Where to Get Cool Blogger Templates for Fashion Bloggers: Jelly Design Studio

For those of you on Blogger wanting more designed templates to make your fashion blog stand out, it's not always so easy to find great designs as most custom templates are for WordPress, Tumblr has some really fantastic ones, and the premium themes rarely provide options for Blogger. We found a wonderful little shop on Jelly Design Studio, who's work can be found on the likes of Nicolette Mason's blog. The designs are clean, fresh and certainly up to date with the current blog design trends. And for only $30, they're the price of a necklace at TopShop (so I'm saying, it's affordable).

Heck, if I had found templates that were so cool back before moving to WordPress, I probably would have stayed on Blogger…


Black and White Blogger Template

simple blog template

Sweet Dreams Blogger Template

sweet dreams blogger template



Summer Sherbet Blogger Template

summer sherbet blogger template


Cotton Candy Blogger Templatecotton candy blogger template


Sun and Rain Blogger Template

sun and rain blogger template

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35 Responses

  1. Style Context

    These templates make me wish I were on blogger. I noticed that blogger websites tend to be better designed than wordpress. WordPress themes are boring for the most part. Oh well.


    • CynthiaCM

      But WordPress (self-hosted) templates are so much easier to customize. No coding knowledge necessary and the best ones are through frameworks like Thesis or Genesis (what I’m on). WordPress is also better if you want less a blog-like layout, but more magazine (like my site).

    • June Johnson

      I have to disagree about wordpress sites being boring. I have a wordpress structure for all of my sites (www.junejohnson.co being one of them) and I absolutely love the flexibility of it. You can customize it to your wish, so theres no need for it to ever be considered boring. It comes down to the creativity of the owner.

    • Shenaye Thomas

      You want to treat your blog as if it is as popular as you envision it to be, otherwise, it will take forever to grow!

  2. Nadja

    The templates are very pretty but I would never pay $30 for something like this!
    Check out my Site.

  3. Marianne

    I like the first one, the rest are too girly/crafty for a modern fashion blog.

    I recently found this Etsy shop (http://www.etsy.com/shop/AdorableDsg) and I really like their templates.
    Other shops with great designs:

    I think that modern designs are minimalistic and simple with neutral colors.

  4. Marianne

    Is this post an ad or something? I recommended other templates shops and my comment never went public…

  5. Melanie

    The first three are certainly the best. $30 is not a bad price at all for someone looking to spice up their blog. The first one, actually, is perfect, but I suppose that’s subjective.

  6. Chelsey

    The Black and White theme is very clean and simple, definitely up my alley. I literally just started the migration from Blogger to WordPress today, though. These are some hidden gems!

  7. Sophia Penkova

    I really prefer black and white templates. I changed so many templates in last 9 months, but I always go back to black and white.


  8. Yna

    These are great designs, but they also make me happy I have a tumblr hosted blog. There are so many artists and web designers on tumblr that put out their layouts for free that it’s so easy to get a professional-looking blog for $0.00 🙂

  9. Elaine C

    Templates have to go with your style. For me, I like the classic b/w look bc it looks much more professional in my eyes. It all really depends on your style and what the mood you are going for. And for a cheap person like me, I rather try and create my own based on the simple templates on blogger. LOL 🙂

  10. Nancy

    These are all great layouts. I use blogger, and I just bought a new layout off Etsy. I love it, but there are still some features I need to add.

  11. Nasreen

    Wow these designs are doable without having to pay that amount of money, I was expecting more.


  12. Ana and Diana

    the designs are simple and seem doable without having to pay that much. I think they are expensive for what its being offered. I expected more. For what i have seen on the web, some people are taking advantage of the fashion bloggers fever…

  13. Xiomara Rosa-Tedla

    I really like the ‘Minimalist’ template. I’m on Blogger and I get so frustrated with the layouts offered. Thanks for sharing!


  14. Kotryna Bass

    amazing templates! I do also create blogger templates myself and will be lunching WP ones soon as well! check my shop on ETSY for more: http://www.etsy.com/shop/kotrynabassdesign

  15. Clara

    These are cute! I’m going to second everybody up there who says that etsy has some really great blog designs too, at a WIDE variety of prices. definitely worth exploring!

  16. dressfirm

    It all really depends on your style and what the mood you are going for. And for a cheap person like me, I rather try and create my own based on the simple templates on blogger. LOL

  17. Christine

    I am on a hunt for a template for my doll fashion blog.
    Thank you for all the links and tips and recommendations!


  18. Samantha Zinn Sáenz

    I also design blogger templates! You can find all of my designs on my design shop from $10.99-$30.99. I also think these templates are too girly and crafty for fashion bloggers. Check out mines, you won’t regret it!

    18-year-old graphic/web designer, blogger and small business owner from Barcelona.

  19. christina

    I have used etsy to purchase my template… It was roughly $30.00, and is good for the mean time. But I have had to put so much extra work into making my blog look and feel pretty. You can see my blog by clicking on my name. I have no idea how to change things without messing up the code. If anyone has any advice for me I would love to hear from you!

  20. MADA

    It Depends on your style & what mood you are going for, I rather try and create my own based on simple template on blogger.

  21. Tammy

    Another important factor to consider is if your blog is responsive. If your readers can’t read your blog on their tablet or smart phone then your readers could lose interest in your blog. This shop offers 100% responsive designs;


  22. Emma

    I personally think these are very ugly and generic looking blogs. You can tell that the designer does not really know very much design. My favorite theme designers are Blog Me Pretty and Pink and Lola.

  23. Lucy Margaret

    I think the service Melissa is providing is awesome. Great Blogger templates, quick email responses and help with your blog. After struggling with trying to adjust bought themes to my liking I am stoked to pay $30 to have an awesome template set up for me.