How to Remove Followers on Instagram and Spot Every Bot

You might be thinking, “Why would I ever want to remove any Instagram followers?” After all, the entire point of social media platforms like Instagram is to accumulate a bigger audience, right?

It was some time in 2012 when everyone was thirsty for followers, to the point where paying to get a certain sum of them was a possibility. And I don’t just mean one or two. You could pay for thousands of them.

As you might guess, there’s a catch in this seemingly fantastic offer – none of the followers are real live people. These Instagram profiles are purely designed to round up the follower number on your profile without creating any organic engagement.

As a result, these auto-generated fake personas can even spam your profile, adding annoying comments and messages with external links you should never tap on (trust me!!!).

You’ll want to remove them eventually. And not just because these profiles can be a pain in the glutes. There are now regulations rolled out by the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) that can sanction people that have actively pursued ghost followers.

The trouble is, you might not be able to do it all in one go if you do it manually. So strap in and allow me to explain how to remove followers on Instagram with minimal effort. In this article, you’ll learn:

  • What are ghost followers on Instagram?
  • How to remove ghost followers on Instagram in 2024?
  • How to recognize fake followers on Insta?
  • Why is buying fake followers a bad idea?
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What are Instagram Ghost Followers?

Instagram ghost followers come in many shapes and sizes. Plainly put, they are typically fake accounts that use the Instagram app and don’t contribute to your audience growth in any way.

One type of Insta fake is an inactive account that uses the created profile for a one-time follow and becomes permanently inactive past this point. This is the most harmless type of ghost follower.

Another common type is the fake business account. This one might start spamming you with fake affiliate links or even offer you to buy an item you can promote for advertisement purposes. You’ll find these followers can be particularly annoying and persistent. Such fraudsters can even allure you to enter your card details in a fake website and steal tons of money from you.

You might also come across bots programmed to spam your comments section and your followers. Needless to say, your followers won’t be impressed by this sort of behavior, and some might be quick to unfollow your profile. When the bots make up a quarter of your followers, the spamming can be excessive and become a problem.

This fake follower infection can hurt your credibility and does absolutely nothing for your engagement rate. In the end, you’re only losing money in an attempt to grow your audience. It’s best to give up on buying fake followers and admit there’s no such thing as “free followers.”

Instagram Followers

How to Identify Fake Instagram Followers?

So what are the tell-tale signs of a ghost Instagram follower? You can easily recognize a fake follower from miles away if you learn to look for the signs. Once you identify the faker, you can block them or remove them from your follower's list.

  • Their Instagram handle makes no sense. It might include a random set of numbers or punctuation signs. There’s edgy, and there’s complete gibberish.
  • Spot the difference: does the profile have a high following count but low followers? Uh- oh. They’re probably fake!
  • Take a look at the content on their Instagram page. Do they have just a handful of posts? Are they low-quality posts with one or two likes and highly outdated? Yup, you’re getting the hang of it; they are ghost followers!
  • Are they lacking a profile photo? This isn’t always a valid sign, but if all the above ones are present, this can just confirm your suspicions.
  • They have a pretty generic bio or no bio at all. This is usually one of the red flags you should look out for.

Of course, pair these with random comments, and weird unrelated direct messages, and you can be sure – you're in the presence of a fake!

Why Are Ghost Followers Bad for Your Instagram Account?

Today, most Instagram influencers understand the risk behind buying fake followers. And yet, some people still think they can get away with it, not realizing the problem with fakes. If you are tempted or know someone who is, let’s discuss why ghost followers are wrong from your Instagram profile.

1. Zero Audience Engagement

Don't expect your freshly gained fake followers to care about your energizing yoga practice or the scrumptious meringue recipe you just posted. Don't forget they're nothing but an inactive account, and it's likely they won't be contributing to your profile with likes, comments, or any other type of interaction. They won't be looking at your stories. You probably know that having a lot of followers is no longer enough to get you recognition on Instagram. Engagement is a vital part of it.

