12 Best Thrift Fashion Bloggers to Follow

Thrifting is a fashion trend that will always be in style. It adapts with the times, and it will always be fashionable to wear proven traditional styles. Thrifting is all this, and we haven't even mentioned all the great cost savings!

We're checking out the best thrift fashion bloggers to follow. These blogs are great places to draw inspiration, score hot deals, and keep up with the latest thrifting trends.

Best Thrift Fashion Bloggers

Chic on the Cheap

homepage of very popular fashion thrift blogger

We'll start with Chic on the Cheap, one of the most popular thrift bloggers with a huge following. Chic on the Cheap dates back to 2008 when Lydia was so excited about a deal she found at TJ Maxx that she started a blog. Since then, the blog has become quite popular and remains focused on finding stylish clothing while getting the most bang for your buck.

Needless to say, thrifting is a big theme throughout her posts, and she offers many tips and tricks for choosing thrifted goods that are timeless or have come back in style. We like Lydia because she is honest, charming, and always includes plenty of photos!

And, as with most fashion bloggers, she's got a great Instagram if you just want to see some cool photos of this avid thrifter.

This thrift style blogger is a great place to start our list but wait – we have more.

The Outfit Repeater

homepage of second-hand fashion blog

The Outfit Repeater is another really fun choice. This blog focuses on second-hand and thrifted fashion. Hannah Rupp created The Outfit Repeater in 2015, drawing on her experience as a personal stylist. She loves vintage fashion and 1980s inspo, and it comes through in all her pictures and tips.

Hannah's blog is not only full of unique vintage clothing ideas, thrift wardrobe, and casual outfits. You can also read about living sustainably, fast fashion, sustainable wardrobe, and ethical brands. If your style is heavy on that throwback appeal, then give this fashion blogger a shot.

Fashion Steele NYC

homepage of luxury clothing thrift blog

This blog defines itself as “where luxury, thrift, and high street” meet. Thrifting has a reputation as primarily a traditional or vintage style, but this blog is great for those who are trying to achieve luxury appeal with thrifted goods.

Fashion Steele was started by Monroe Steele in 2010. She covers everything from thrift finds to high-fashion events in her home city (NYC). Monroe attempts to bring together the worlds of thrifting and high-fashion, which were previously thought to be mostly mutually exclusive.

It's a great read, particularly if you're looking for a more mature, high-class look.

Keiko Lynn

homepage of unique style blogger who is thrifting

Keiko is a thirty-something from Brooklyn who has a super unique and fun sense of style. We love her blog because she puts her take on everything she wears. She writes about everything from style to beauty to fashion to general lifestyle!

Keiko developed her passion for blogging in high school, and it shows with her open, honest, and humorous blogging style. She'll tell you how to find deals, match outfits, and shop for different types of clothing.

Her social media is really fun too, and she maintains an active presence on Instagram, where she posts style inspo and lifestyle visuals.

If you're looking for a thrifting blog that talks about more than just thrifting, then be sure to check this one out.

Thrift Dee

homepage of southern-style thrifting blogger

Thrift Dee is a suburban housewife with a passion for thrifting that ran so deep, she decided to start a blog about it! She has a unique, Southern-style which she puts into every outfit she curates, and it's fun to check out her new areas of inspiration.

Her blog primarily covers style, interior design, and household tips and tricks. Most outfits that Dee wears have some element of thrifting, and it's cool to see how far she can stretch her dollar in each look she curates.

Old World New

homepage of sustainable living website

Old World New is a blog that was started by Addie Fisher, a self-proclaimed sustainable living enthusiast. This blog is excellent for anyone interested in living sustainably. It covers not only thrifting but sustainable living in every sense of the word.

Addie takes this commitment to sustainability and shares it through her blog, Instagram, Facebook group, and more. You'll find tips about renewable energy, sustainable household products, sustainably made clothing, and, of course, thrifting!

Because thrifting isn't just stylish and affordable, it's also a great way to live a zero-waste, sustainable lifestyle. You're breathing new life into products that might otherwise have stopped being used. You can feel good about your choices, and Addie helps show you how!

