7 Signs You Might be a Professional Blogger

professional blogger signs
“I want to be a professional blogger.”

We've all said it, but what does it mean? I imagine that for each of us the definition of professional blogger varies.  For some of us, being a professional blogger may mean working as a blogger full-time and being paid for it.

I consider myself a hobby blogger; I also consider myself a professional blogger.

I blog because I enjoy it. It isn't my primary source of income (hi, full-time job!), nor is it the only place I spend all of my spare time (what's up, television?).  It's a hobby that has come with many perks, friendships, and some income over the years.  Before I grew a following or earned any money, I still considered myself a professional blogger.

Professional blogging is a state of mind more than anything else.

I consider myself a professional blogger because  I treat it with hard work, dedication, and a vision.  Because I earn a little money from it and because I have been able to build marketable skills as a result of it, I consider it a professional endeavor.  Professional blogging is a state of mind more than anything else.

Over the years, a lot of bloggers on IFB have said they aren't professional bloggers… but are you sure about that?  Here are 6 signs that argue you might be a professional blogger.

You Might Be a Professional Blogger If…

  • You treat your work with respect and care.  To some degree, I think this also means don't sell yourself out as a blogger.  Far too many of us don't treat our blogs and our work with the respect that it deserves. We put a lot of time and effort (and often money!) into building our blogs.  For your audience to respect your blog, they need to see that you respect your blog, too.
  • You see every comment you leave, every tweet you send, as your digital footprint.  I've seen a lot of nasty comments over the years. Each time I see one I think, “Wow. I have no interest whatsoever in supporting THAT person's site!”  Create and speak with good consciousness. Respond with tact and thought.  Remember that every message you send out is a representative of your work, and ask yourself, “Is this the message I want to be sharing?
  • You've received press releases, product samples, or have been invited to brand hosted events.  How does a free bracelet or free cupcakes after work make you a professional blogger? It means that someone believes you have reach and influence, and that business is trying to tap into it. It means you're accountable for the information you share with your audience.  It means you should respond thoughtfully and with more at stake than “this cupcake is stale.”
  • You've received some form of compensation for blogging. Whether it's $10 to host a text link, a pair of shoes in exchange for a banner ad, or a payout from rewardStyle or ShopSense, if you're making money off of your blog, you're a professional blogger.  You're also responsible for the gifts and income you earn on your blog when tax time comes.
  • You've said “no” to review items, money, or opportunities because you recognize it's not the right fit. Much easier said than done!  Saying “no” means a responsibility to the audience and staying true to the vision of your site.  As your site grows, you'll receive more and more pitches, and more often than not– they'll be offers that just won't match with your site. Just say no.
  • You spend as much time interacting with your community as you do writing content.  Content is king, but community makes or breaks a blogger.  What make Get Off My Internets so popular?  It provides bloggers and readers a venue to share their frustrations about the blogging community.  What makes IFB such a large resource for fashion bloggers?  Not only are we sharing our posts with you, but we put you in touch with other bloggers, whether via conferences, the old forums, or through your account.  Your community is what keeps your site thriving, and as a professional blogger, you recognize the value their voices add to your site.
  • You hold yourself accountable. To others.  It's easy to fall into a mindset of, “Well, it's MY blog.”  We're paying the hosting fees and creating the content and, for most of us, doing it with little return.  But we're accountable for the messages we put out.  We're accountable to our readers– they helped build our site!  If you're working with advertisers, you're being held accountable: deliver what you say you will and when you say you will. This one is HUGE and often separates a good business owner from a bad one, and it works the same for bloggers.

What do you think? What makes someone a professional blogger? Do you consider yourself a professional blogger– and why?

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  1. Jana Rose Carrero

    Great points. Thanks for such a relatable write-up! As a blogger who is highly aware of digital footprints, influence and honesty, I am proud to not only consider myself a hobby blogger who has fun with it all, but a professional with major goals and aspirations.

  2. AJ Wears Clothes

    I was just telling someone the other day that the skills I’ve learned in social media, SEO, and content management through blogging are going to be amazing leverages the next time I interview for a job. I treat my blog like a business even if it makes almost nothing – because that gives me the opportunity to show it off as a business later on.

