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Why You Should Be Following These Top 5 Menswear Style Influencers 2024

IFB has rounded up our picks for the Top 5 Menswear Style Influencers of 2024. Check out what you can learn from their success stories below.

Top Menswear Style Influencers

Gone are the days of finding the best dressed men in the pages of glossy magazines.

Throughout the past decade blogging, vlogging and the use of social media have drastically changed the rules of the style game. Nowadays if you’re looking for fashion advice, you’re likely to scroll through an influencer’s online feed for tips on how to dress. Even if you’re a man.

But let’s face it: there are so many influencers you can follow online for style advice (including influencers in the menswear scene). As menswear gains momentum within the fashion industry, it becomes increasingly more competitive for male style influencers to make (or keep) their mark in the influencer industry.

How can you stand out from the crowd in 2017, ensuring your brand isn’t lost within the thousands of #menswearstyle posts on Instagram? These five menswear style influencers have been able to keep up with the times, while still remaining true to their online brands.They also all have great substance to their style. While some of them may showcase great imagery on their blogs, they've all got more going on with their respective brands than just a bunch of pretty pictures.Whether it’s through utilizing good SEO practice or branching out from blogging to making Youtube videos, they know how to stay relevant and keep their followers engaged.

Want to learn more on how they continue to stay successful as the industry becomes more competitive? Check out IFB's round up of the Top 5 Menswear Style Influencer of 2017 below.

IFB's Top 5 Menswear Style Influencers of 2024

Brian Sacawa of He Spoke Style: The Constant

Brian Sacawa He Spoke Style

It's rare to find a “Best of” Menswear Style Blogger/Influencer list without Brian Sacawa's name on it (along with a link to his blog, He Spoke Style). Sacawa founded He Spoke Style in 2013 and has done a fantastic job of keeping his blog current, even as blogging trends change.

So, what did he do right? Sacawa successfully established his brand as a blogger. Then he branced out to ecommerce (check out his online store HERE) and took on gigs as contributing editor to other online media outlets (The Rake, Robb Report). This allowed Sacawa to keep his follower base interested in He Spoke Style, despite more and more menswear sites popping up on the blogging scene.

Launching an ecomm store, freelance writing/editing and establishing a strong social media following (he has a following of 173k on Instagram) enabled Sacawa to keep building up his follower base – all while keeping his loyal followers engaged with the He Spoke Style brand.

*Image from He Spoke Style

Brock McGoff of The Modest Man: The SEO Whizz

Brock McGoff The Modest Man

Google “short man style advice”. Next, search for “style advice for shorter men” or, even, “style tips for short men.” All three times, you'll find Brock McGoff's blog The Modest Man ranking in the top ten. This is no coincidence; McGoff uses excellent SEO practices to ensure that you come across his blog, if you're searching for advice on how to dress as a shorter man.

And while you won't find photos of the latest runway shows or pictures McGoff posing in his latest outfit of the day, you will find plenty of helpful advice on dressing if you are a man under 5″6 stature in height. The Modest Man reads more like an online magazine for men, looking for helpful tips on how to dress and look stylish in their everyday lives. It's far from a vanity blog.

And if you're wondering how McGoff earns his keep, check out his financial reports on the blog. It's refreshing to see a blogger be so honest about how they make a living, so hats off to you, Brock!

Interested in learning more about The Modest Man? Want to learn the reason behind Brock's financial transparency with his readers?  Check out our interview with Brock McGoff HERE.

*Image from The Modest Man

Tanner Guzy of Masculine Style: Blogger-Then-Vlogger

Tanner Guzy Masculine Style

Tanner Guzy founded the Masculine Style brand in 2011, as a blog. And while he still actively uploads content on his website, nowadays you'll mostly find him vlogging and making videos for his Youtube channel.

In IFB's interview with Guzy back in April, it was easy to see why he was so excited about embracing a new form of interacting with his follower base. (Guzy founded his Youtube channel in Feb 2014.)

“Turning on a camera and just going is so much fun,” Guzy said. “Especially so, because of the immediacy it allows me with my audience. I’ll put up a video on Tuesday and then I will go through all the comments that will come through, and will put up a response video based on those comments on Thursday. It really starts to turn it into a conversation and a community . . . Vlogging is so much more than just responding to comments [on a written blog post], because there’s so much more of a conversational aspect to it – you can see body language and visual aids, hear tone of voice, etc. which is really hard to get across to [your audience] when you’re just writing.”

As subscribers become less interested in reading lengthy blogs posts (you can read more about in our recent post HERE), bloggers will have to find alternative ways to keep their audiences engaged. Guzy has done an great job utilizing video content to keep his Masculine Style followers interested in the brand, while supplementing the brand with written content on his blog. While Millennials might not have enough time to read a lengthy blog post on topics like “Clothes that Attract Women”, Guzy provides them with the opportunity of watching a quick video instead on the topic via the Masculine Style channel.

Diversification with content is key and Guzy has nailed that aspect, which is why we have included him in the round up.

*Image from Masculine Style

Diego Leon of Dandy in The Bronx: Keeping True to His Roots and Giving Back

Diego Leon Dandy in The Bronx

It's refreshing when a blogger is honest with their following about their roots and are keen to give back to their community. Enter Diego Leon of Dandy in The Bronx.

Not only has Leon honed his sense of style through blogging and his social media platforms (follow him on Instagram @dandyinthebronx), he regularly participates in charity events and is keen to share his spirit of philanthropy on Dandy in The Bronx. Leon is very up front with his readers that “. . . his devotion to menswear began in the world of early childhood education where, as a preschool teacher, he dressed well every day so that his students would feel comfortable in the uniforms they were required to wear.”

And although he dishes out menswear style advice and showcases his outfits through Dandy in The Bronx, it's refreshing to see an blogger be so passionate about giving back to his community.

*Image from Dandy in the Bronx

Igee Okafor: Just Keep Blogging

Igee Okafor

Here at IFB, we love watching bloggers grow and evolve. And we have been especially excited to see menswear style blogger Igee Okafor develop his online brand and following throughout the past few years.

In an interview with IFB back in 2016, Okafor discussed the challenges he faced as a blogger. Like many of us, he cited staying inspired and internal pressures to create innovative content as something he was always facing. “The struggle of . .  never feeling satisfied with the amount/level of production or output, if you may, is a tough one,” he said. Most bloggers can relate to this feeling. But Okafor's determination, drive and work ethic continues to pay off and he's doing something right. For example, it's fairly clear from his recent content on the blog, that he has secured several partnerships with well-known brands. Okafor is absolutely a blogging success story.

What we can learn from him?  Well, even bloggers that have had exponential growth within their careers still feel as if they need to be doing more in order to be succeeding. But this feeling doesn't stop them from blogging; they keep working through it.

Do not be intimidated by the feeling of I'm-Not-Doing-Enough-With-My-Blog. Just keep blogging and stay determined.

*Image from Igee Okafor

Is there a menswear style blogger or influencer you think should be on the list? Let us know in the comments below.

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