The Ultimate Cheat Sheet! Post Titles for Fashion Bloggers

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You have a fraction of a second to get our attention.

Your post is inspired, your photos are gorgeous, your readers are going to love your post, but wait… what do you title your post? Believe it or not your post title DOES matter. Since Google Reader's Demise, many RSS readers turnicate your posts making your titles more important. Also, your social media distribution on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc,  just gets added to a stream of endless self-promoting to an audience with short attention spans, so really, we all have a fraction of a second to get readers attention.

But what if you can't think of a great post title? Or you can if you had more time, but you're super crunched today… Do not worry. I got you covered!

Super Snazzy Post Title Cheat Sheet!


  • How To [DO SOMETHING] in a Pinch / Snap / on the Fly
  • How To Update [TREND] this [SEASON]
  • How To Wear [TREND] Like [PERSON]
  • How to Pack for [PLACE]
  • Make Your Own [TREND] with [COMMON ITEM]
  • DIY: [SOMETHING] in [#] Steps
  • The Super Easy DIY [SOMETHING]
  • The Ultimate Guide to Doing [SOMETHING]

Trend Posts

  • [#] [ITEMS] Under $[#]
  • [#] [ITEMS] You Need this [SEASON]
  • [#] [ITEMS] to Rock this [TREND]
  • [#] [PEOPLE] to Rock this [TREND]
  • [#] Ways to Wear [TREND] this [SEASON]
  • [#] [ITEMS] that  [PERSON] Would Wear This [SEASON]
  • [#] Predictions for [SEASON] You Won't Want to Miss
  • [#] of [FILMS/PEOPLE/TV SHOWS]  That Have This [TREND] Look

Outfit Posts

  • What to Wear to an [EVENT]
  • How To Get the [TREND] from Your Closet
  • [#] of Ways to Style [ITEM] This [Season]
  • How to Wear the [TREND] for Under $[#]
  • The Stylist's Guide to Wearing [TREND]
  • [ITEM] Review: Is this [TREND] worth it?
  • Would you wear [TREND]?
  • Love it or leave it? [TREND]
  • [ADJECTIVE] Outfit Inspired by [PERSON/FILM/TV SHOW]
  • The Super Easy Way to Wear [TREND]

Fashion Discussion Posts

  • Why [KEYWORD] Does/Doesn't Work This [SEASON]
  • Why You Need To Know Everything About [KEYWORD]
  • Why [KEYWORD] Is Good/Bad for Your [KEYWORD]
  • Where to Find Better [KEYWORD] For Less
  • How [PERSON] Got It Right/Wrong About [KEYWORD]
  • Is [KEYWORD] Necessary?

That should be enough to get you started! Do you have suggestions? Do share!!

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22 Responses

  1. Nancy L. StyleDecor

    Thank you. I have definitely overused “HOT {KEY WORD} FOR {SEASON}” and “TRENDY {KEY WORD} FOR {SEASON}”

  2. Loma Sernaiotto

    life saver! love this!!!!
    bookmarking, pinning it, sharing it like mad!
    thank you!

  3. Elaine C

    99% of the times I always have trouble creating post titles. Thank you IFB once again for helping me out! 🙂

  4. Sabrina

    I spend hours going through magazines for catchy post titles. It’s great that you take the time to help us and push us in the right direction! xo

  5. The Science of Happy

    Great list! I’m always wanting to write unique/arty titles but they don’t often explain much about the post. They may sound pretty but they’re pretty useless! Thanks for the cheat sheet!


  6. check out fashion

    great list! thank you 😉


  7. Nancy

    I love this. If I see “Top ____” of “_____ Ways to ____” in a title, chances are, I’m going to click it. Coming up with a catchy title isn’t always easy, but it’s always necessary. Take my most recent post for example, I named it “Top 10 items from the Forever 21 Summer Sale.” I was just going to name it “Forever 21” or “forever 21 Sale”, but after reading this post, I realized those were boring. Thanks for your help!

  8. Hey There, Stylish!

    Well, I’m doing some things right. Thanks for more ideas on how to title my posts. Some of my top posts are TREND SPOT: [KEYWORD] ROCKED BY [(CELEBRITIES)]

  9. Anna Peel

    Finally! A guide to better post titles. This is what I’ve been needing. Thanks for posting.

  10. Barbara

    I am no fashion blogger (infact, I say this all the time, lol) but I like to dabble. There is a holiday coming up and I am thinking my sister should start learning how to take pictures so I am going to try my hand at a couple of outfit posts.
    Thanks for the post title guide, I will definitely be needing these.

    Lagos, Nigeria

  11. Xiomara Rosa-Tedla

    This is so GENIUS! Thanks so much for this post. I know my titles need a refresher.


  12. Nasreen

    OK this is AMAZING. AMAZEBALLS. Bookmarking this definitely, thanks so much 🙂


  13. Alexis Crawford

    This is good, but I hope it doesn’t start to make people lazy and not come up with better / catchier titles!

  14. Alexis Crawford

    This is good, but I hope it doesn’t start to make people lazy and not come up with better / catchier titles!

  15. N'war

    Thanks for this. It’s similar to other blogging tips that I found on the net. One more how bout, the list.. like 5 things that u must have for summer etc etc. I think this more to

  16. Kaitlin P

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