    • moiminnie

      I totally agree with you on this! I do it too, and we really shouldn’t be selling ourselves short just because we’re not making thousands of $$. We’ve learned a great deal of things through our blog and that is invaluable! And WILL pay off in the future.

    • Kenneth Jacobs

      I must agree as well. Since I first started blogging, I’ve been learning more about how to market on social media, fixing my page with html, learning more about wordpress. It’s all skills I can factor in when I interview with my next employer. One day I hope I’ll be able to reach a professional blogger status. But until then, I’m still learn, progressing, and growing from this experience!

      xoxo Kenneth

  3. Amy

    I really enjoyed this. Perhaps I wouldn’t have said I was a professional blogger but, actually, I think I might be selling myself a bit short there. All of these are my standard practices and I feel good about this. I’m professional! Go me!

  4. Gabrielle

    I think this is so interesting.

    I guess I’d only ever considered “professional bloggers” to be those getting paid enough to get by on (sans other job) .

    You’re completely right, though, it’s all how you approach it. I think any innate sense of accountability and responsibility for content, quality and community really clues you into how people approach their blog.

    Way to challenge my assumptions in this post.


  5. Britani Marie

    This is Awesome! Shows that I have a lot of work to do. But I love it so much I am willing to put in the work necessary! thanks so much!

  6. moiminnie

    I always thought of myself as a hobby blogger, but after reading this article, I realized I’m more of a professional blogger than some bloggers I’ve seen and met. Although it’s not really my job, I do spend all my free time (and sometimes more) updating, taking photos and working on new posts.
    Thanks for this great article!

    • Alex

      I have just fallen in love with your website Moiminnie. It’s a clean and fresh, minimal but edgy style you have there. I love it. Alexander Wang and ALL SAINTS clothes comes to mind. Keep it up xx

      • moiminnie

        Thank you so much Alex! Compliments that come from fellow bloggers are close to my heart since those people know how much time and effort it takes to have a good blog, photos, layout etc and they appreciate it so much more. Also I might use your sentence about my style in the future, that definition never crossed my mind! Thanks again, you’re wonderful xx

  7. Kajsa J. Andersen

    Perhaps I am a professional blogger? I´ve always considered myself as a hobby blogger.

    I do spend a lot of time on finding material, write posts and advertise them. The greatest portion of time is spent on communicating with other bloggers.

  8. Laura Caufapé

    I spend the same time thinking about my new post than interacting with other bloggers. I think this is the idea 🙂


  9. Frugal Flirty N Fab!

    Great Post and after reading this its official that I am a Professional Blogger!
    Frugal Flirty N Fab!

  10. Kayla

    Loved reading this! Really puts things into light! : )


  11. Lindsay Viker

    Love this is! I am working on building up Couture in the Suburbs right now, and would one day love to make some money for the work I do.

    If anyone has ideas on how to start monetizing my blog, or knows of any other articles that would be helpful, I would really appreciate you letting me know 🙂

    Lindsay Viker
    Couture in the Suburbs

  12. The Science of Happy

    Great post but the title is missing the word “be”!
    Hope it’s fixed soon!

    For anyone interested, my MAC giveaway is still going on!


    • Ashley "Ashe" Robison

      Thanks, Science! I changed this post title at LEAST 6 times before it went live, so I’m not surprised somewhere in there I messed it up! 😉

  13. artsnark

    Great post. I consider myself a hobby blogger & find your “saying no” comment intriguing. I’ve turned down many more pitches than I’ve accepted – and sometimes wonder why the person approaching me thinks I’d be interested. I don’t believe in promoting something on the blog that I wouldn’t recommend “in real life”

  14. Tara

    True THAT. Love it… and

    love this —> “I consider it a professional endeavor”. I dig that a lot. Good way to put it.

  15. Melissa Cuentas

    Great post!

