The Dude Looks Good: 12 Personal Style Menswear Blogs We Love
By: Taylor Davies

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A few weeks ago we rounded up some of our favorite menswear blogs – from big and magazine-y (Hypebeast; Valet) to personal and excellently curated (Unabashedly Prep, All Plaid Out). This week we want to give it up for the bold and stylish guys who do what so many of us ladies do on our blogs – show off their personal style!

To gather these blogs we scoured one blogroll to the next and natch, took quite a few cues from the comments left in our previous menswear post. You all are a constant source of new inspiration, blog bookmarks and cool new sites we never would have found on our own. From dapper to dandies, bow ties, bucks and no shortage of above-the-knee shorts (we love) – these menswear bloggers each bring their own unique flair to the table:

  • Edward H., by Edward Honaker
    • This Tumblr blog features minimal design, great Q+A with readers and the guy can make florals look masculine. We can dig it.
  • The Dandy Project, by Izzy
    • Minimalist style, DIY projects and cool shop reviews make this a truely unique menswear blog.
  • Munrowe, by Justin Livingston
    • We love Justin’s quirky-cool style, curly red hair and top-knotch photography.
  • I am Galla, by Adam Gallagher
    • Color, prints and monochromatic looks (not to mention great sunglasses) all with a SoCal twist – from a Los Angeles-based blogger.
  • Closet Freaks, by Anthony Urbano & Dustin Tyler Moore
    • Anthony picks the clothes, Dustin strikes the pose. They’re in love, they’re stylish and they’re pretty damn funny. What more could you ask for?
  • Dan Chiz, by Dan Chizzoniti
    • This guy’s style as well as his fun and playful spirit comes through in his love of color, prints… and all the jumping he does.
  • Fashion Bits & Bobs, by Pascal Grob
    • A Student based in Zurich, Pascal and his blog have already been featured in many publications including Vogue and GQ.
  • Fashion Goggled, by Landon Miller
    • Based in NYC and working in PR, we love Landon’s laidback style and currently – his polka dot shorts.
  • Christoph Who?, by Christoph Schaller
    • His blog combines his loves of travel, photography and fashion into a personal and street style diary with global appeal.
  • K a t e L o v e s M e, by Pelayo Diaz
    • There’s not much to say about him except that his style is truly unique, and his blog is unlike any we’ve come across before. Pelayo is a true individual (and we love his playful photography and poses).
  • The Midwestyle, by Jeff, Seth and Cam
    • This site is run by three guys who each have their own sense of personal style, and through narrative and great photography, their individual posts create a singular message.
  • This Fellow, by Bobby Hicks
    • Okay, we may secretly just love this blog because he’s Keiko Lynn‘s boyfriend – but really, the guy’s got style!

Did we miss any top-knotch personal style menswear blogs?


[Image credits: This Fellow, The Midwestyle, k a t e l o v e s m e.]


  1. Australian blogger Kolonel Mustard has smart, dapper style.

  2. I think this one of the top men’s blog, I like it because they mix urban street chic and classic looks into a cool style

  3. Profile photo of Janelle
    Janelle says:

    I adore these blogs. To see men in tailored jackets, ties tied to perfection, pants with the correct fit, and shoes that have been taken care of, is absolutely refreshing!


  4. Profile photo of Janelle
    Janelle says:

    @ A Sunny Day in LA: I agree, the guys of street etiquette should have definitely appeared on this list

  5. Profile photo of Gentlemeter
    Gentlemeter says:

    Not “only” a personal style blog, but please check out Gentlemeter also…
    It’s a 3,5 months old blog which grows really fast. It has fashion advices, lifestyle news, new (mostly limited edition) product announcements, fashion product selections and personal style all for men. Tuesdays are “models men love” day and fridays are “men of style” day on Gentlemeter. Just don’t miss out on it.

