What’s The Right Platform For Your Fashion Blog?

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Whether you're just about to start a blog or looking to switch platforms, choosing the one that's right for you is a big deal. It's like choosing a city to live in. You can always move, and you can rent an apartment rather than buy a home, but no matter what you've got to weigh the pro's and con's. Many fashion bloggers out there feel like WordPress.org is the New York City of platforms (minus the insane prices) but there are many other great options to consider, especially ones that are free. Depending on how invested you are in your site, and just how customized you want it to be – there's a perfect platform for you!

Personally, I've blogged on OnSugar (when I first started – and I loved it), Blogger and now on WordPress for IFB and Eat, Sleep, Denim. They all have their merits, and all get easier and more intuitive the more time you spend.

What's The Right Platform For Your Fashion Blog?



  • Free (the not self-hosted service from WordPress)
  • Easy to set up and customize without knowing HTML or CSS coding
  • Technically, advertising, paid or sponsored content and affiliate links are NOT allowed on WordPress.com sites


  • Self-hosted version of WordPress
  • Free to use, but your site must be hosted first (somewhere like BlueHost for example, which costs money)
  • More functionality and full control over your content
  • You can run 3rd party ads or Google AdSense, as well as use affiliate links and post sponsored content
  • Widely believed to be the best self-hosted platform available
  • Thousands of plug-ins for customization
  • Fashion Bloggers using WordPress.org: Eat, Sleep, Denim, The Coveted, (and most other style bloggers, too)


  • Between $8.95 – $29.95 per month, depending on your plan; includes hosting fees
  • Widgets for customization, domain mapping and professional support for tech issues
  • Select a theme or template, or design your own with custom CSS
  • Monitor your stats through integrated Google Analytics
  • Fashion bloggers using Typepad: Style Bubble, Sea of Shoes


  • Free platform
  • Templates and post formats made to cater to fashion, beauty & lifestyle bloggers
  • Free access to Getty Images (as long as you maintain a .onsugar.com domain)
  • Built-in capability for ShopStyle and ShopSense affiliate program to earn money
  • Use your own 3rd party ads or advertise with ShopStyle
  • Fashion Bloggers using OnSugar: FabSugar, PopSugar, Fashionologie, The Fash Pack, At First Blush


  • Pricing: $8/month for standard and $16/month unlimited service (both include hosting fees & a custom domain)
  • Drag-and-drop layout feature is easy-to-use and makes for a quick set-up (pre-made templates available as well)
  • Functionality for pages, galleries and traditional blog format (or any combination of them)
  • Capability to auto-publish content to your social sharing channels (or easily add share buttons to your site)
  • Automatically formatted for mobile viewing
  • Built-in analytics tools
  • Fashion Bloggers using SquareSpace: Parker, Etc., Treasures & Travels


  • Free
  • Micro-blogging platform
  • Easy to follow and re-blog content from your favorite Tumblrs
  • Simple pre-designed post formats like text, photo, video, quote and chat make content production on the fly
  • Push your Instagrams instantly to your blog with Instagram's sync tool
  • Fashion Bloggers using Tumblr: Girl With Curves, Pizza Rules, Wit + Delight


For more: So You Want To Switch Platforms; Why Blogger Isn't The Best Platform

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Ana is a Travel Blogger and Blogging Coach at The City Sidewalks. With her expertise in online marketing, she's able to help other bloggers, creatives, and entrepreneurs grow their businesses so that they can achieve financial freedom to travel the world on their own terms.

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27 Responses

  1. snowblackblog

    I use blogger but am building a new site on WordPress and at first didn’t realise there was a .com and .org difference, on top of the fact that .com does not allow advertising or affiliates. Well, I guess that means I better get on the .org bandwagon for sure.

    Thanks for the list.

  2. Nasreen

    Im on blogger, I wanna switch to wordpress but the extra cost of hosting and other things is making me think twice


  3. abl

    I use wordpress.org. I love how the customization possibilities are endless. However..if you don’t know what you’re doing and don’t have a web person you can screw things up the more complicated you try to get with your blog.

    I’m in the process of simplifying all the plugins and what not I have going and looking for a cleaner layout. I’ve thought about switching platforms, but I need the flexibility of wordpress for advertising and such.