    I’d consider myself as a professional blogger because first I don’t get paid, and it’s something I really do enjoy a lot about it, maybe it’s not the time for me to get paid, or maybe, since I put all the love and effort on my blog, why should I have to get paid for it when it’s something priceless? I don’t know but to me, this thing about getting paid doesn’t work for me (right now… maybe someday I will), also because maybe and only maybe, blogging has taught me lot of different things, it makes me believe more on my dreams, makes me think positive as well as it has made one of my dreams come true… I never thought of that my dream would come true through just a simple computer and being blogging for almost two year, makes me a professional with major goals and aspirations. Or maybe because I really treat it like a very real business, my business.

  16. Kimberly

    Most of these are great ways of how to work your way up to becoming a “professional blogger”; but they don’t make you one. That’s kind of like calling someone who scrapbooks for a hobby a professional scrapbooker just because they take a lot of time with theirs, even though they don’t make money off of it — doesn’t make much sense, does it? IMO, unless you are making enough to supplement a part time income you shouldn’t consider yourself a “professional” anything.

    • Ashley "Ashe" Robison

      We will have to agree to disagree, Kimberly!

      I come from a background of working in the arts– by your argument, if an actor isn’t getting work and supplementing their income from acting jobs, then they aren’t a professional actor. That discredits the years of training and experience they have to become a professional actor. It’s a competitive market for them– so if they don’t get hired for a role, your argument would be that they aren’t a professional actor. And I know many actors who consider themselves professional, who work additional jobs to pay the bills, and would take serious issue with you saying they aren’t professional because their bills aren’t paid by that job solely!

      Similarly, you’d be arguing a writer who spends all of their free time working on a manuscript but who works a full-time job, would not be a professional. I know many writers who would take issue with being called unprofessional because their writing isn’t making money at that point.

      You say “it doesn’t make sense, does it?” but to be perfectly frank– yes, it DOES make sense in these cases.

      For many of us, professional does not mean money alone.

  17. Nadya Helena

    I do want to BE a professional blogger. And I will be one 🙂
    I do want to make my blog a creative space for me to pour out my thoughts (but with good perspective as you said) because I do believe that my blog is making an impact (even if it only has 1 reader, it’s still an impact to a person’s life).
    I’m en route to be a professional, just started building a sponsor and illustration request page to make the blog as my source of income. I do, though, need to work more on being more communal, since sometimes making good contents could suck up an entire lifetime instead.

    eyeshadow illustrator

  18. Joe Cripps

    Great post! As a novice blogger im using this as a guideline to aim for in respects to my outlook of my blog. Im in the proses of setting myself monthly goals for my blog, its content and traffic and so im going integrate all of these in!

    Boy In Brogues

  19. Lauren // thepearshape

    This is a really well thought out article. I think that becoming a “professional” blogger (to me) means more about are you monetarily making money from your blog than the other points. Because although my blog is not my primary source of income, I still treat it with the same care, thought, respect and interest as a “pro” blogger.

    Food for thought 🙂

  20. Hannah Faith

    I’m fairly new to the blogging world, but I have done my best to approach it with professionalism in mind, though my blog began as something fun to have a go at. I think that whether you plan to monetize or not, you should work to make anything that you put your time into and your name on professional. What you put on the internet stays there forever, and you can bet somebody is going to find it!
    Thought provoking post and good reminders about being aware of your media footprint:)

  21. Hannah Faith

    I’m fairly new to the blogging world, but I have done my best to approach it with professionalism in mind, though my blog began as something fun to have a go at. I think that whether you plan to monetize or not, you should work to make anything that you put your time into and your name on professional. What you put on the internet stays there forever, and you can bet somebody is going to find it!
    Thought provoking post and good reminders about being aware of your media footprint:)


  22. Alyssa Martinez

    I already did everything listed on this, but I still haven’t considered myself a professional…. So maybe now, I should. Nice post!