  6. Profile photo of THISISMEFB
    THISISMEFB says:

    Most Fomous italian FASHION BLOGGER

  7. Anna-Marie de Leon says:

    You should definitely check out , too. I adore so much this blog! :))

  8. Daniel says:

    You definitely should have on there. It’s run by two guys, Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs. They take menswear to the next level. They’ve been featured in so many types of media, and have broken down basically every item of menswear and delved into its history. Trust me, I feel like these guys are better (if there is such a measure on personal style) than a lot of the people you mentioned.

    • Profile photo of taylordavies
      taylordavies says:

      As I mentioned above – we already included Street Etiquette in our round up of menswear blogs a few weeks ago. We love them too and they really are unique and in a league of their own. Thanks!

  9. Grey Fox says:

    Please take a look at Grey Fox – describing a man’s search for style in middle age.


    Toronto Canada based blog by Spiro Mandylor. He’s very stylish, and gets all the best gigs in Canada for fashion bloggers including a new weekly TV show on E! Channel.

  11. Profile photo of THATS GRYT
    THATS GRYT says:

    Thanks for the article. I have found me some new blogs to follow. A personal style blog that I like (but can’t really read because it is in spanish) that was not on the list is .

  12. Travelle says:

    Great compilation.

    Oh, I dream of the day I can be added to this amazing list!


  13. Profile photo of Maria Alyssa
    Maria Alyssa says:

    here’s another menswear blog his blog is only around for less than a year but it’s getting a lot of attention :)

  14. Menswear is the most exciting thing in fashion as they are these guys above!


  15. Profile photo of Katie
    Katie says:

    I adore ” Kate loves me” blog. He has amazing style. Simply but classy <3

  16. Toni says:

    Fresh Fashion straight from London, street style, personal style and photography

  17. Jack close says:

    hey there is a stylist in London who i follow..his blog is pretty cool too…

  18. KZ says:

    The Pantalones is legit. Alex at is a thirsty kid with dope insight on all things menswear

  19. Profile photo of JayMarie
    JayMarie says:

    Thanks for this! I have been searching high and low for male fashion blogs! (:

  20. max says:

    PARIS based blog by Mr MOUJJKK. Very elegant and masculin ! Check out :
    Love this blog !

  21. You did miss one super awesome menswear blog — MINE!

    Check it out:

    I hope I make the cut next time.

  22. I love this fresh and funny blog from an Italian boy!

  23. Sorry to be a nitpicker but the expression is top notch or top-notch….no idea where the k came from :)

  24. Profile photo of Constantinos
    Constantinos says:

    super stylish men! what about me?????

  25. Profile photo of Fraquoh & Franchomme

    Our blog is also on men`s fashion and beyond!
    Fraquoh and Franchomme

  26. farooq says:

    kindly check the latest men fashion jeans, jackets, tees on facebook/dudemenswear

  27. Rob says:

    I launched my menswear blog about a month ago. . Pretty proud of it. Check it out.

  28. Nice blog great post.

  29. Domenic Bartlett-Roylance says:

    you missed mine! Please add it.

  30. Aaron says:

    My favorite blog isn’t on this list. It should be!

  31. I like “what my boyfriend wear” and “blake scott”. Maybe I should throw in mine as well “city of gentlemen”

  32. menswear says:

    Love closet freaks but have to admit I haven’t previously clicked on many of the others but I will definitely give them a shot now

  33. Shyann Pagan says:

    I beleieve you guys are missing blogger Christopher Maserati from I love his style and he has a mix of urban, chic and sometimes old school. I love him and he sometimes gives us some celebrity looks.

  34. I guess I’ll throw mine into the mix as well! Style + Drinks

  35. nick says:

    Another great fashion site with lots of fashion news, articles, advice as well as some great competitions. I recently made use of the ask the geek for some advice on a suit for a winter wedding the advice i was given was of great use.. anyway i will put the web address here maybe some of people will like it

  36. Sam says:

    Great list . Thumbs up !
    Discovered about a new blog lately , it’s too good thought just has 2 posts . Highly recommend to have a look .,

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