2. Beware of Spam-Malicious Content

Get ready for some spam! Suddenly you are part of groups formed by random Instagram users. You might even recognize some of them – there’s a chance the bots pulled from your following. They are spamming your actual followers, too, and I suggest you don't click on that link you have just been sent. It's most likely a scheme to steal personal information or even money.

3. It’s Pretty Transparent

Any brand ambassador with a pinch of common sense will think to look through your followers before approaching you with an affiliate offer. Since it's public information and available for everyone to see, it’s easy to spot if you’re a #fakefluencer. Your fake followers might be the reason you’re not getting those desired sponsorships.

4. You Should Give a Damn About Your Bad Reputation

You should care how fake followers affect your reputation and presence online. There are enough tools and apps online to spot a faker from miles away. You don’t want to have a bad name on the Internet, do you?


5. It’s a Financial Risk

Sure, you can have your account suspended if Instagram notices you have bought followers, especially since it’s against their Ts and Cs. But that’s not the worst possibility. You could risk receiving a fine for buying unauthentic followers, too. Remember what I mentioned about the FTC regulations? In perspective, buying followers could lose you a ton of money.

With all these things in mind, you now understand the potential risks you're taking when purchasing inactive followers. My advice is to go to Instagram and mass delete those ghost accounts. The section below will give you all the fine details on how you can remove ghost followers from Instagram.

How to Remove Ghost Followers on Instagram?

Instagram Login Screen

The truth is, there’s no right or wrong way of doing this. It might just take implementing two or three of the methods below to make sure you’re rid of those annoying internet pests.

Step 1: The first thing you can do is go through your list of followers and manually remove those fake accounts. If you have a huge follower count, I suggest you open up a word file or a Google document as you might get lost in the removal process. Try to note down a real follower’s profile handle every so often.

Step 2: You can use Instagram’s categories to distinguish between the different types of friends. Pay attention to accounts you don’t follow back. You’ll find tons of bots lurking in there.

Alternatively, if you want to remove or block a follower that has been bugging you, you can tap on their Instagram handle and open up their profile. Select the three dots on the top right corner near their follower count. You'll have the option to block their profile, suspend their activity and report them. Unfortunately, unless tons of people report the profile, you won’t be able to have it deleted, so restricting or blocking can be the best option.

Step 3: To remove a follower, simply press the remove button right across their Instagram handle. Confirm your choice and it’s done! You're free from their presence and the annoying commenting and spam can finally stop.

Meet me back here several hours later when you’re done!

Whew, that was looooong, wasn’t it? Allow me to brighten your mood with the following easy-to-use method.

Did you know there are applications and websites out there that can help put your followers in order?

If you’re tired of doing your follower cleanse manually, you can simply use one of the suggestions below. For best results, use the manual method paired with a website.

An excellent follower cleaning service is BotRemoval. Think of it as your knight in shining armor, ready to battle any spamming activity on Instagram. Whether BotRemoval is in the face of ghosts, bots, or fakes, it has sworn an oath to protect your profile. A couple of taps, and you’re free from inactive accounts, annoying spam, and silent users.

The good news is BotRemoval offers a free trial so that you can take full advantage of it for a whole month. And if you choose BotRemoval as your appointed full-time knight, you can subscribe and continue the service (price varies depending on the number of bots it has to face).

What you’ll love most about BotRemoval is the reach – you can add multiple profiles to your account, and BotRemoval will make sure they’re all bot-free. You don't need to download an app or keep the browser tab open at all times. BotRemoval works in the background and can give you daily reports on its activity, allowing insight into its decision-making.

BotRemoval is advanced enough to pinpoint fake engagement too, and enable you to clean fake likes and other suspicious activity.

If you’re adamant about keeping a healthy and hygienic follower activity, BotRemoval can quickly turn into a valuable friend and help improve your engagement rates. If you’re a blogger or influencer, you’ll thoroughly enjoy the services provided by this helpful app.


Another awesome app you can try out is the Unfollowers & Ghost Followers on Google Play. This follower analysis app can help you remove unwanted followers. But that’s not everything. The app features self-promoting shoutouts, too! Go on, give it a try!