  23. BreAnne

    Thanks for sharing something that is so relatable for me. I blogged for almost a year before I had two babies back to back then took about a year off. I have started back up again and am really glad that I did. I came back to it because I love it and it lets me be creative. I enjoy every minute of it but so far have only thought about it as a hobby with the dreams to become a professional. I have learned so many new skills, put in a lot of time and energy to figure it all. My readership is growing everyday. I have a responsibility to my readers and to advertisers. I hold a certain standard of how I would like to be treated and how I treat my fellow bloggers (like my co-workers). I set goals, I research, I have put in money, slowly making some money, and I have to pay taxes. Although it may not be at the level of a high paying corporate job we should not think of ourselves as anything less.
    Your right, being a professional is a state of mind. For these people who argue you can’t be professional because your not making a living off it, well I guess that is not where their state of mind is. They are just not there yet and maybe never will be. Which is fine, maybe they will always want to be a hobbiest. You should hold yourself to the standard you want to be and not sell yourself short.
    Thanks for giving me the confidence to change my state of mind. I am a professional! Maybe I never thought of it as a job because I love it so much.

    Love Always,
    Professional Blogger

  24. Dosta Radnjanska

    I consider myself a hobby blogger. Tho I have received many compensations in clothing for my writing, and posting on social networks. But I’m in desperate need of a professional camera, to become a professional blogger :). I’m a fashion blogger and that is a must, but i just don’t have the income now to buy one :(. Soon I hope

  25. Daria Burkova

    I’m not professional blogger. I do not wanna sell myself for pair of shoes or smth. I just do what I love for people who loves what I do.

  26. Clever Little Buttons

    Another great, thought provoking post! I completely agree with the suggestions as to why you are a professional blogger and I do agree that this is more a state of mind than anything else. I have a full time job as a writer, where I create content for other peoples websites – I love it as I am writing all day long, but my blog is where I can really be me, I can say what I feel and I put as much effort into that as I do into my day job!

    Lots of love
    C x

  27. Amy

    I don’t consider myself a professional blogger even though I really do put alot of work in it. I almost spend all of my free time blogging (or being part of the community) but it still feels like a hobby to me.

  28. Inked & Sewn

    I can check off a few of those 😉

    btw.. just wanted to take a quick second to say how much I love IFB! I actually built a new APP now available in the app store for the bloggers to share their style and trade clothing locally and through shipping.

    If anyone is interested in downloading.. let me know. Its called SASS in the App store.

    Thanks again for all of the articles that inspire me to become a better blogger.

    Jess James

  29. Olivia J.

    I always come across your blog online when I get start googling my questions about my fashion blog. Your input is always useful. The way you make the information short, sweet and to the point. Very informative for your readers.

    Corporate Catwalk

  30. Tiffy Diamond

    Good article. It should make everyone feel better about their blog. Since I know most of us have dealt with some of these. You don’t have to have a thousand followers to be a professional. 🙂

    Blog: CuteLA.com

  31. Elena

    I agree with the comments! We put a lot of time and effort to make our blogs unique and interesting and we should consider ourselves as professional bloggers. Sometimes when people ask me what do I do for living I can’t tell that I’m a full time blogger because some people react very odd and don’t take me seriously, that’s sad!!!

  32. Melody Lesser

    I love this post! Thanks for the inspiration and validation. I’ve always considered myself a professional writer, having begun my career writing for magazines and then expanding to the internet. I never actually questioned whether or not I’m a professional blogger. My site is not my main source of income yet I have the deepest affection and utmost respect for it. (It also is a source of tremendous anxiety and can confound me so much that I question why I devote as much time to it as I do. I live, eat, breathe and sleep my site. It’s like a living thing that I nurture, protect, promote and love.) I feel an incredibly strong responsibility to my readers, the products and people I write about and to the site itself. I agree that being a professional “anything” is not just a matter of how much money you bring in. It’s how you approach doing the thing you do. Thanks for this post. I’m loving the validation.

  33. Isabella

    Definitely time and effort goes into our blogs thats for sure! I love how this post says everything that I think, and hope to achieve with my blog!

  34. Robin Avidor

    If I didn’t before then I do now! Reading the article was so validating! I work for hours everyday after my full time job. I love it and yes, there have been some VERY wonderful perks!!
    xo r

  35. Jyoti from Style Delights

    Great article! I started blogging as a hobby, but within a year I felt it was more than a hobby for me and now I ‘work’ full time for it. I have made great blogger friends, worked with some cool brands and campaigns and great to see in your article the validation of my thoughts as well! I agree, bringing seriousness and professionalism in blogging can work wonders for any blog!
    Have a wonderful day!
    Style Delights Blog
    Enter $40 giftcard giveaway by Lorraine Tyne

  36. Emily Choulaghians

    One of my absolute favorite articles I have read on IFB! Thank you for shedding some much needed light and putting into perspective what a professional business blogger entails. I guess I have been one for quite some time with out giving myself enough credit. Thank you IFB.