  4. WorkOfStyle

    I was on wordpress, moved to blogger because most fashion blogs seemed to be on blogger but now thinking of going back to wordpress because of how much more professional it is and looks. Still have to seriously think about it 🙂

  5. Katy

    I’ve tried WordPress.com in the past but I use Blogger now. Personally I find it a lot more user-friendly, and I really love being able to customise my blog so it looks exactly how I want it too, which you can’t really do in WordPress without paying for it.

  6. Bevin Valentine

    I use Blogger and I’ve been very happy with the functionality. I’ve also found it easy to customize, if not make major overhauls, but for now I’m happy. If I wanted to do a major redesign I suspect I would have to change platforms.


  7. Chaucee from Streets and Stripes

    I started out on WordPress for years, but I was getting frustrated with their limited customizable options. Everything was done through a purchased upgrade. Blogger let me take my blog where I wanted it to be and didn’t charge for it. It’s hands down my favorite platform to this day!

  8. Stephanie

    I’m on Blogger and I don’t plan on leaving. I don’t understand why I should. I’m sure there’s enough code in this world to alter my blog in the way I would need to to prevent that. Right??

  9. monica

    I have two blogs. One for quinceaneras is on wordpress org. It is easy to use and it looks profesional and it has a lot of plugins.

    After that one I opened my personal fashion blog on wordpress.com. The problem is that we are sometimes narrow minded and we only guide ourselves on what everyone is using, but we have to think: What will happen if my blog grows? Will this platform be the right one if I decide to turn my blog into business?

    That is why I decided to open my blog on wordpress.com, as I´m a business woman and I´m always thinking on a big screen. Even if my personal fashion blog is a hobby, I have to think big.

  10. Maria

    I’m confused… the Fash Pack site is using WordPress not OnSugar….???

    It says so at the bottom of their website!

  11. Bree

    I use blogger but I definitely see the appeal of WordPress, I think there are some options for wordpress which are great and blogger needs to get some of them!

  12. Major Tees

    I think WordPress looks more pro style and you can do more with it but Blogger definitely has its benefits, too. Whatever works for you is the main thing because at the end of the day they both get the job done 😉

  13. Ana

    I’m using Tumblr, but I plan on starting a more coherent blog on Blogger, too.
    The Tumblr one will remain for fast sharing. WordPress has some lovely stuff, but I’m not well-versed in HTML and CSS just yet so Blogger is better for experimenting until I find my feet.

  14. Caroline Topperman

    I started on Tumblr and quickly moved to WordPress.com I feel like it just looks more professional and with sites like Bloglovin I can follow anyone! Personally I don’t like all the adverts on people’s blogs, it usually makes the site look messy. I’ve always held to the theory that until you are averaging over 100 unique hits a day you shouldn’t push too much advertising anyway. girlintheyellowdress.com

  15. Sheyla

    I’m on WordPress.com and was thinking of switching to WordPress.org but the prices are high for limited bandwidth, storage, etc. (plus importing the site to self-hosted which is $100+) that most web hosts offer. I’m going to start a fresh new blog on SquareSpace since just about everything is unlimited and works with Google Apps and MailChimp among others.

  16. irene

    blogger is the best platform for who’s starting.


  17. fablike

    Im 100% happy with new platform donook.com. My fashion blog looks cool on it and it’s easy to use. All my posts, articles or pictures looking great!

  18. Zhenya @BeingZhenya

    I have been on WordPress.com for over 3 years now and am planning on switching to .org, so I can run ads, and sponsored posts.

  19. sonya

    i am using blogger and thinking of moving to wordpress . is this a good decision ?

  20. Jason

    What platform (1) will allow me to let anyone register as an author who can post (not an editor who can change everything), without having to give them permission; (2) can be embedded into a Google site; and (3) is easiest to use?

  21. Carmen

    OMG thank you so much for this! Been thinking of switching from wordpress.com to self-hosted wordpress, but having some troubles doing so!
    This cleared a lot up!


  22. Karin

    I use Tumbler, for mid-high fashion items from high-end Caribbean designers , check it out and give your support please https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/779745158/caribbeanfashionshowmercedes-benz-fashionweek-amst

  23. anna

    Is there an updated article on this subject? I’m thinking about moving from tumblr to wordpress.org but I like how you can see the # of followers on tumblr and it’s ease of use. However, if I’d like to monetize my blog some day, does tumblr have this feature or is wordpress.org still the best way to go?

  24. Matan

    Thanks for the list. I’m on blogger, But recently I have just created the blog on wordpress and it’s very easy to use as well.