts that the app gives you to use. The more unique templates, the better.

  • Retro Camera

If you are a fan of old, retro photos like us, this Retro Camera app will be an instant favorite. Boasting various settings that give you that vintage feel, this camera has 5 sets of vintage vignetting, film scratch, black and white & cross processing effects that make your photos look less digital.

  • Pudding Camera

This easy-to-use camera app offers 8 film effects and 9 camera settings for you to use. It almost reminds us of our past-beloved Hipstamic app. Some users have complained about crashing problems, so be warned. However the best part of this app? The big images they produce. Forget the small pictures, we just want bigger, full-format images now to share.

One of the highest rated Android Photo apps on the market, this app acts like a full-service photo editing platform. Consider it like a mobile Photoshop. With features like ISO, brightness, exposure, tap-to-touch shutter release and intense zoom, this might be the only app you need while traveling.

This app is definitely more for those who want to take a playful approach with their photos. And don't we all just get bored with regular photos? Anyways, with this app, you can remove or add color to your photos by simply selecting parts of your image with your fingers. It's like painting with your fingers. Always fun, right?

Add retro effects to your photos with these easy-to-use app that is considered a favorite amongst Android users. In literally just three clicks, you can add playful, creative frames, color filters and more to your photos. Perfect for sending to your friends, right?

Is it possible, the ultimate photography resource on Android? YES! Based on the popular photo editing platform, you can edit, rotate, color your photos all on your Android. And, as if that wasn't enough, you can access your edited photos on Photoshop.com an share them to whomever, whenever. It's that easy.

We can't talk photography app without mentioning Instagram, right? It's basically a blogger's go-to tool for photo editing and sharing. While it may not have as many editing capabilities as the others listed above, it does have a pretty vibrant social community. Which, for us at least, makes it one of our favorites. Also, important to note that the interface on Android is slightly different from the iPhone – a little cleaner, a little more logical. But same filters and features.

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6 Responses

  1. Alexis Grace of NorthOnHarper

    Thank you for including me in this list! I like vignette for posting to Twitter or Facebook- not in love with the quality for blog photos (as mention resolution isn’t ideal). Fun to discover the other options!

  2. Nasreen

    it all sounds so good but iphone user all the waaaaay!! 😀


  3. Abdel

    What happened to the iPhone users? 🙂 In case you were wondering, I use Vintique on the iPhone. It has great filters and makes the perfect companion for instagram, FB etc

    For a more powerful app with extra features, zoom etc I would recomend PowerCam.

  4. Ty Davison

    I just subscribed to Mobiroo Unlimited Apps and it comes with a bunch of top photography apps. They’re all paid ones too! HDR Camera +, Night Camera +, Pix Fix, Pencil Camera, Photo Booth, and a few others, Really like it so far.