    Emily Jenny
    Stiletto Beats

  37. Kate

    Such an inspiring article to read 😀
    I have probably achieved a few on that list so does that make me a half-pro? :p
    I always thought myself as more of a hobby blogger, I’m sure this article would be useful to those who are aiming for a pro status and could see this article as a starting point to work with 🙂


  38. Sabrina Dinucci

    Very interesting comments from my fellow bloggers. But let’s make it clear that being a PROFESSIONAL anything doesn’t necessarily mean compensation but it means you have the skills to perfom a task at hand. Blogging can be a personal journey for some (i.e. hobby) or a means to promoting yourself or your product. Either way, I’m not here to judge you but please don’t judge me even if it doesn’t make sense to you!!
    Proud to be professional!
    Sabrina – Shine on!

  39. Julie Rasmussen

    Thank you for the great article. It was very inspiring. Before I started blogging I said to a friend of mine, Dr. Sherry Meinberg (who has written several books) “I just don’t think anyone will read it.” And she said, “If you take the time to write it, someone will take the time to read it.” And that was enough encouragement for me to pursue my passion of writing and marry it to my love for fashion. Thanks to all of the encouraging people out there who blog and share. xoxo

  40. Célèste

    Wow, this is really validating to read. I take my blog very seriously, and conduct everything that goes into it with professionalism. I am just starting to work with affiliates and am soon going to do my first sponsored post. As of now, I have no side-bar ads because I haven’t wanted to compromise my readers experience until it felt worth it.

    I’ve turned down lots of partnerships and ad requests in the past because they weren’t right. And, until now, the fact that I haven’t made any money has made me feel like “not a professional.” But, after reading this article, I feel like those choices are evidence of just the opposite.

    Thanks so much.

  41. LuceBuona

    Seems like I still have plenty of work ahead of me… But I’m up for it! 😀

  42. Lisa

    In this definition, despite my much bigger day job, then yes, yes I am. And thank you for this list – it feels good.

  43. jill (@polkadot23)

    Seven out of seven.

    And yet it’s funny.. some of the highest profile bloggers, who I know personally, who get lots of free stuff and invited to lots of things- AND who get paid – alas, don’t display any of the manners or professionalism you’re talking about here. They got their followers through being quite skilled at social media, and the art of manipulating their image. And also through bullying, backstabbing, and otherwise getting rid of what they perceive as their competition. While keeping a sharp focus that their ‘public’ – their followers, who define their success – are completely clueless of their true natures.

    BEAUTIFULLY written piece, Ashley. What you’re talking about is a guide to how to be professional, period. In any area of life. And also, how to be a decent human being, in a civilised society.

    (I’m also known as streetstylelondon.blogspot.com, btw)

    • Ashley "Ashe" Robison

      Sadly Jill (and I think you’ll agree with me), that a lot of people who make their way to the top do it the same way some of the bloggers you mention do. It’d be an ideal world where being hardwork, passionate, KIND, and grateful meant breaking your way to the top and finding success…

      Thank you for the kind words about the post! I definitely think they’re true of any profession- absolutely– and of being a kinder, contributing member of the world.

  44. Ruzu@princess-corner

    Great point of view and I am agree. I started my blog because i enjoyed the idea and it became in a hobby and “lifestyle” and now I am in the yellow brick way to become a professional blogger (I have two of the list) i love the idea, and why not? the most important always be you.


  45. Barbara

    Ok so I am totally and completely stunned by this post and I think I now understand why a lot of people I know have been giving me side slaps about why I do not think about going pro with blogging – perhaps because they and a whole lot of other people consider me one already, lol.
    I still do mine as a hobby and I love doing it whether reviews of products I have received or bought, said no to or any other thing.
    I love this post Ashley, thanks a lot for taking out the time to write it and it just shows me that there is a future for me to add a stream of income in that line.