Sunset Saraid

blog of thrift blogger with fun style

Saraid has a super fun style with a heavy emphasis on thrifted goods. Her look is unique and includes bright colors, vibrant patterns, wild accessories, and much more.

Saraid is from Madison, Wisconsin, and has a true passion for everything vintage. She started a blog to combine her love of photography with her passion for fashion. She even runs a Thrifter Thursday on her Instagram, where she features her favorite cool fashion pieces from others.

Overall, it's a really fun and inspirational blog. We like Saraid's focus on boldness and creativity. And, of course, we like that she never loses focus on finding a good deal!

Thrifts & Tangles

homepage of blog about sustainability and second hand clothes

Thrifts & Tangles is a fashion publication started by Tyler Chanel, a Chicago native who now lives in LA. She originally started Thrifts & Tangles in 2012 as a way to share her hair and thrifted outfits but has seen it grow into a place for inspiring women to give second-hand thrift shopping and sustainable fashion a chance.

We like that thrifting is a topic that so heavily intersects with sustainable living, and this blog is the perfect example of that. You'll see the inspiration for sustainable design, sustainable household goods, and sustainable DIY projects. But of course, the main focus remains on thrifting and second-hand shopping.

It's especially useful if you happen to live in Los Angeles because she's always on top of the freshest new stores and the best places to score deals.

Tyler has a unique, elegant, and simple style. She is somehow both laid-back and bold, and we love it!

All Things Thrifty

homepage of a blogger that thrifts for lifestyle, not only for clothes

All Things Thrifty aims to be your go-to source for, well, all things thrifty!

This blog was started by Brooke Ulrich. By her admission, she posts mainly about the never-ending projects cluttering up her garage. All Things Thrifty is not only about thrifting clothing but also about the thrifting lifestyle. You'll find DIYs, craft tips, tutorials, recipes, tips and tricks, and much more!

So, if you're looking for a blog that's about more than just fashion, be sure to check this one out. You'll find lots of inspiration to drive your creativity and have you living a much more sustainable lifestyle. There are few things more satisfying than taking a project from start to finish, and Brooke helps us relive this experience again and again!

Black Friday Universe

homepage of website about fashion black friday deals

Black Friday Universe is another favorite of ours. This is a fashion blog that puts a focus on helping you find the best Black Friday Deals every day! They round up the best deals from across the web and compile it all for easy access.

It's not necessarily all thrifted goods, but we had to include it on our list because of their focus on value and simplicity. Black Friday Universe wants you to have access to premiumbrands at affordable prices, and they keep you in the loop when these things become available.

So, if you're looking for thrift store-level deals for name-brand goods, be sure to keep in the loop with Black Friday Universe.

Dina’s Days

homepage of a thrift store blogger

Dina started Dina's Days in 2009 as a way to share her passion for thrifting. But it goes deeper than that – she wanted to share the cost, creativity, and environmental benefits of secondhand shopping with the world!

Needless to say, she has made her voice heard, and we enjoy seeing her new finds and cool outfit combinations each week. The blog focuses primarily on thrifting, but she'll spice it up with some DIY recipes, crafting tutorials, and more! It's a fun blog full of ideas for living a sustainably stylish life.

Dina also runs a Very Important Thrifter Club that offers her members deals and discounts at several Northeast Ohio consignment and thrift stores.

Never Ever Pay Retail

instagram account of thrift stores influencer

Hannah Klose is an Australian with a passion for shopping thrift stores and ethical fashion. She runs a thrifting blog, but her Instagram is the best place to score some deals. The thing we like most about Hannah's approach is her simplicity. She posts her outfits and tags the places where she got her cool fashion pieces. Easy, to the point, and highly inspirational.

Best of all, she has a great personal style! Hannah always keeps it elegant and laid-back with a splash of fun. We love seeing all the new outfits that Hannah puts together.

Thanks for checking out our list of the best thrifting blogs & resources! Once you get into thrifting, you might find yourself drawn to the overarching lifestyle of sustainability. It's no surprise that many of these blogs go well beyond fashion and explore thriftiness as a lifestyle.

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