25 Ways To Make Money Blogging

Make Money From Blogging

The question of the hour: “How do you make money blogging?”

Well there answer sometimes isn't as easy as “ads.” Bloggers from all areas of the globe have different ways of sustaining their lives as independent professional bloggers, we wanted to put some options together for you… all in one place.


So without further ado, here are 25 ways to make money from your blog (click the links in bold for more information on each!):


1. Set up an e-shop.

2. Use Instagram strategically.

3. Optimize your personal style post.

4. Use sites that also help charity.

5. Pin for a profit.

6. Build up a following on The Fancy.

7. Sell your own banner ads.

8. Join an ad network.

9. Strategize your affiliate links.

10. Become a brand ambassador.

11. Host a sponsored Twitter chat.

12. Post sponsored giveaways.

13. Freelance your expertise with other outlets.

14. Work as a community.

15. Charge a little more.

16. Have a brand sponsor your video content.

17. Send out a sponsored newsletter campaign.

18. Sell your stuff on The Cools.

19. Use holidays to your advantage.

20. Work with a small business.

21. Turn your blog into a book.

22.  Host a branded event.

23. Pitch yourself… over and over and over.

24. Consider gamification.

25. Use your niche to your advantage.


We know there's more out there, feel free to add your suggestions below!

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29 Responses

  1. Bree

    Very interesting. I don’t really blog to make money, I do it more because I love it but it’s always interesting to see that there are avenues for making money.

  2. Beth Smith

    We are a small business that supports emerging female designers from around the world and we would LOVE to work with you as a brand ambassador and more! Check out hybridher.com.

  3. snowblackblog

    I am setting up an e-shop and have had sponsored posts, which is good. I think some of these points are usual once you reach a certain “level” of blogging in terms of following and how well known you are in the blogging community. All in all, great tips.

  4. Kim

    For the sponsored Twitter chat, what price range do you charge for that? Do you pitch it to an expert and ask if they’d like to purchase that as a form of advertising for their brand?

  5. Fancy Francy

    Useful post, since we invest so much in our blogs (cameras, hosting, etc) its nice to make back some of that money.

  6. Fashion-isha

    Amazing article! You’ve provided so much helpful info..thanks!

  7. Fatima Tania

    I really loved this post. This is beneficial for all bloggers. As a Fashion Blogger and new online boutique owner it opened my eyes to several different avenues that I was not familiar with. Thanks a million.

  8. Rebecca Crouse

    I’m new to blogging. This is great info. Thank you for sharing:)
    Check out my attempt at blogging 🙂

  9. Tairalyn

    I don’t think you’ll ever know how much this has helped me. Trying to get my site up off the ground and think this valuable information will do JUST THAT!

    Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!


  10. Emily Ulrich

    I’m so glad you mentioned The Cools–I’ve been a member since it’ beta testing period and it really is the most convenient way to sell things online. I’m so in love with the format of the site and the community feel it’s managed to integrate.

  11. Beth Hewitt

    Wow, what a great list of way to increase your profits from your blogging.

    Beth 🙂

  12. Deirdre Jones

    Great list! Some of these I already thought about, but your list gives me many more ideas. It’s so easy to draw a blank when it comes to monetizing your blog. This list helps tremendously. Thanks again!

  13. Dave

    We’ve been blogging for around 6 months and are above the 2k a month phase so I guess that’s doing really welll! See our income reports here (another one for January coming out soon).


  14. Giselle

    These 25 ways to make money blogging is useful, but I find one of the hardest things about blogging for me is time. It’s difficult for me to NOT spend a lot of time blogging–and in the end, it makes it drudgery, and hard to make $. I read another really good post about making $ blogging, but it was with speed blogging, in under 30 minutes, and at the same time it gave you tips for getting more traffic to your site. It was really quite good! Giselle

  15. Chris

    Wow, really great article, I wish I could make money blogging for now I am only able to do so with paid surveys, I wish I could become a full time blogger

  16. Emma

    Really great tips on earning money through blogging. Thanks for share this information.

  17. naren

    Wow really great list.I like this post. I should try these ways to increase my blog profits . Thanks

  18. Anish

    Cost per install a new inventory intoducing you

    Earn up to 2$ per install

    SIGN up :- 7install.com

  19. Brad

    Good post. We think that you have to keep writing and reaching out. You have a community and you have to connect with them. You have to earn their trust before you earn their money. Expecting any other sequence of events guarantees frustration and disappointment. So we encourage readers to create a helpful blog for a community that needs the information. Then engage with positive – can do – people who will encourage you and keep cheering you on.

    Don’t you agree it is not an overnight possibility at all. Every interview I have heard by leaders on the net says they spent years building and creating their skills before anything “happened”. What do you think?

  20. Ron Bray

    I am blogging from last couple of months and no making money daily from my blog. After Join Blog Beast My life style has been totally changed. Check it http://goo.gl/bp42JO how people are making money from home easily.

  21. Shital Bhalani

    Great post! I also just started blogging around the topic of frugal living and personal finances (basically sharing about the mistakes and lessons I’ve learned from) and so far it’s been quite the adventure, and I’m looking forward to much learning to come. I’ll definitely take some of this advice here to heart – keep on blogging!

  22. How to make money online

    although we are in the same field of money earning online, but we are not the same phase of earning cause i earn money not on the design but in term of ptc program and affilieate marketing .. but anyway these could be informative topic to learn some newbie on how they earn money online