  46. Kat

    Thank you for this terrific article, Ashley! You really clarified many of my own thoughts about my work and my blog and expressed the whole beautifully. And I agree with your stance that you need not *yet* be making money from your blog to be a professional. Perhaps that is not the reward you value and are invested in, or perhaps you are still in the process of building the presence that will one day pay off financially. I agree that to become professional, we must first be professional, and by respecting our work, ourselves and our reader is a terrific foundation.


  47. Fashion-isha

    According to these standards I’m def a professional blogger, but how, pray tell, do we make real money?? The little I make is still not enough!!

  48. the white cabbage

    Ciao Babi,
    grazie per aver condiviso questo post , così interessante Leggendolo si è rafforzata la convinzione che tutto quello che noi facciamo , sia a livello professionale che come hobby vada fatto bene , con cura e attenzione , con rispetto per gli altri. , questo è un prerequisito che nel tempo ha sempre
    dato buoni frutti.

    Buona giornata


  49. Dea

    Thank you for sharing! I started my blog few months ago and I treat it like a diary, where I write about my inspirations as well as aspirations.


  50. Angela

    i didn’t consider myself a professional blogger before…but now i’m rethinking that! great article. xoxo angela

  51. Susann

    The only reason I started a blog was to make some money . I dont make a lot of money, but I get excited when there is a chance to do so.

    If a company offered me a £100.00 to write a blog about football ( unlikely as I have a fashion blog ) I would take the money and write a blog for them . If I didnt take the money because my blog was not a good fit or I was “selling out my readers ” I would not be able to sleep at night !

    I try to blog well, checking spelling mistakes etc…. but I am in it for the cold hard cash so that makes me a proffesional blogger

  52. erikarodica

    I don’t consider myself as a professional blogger YET since I’ve recently just started being active on blogging. However, will surely keep these in mind.

    🙂 Erika

  53. Kimberly, The Fur Mom

    This is a fantastic post! Thank you for writing it. I love it. Yes, I’m a professional blogger – one thing that really made the switch for me was when I started seeing (1) my blog as a business and a brand, and (2) myself as a brand. I picked up various versions of my name (even a common misspelling) as a domain as well as The Fur Mom (which is a common user name that I have).

    This year, I’m looking into trademarks and becoming an LLC. When I started looking at myself as a brand, I definitely started taking care with how I behaved online both on my personal profiles and blog profiles – I determined what type of image I wanted to develop and present to my audience, my network, and to brands. I’m still being real, but it’s helped me to keep my temper in check when someone hits one of my buttons (in the dog lover world, there are some sensitive topics) and take a moment to understand where their coming from, formulate my response, and determine if this is a beneficial relationship to my self, my business AND my brand.


  54. Hachim El mir

    I love this Topic
    i’ve read it all , please check out my blog www.hushemir.blogspot.com

  55. zoe phinazee

    I think this is a great post and it helped me realize maybe i am/could be? a professional blogger, I try to improve my blog everyday whether content, photos and I recently changed my layout. I would love it if you guys could check out my blog and leave me feedback here on how to improve thanks!

  56. Chic Trends UK

    I think we might know someone here at the office who might be a pro-blogger! Absolutely loving the article and would love to hear from any fashion bloggers on this post! We’re always on the lookout for new fashion bloggers that have a good fan base.

    Check out our website for me! www.chictrends.co.uk

  57. Lilli

    Even though some of the items on this list describe me I still think of myself as a hobby blogger. I like to take whatever I do seriously so even if all I’m doing is talking about shoes I still want it to be genuine. Fun too, with an awareness of the frivolousness of my topic, but genuine none the less.

    My blog is primarily a just-for-fun hobby at his point. Maybe as I commit more time to it I can see it becoming more of a professional endeavor but for now I’m just having fun.

    Interesting reading you all’s opinions though. Most of my offline friends don’t read blogs (or use the internet at all) much so they don’t really get that it even can be something done professionally.

  58. Catherine Summers

    Wow what a great article, Ashe… I’m so proud that I can tick off every one of those signs that proves to myself I am already a professional blogger, not just working my way towards it!

    I recently attended a RewardStyle workshop and we were told that if we’re not only posting regularly on our blogs (2-3 times a week) but also linking up to most of the main social media platforms, partnering with brands, using affiliate links, etc. then the industry considers us “professional publishers”. I loved that term! That’s also what’s going on my CV [resume], above my day job as a marketing manager. And I wholeheartedly agree with you that the money you earn from blogging doesn’t HAVE to be enough to support you to still be able to call yourself a professional, you’re quite right IMO 🙂

    Catherine @ Not Dressed As Lamb

  59. D.O.T - is a lot

    Love reading this. It’s all true, first hard work and a good sense of style!

  60. Saranda

    Great post thanks for sharing this with us. I think at the moment I am still a hobby blogger but well if I read those things I do respect and care deeply for my own blog. It’s my own little place on the whole wide world and www… I went to a bloggers event for the first time this friday and I always consider everything I do and every opportunity very closely. Does the brand or item matches my own style. But I would not want to say I am a professional blogger yet, I am a professional person and work in a professional way.

    I think besides that it just has a lot to do with not wanting to brag to other people…

  61. Asia

    Primarily, I am a hobby blogger because I use my blog as an outlet. It’s the next best thing to talking to my best friend who’s just as obsessed with fashion as I am. But after reading this, I’ve realized I am a professional blogger. I put money into my blog, and dedicate most of my time to it. Though my traffic is pretty low, I’m always on top of comments and visitors. I’m monetizing at the moment but that’s not a priority for me. Just getting out my thoughts and information the best I can is.

  62. SIMONA

    Interesting and full of love piece of blogging life!! I’m trying to do my best….
    A big kiss from Italy.


  63. adhi wahyudi

    this topic is interesting to read all, i love this topic much.

  64. Zoe

    Absolutely. Everything we do is a digital footprint. Don’t forget that. We are our brand!

  65. Starbrille

    I totally agree with you. The first time I received a blazer from a website for doing a blog post I was so happy. I was so proud of myself. I’ve always been addicted to fashion and I love everything about it ,but once I discovered the world of blogging their was no stopping me. I totally agree with you when you say being a professional blogger is a state of mind. I blog because I love it but I take it serious as anything else important in my life. I’m not a full time blogger yet but sometime in the close future I will be. It’s all about setting a goal and building your way up to that goal.

  66. jannat bhullar

    very beautiful written actually i agree with you all we are doing so much hard work. I start blogging because i love it but i can’t say right now i am a professional blogger !!!!!! maybe in future

  67. Miche

    I am defnitely not a professional blogger, but I do aspire to one day be one. I love the sense of community I have found within blogging, and the people I have met in the past few months have been truly inspring, so whether I one day become professional, or not, I am definitely happy, and passionate about where I am right now.

  68. Caitlin Evelyn

    I really enjoyed this peice! Though my blog is only a few weeks old, I try to think of it “professionally” and am working towards being able to check every item off this list!

  69. John Smith

    Hi Ashley, Thanks for your explanatory post about profession blogging, i agree with you that writing is an art which comes from within of writer. it is not possible to be an expert in blog writing without getting its feeling and understanding its importance. you have explained it very well, i really enjoyed it.

  70. Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom

    I was ordering business cards for my blog and then began to wonder, should I put “Professional Blogger” on my cards. I googled what it means to be a professional blogger and was led to this article. This is exactly what I needed to read! After this read I concluded that I AM a professional blogger! So I added it to my cards. Thank you! I was mulling this over for a while and your post helped me take that big step.

    Now I can’t wait for my cards to come in!

    Thanks for the insight and for the help!

  71. Estelle Aubel

    Awesome post and thanks for sharing it! As, i have also seen one video which is fantastic for blogging as https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x5e7uu2B2kA .

  72. Amber

    Not all of these were a yes yet, but I’m getting there. I think you’re a professional blogger the second you make even just $0.01 out of it! (:

  73. Shaleen

    I’m a author but also blog. My blog is called Heavenly News. I have around 5000 clicks but no comments. I also haven’t been able to make any money from it through Google adsense. I haven’t done any marketing. I’m trying to decide if I’m more of a blogger than writer, and vice versa. Could use some input.