If you use all the suggestions above, and you’re still struggling to clean out your account from ghost followers, you might have to say goodbye to your profile. If you want a clean profile where you could easily monitor your statistics, a bot-infected Instagram just won’t cut it. Sometimes the damage is done, and you just have to start over.

It doesn’t have to be a dramatic change, though. You can migrate to a fresh account little by little. Start it up, and tag it in your stories and posts. Since bots and ghost followers never actually register what you’re posting, you can make a picture announcement, ushering your real follower to a brand new account. That way, you don’t have to worry that they’ll head over to your new account along with your loyal audience. Give yourself a week and try to inform your followers every so often through stories and posts.

Be brave. In reality, you might even benefit from starting over. Think of it as a total makeover. What can you do differently this time? Can you do a rebrand? Consider your strengths and weaknesses. Growing your audience organically has always been the right way to do this.

Now that you’ve got a brand new start, whether you have made a brand new profile or have just finished your spring clean, how can you make sure you’re not going to face the same problems again? That’s exactly what we’re going to discuss in the section below.

How to Stay Away from Fake Followers on Instagram?

Now that we’ve lured them out of hiding let’s discuss how to stay away from fake followers.

Step 1. Repeat after me. I don’t buy fake followers.

It’s the most crucial step of all. Don’t get tempted. It’s not worth the money. I’m sure by now you can see there’s no real advantage to it.

Another essential piece of advice is always to stay vigilant and keep an eye out for fakes. Don’t get tempted by random offers pouring through Instagram profiles. Check the legitimacy of these supposed brands and business profiles that approach you.

If you have shared your email address publicly, be prepared for tons of fake email offers too. Research the brand with stalker precision. Another good way to check if you’re approached by a bot or ghost is to google their message. There are tons of people online that have been targeted by bots and fake Instagram profiles. Check their story. If they match, there’s a good chance you’re chatting to a fraud.

Make sure to go through your followers every few months. Check those usernames – this is the easiest way to find ghost followers.

Sometimes ghost followers can pour in from your Twitter account too. If you want to learn more about removing ghost followers on Twitter, check out our article.

Why Buying Fake Followers is a Bad Idea?

There are many reasons why buying fake followers is a bad idea, and the endless spam and clean-up after them is just the start. Have you considered the impact they might have on your potential subscription offers?

Yes, many well-established brands carefully select which followers to approach. If they scan your followers and notice the presence of many ghost users and bots, they might not even consider you.

What’s worse is that you might end up being approached by a well-known brand that hasn’t done a background check on you. Let’s say they want to get 60 people signed up for their service. If you have 25 000 followers, this is easily achievable. Or so the brand thinks. What they don’t know is that half of your followers are fake, making it difficult to fulfill that promise. You could just end up disappointing the brand.

Buying fake followers is also costly. You end up spending a lot of money, and you don’t really get any benefits from it. The lack of offers and subscriptions only pushes you further away from your ultimate goal – to become an influencer.

The presence of spam comments can ruin your reputation. This is just a suggestion, but you should keep your comments section clean of any bots. Otherwise, anyone can spot there’s some funny business going on. If you’re trying to build an authentic following, make sure the environment you’re cultivating is bot-free.

One Last Thing…

I really hope this article has given you insight into why buying fake followers is a bad idea and you now know how to remove them. Who would have thought we’d be facing such bizarre problems with social media!

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73 Responses

    • Bill Nelson

      I work for a company that once paid for 50,000 Instagram Followers from InstagramFollowers.co with essentially no negative repercussions. The followers we got were all real people (I don’t know where this idea of “smoke and mirros), they were all targeted toward our niche, and they were a great stepping stone for us to achieve the 525,000+ followers we now have 8 months later. Just do your research, and don’t use the followers for the sole purpose of show-off you should be fine.

    • Fabian VU-Z

      Well I did, and you know what? I lost them all after the Instagram Spam Purge in Dec 2014. That’s why I don’t recommend to buy followers, if you seriously want to grow your Instagram following.

      Cheers, Fabian

  1. Pemberley Jones

    I take a lot of pride in my IG feed and I’ve never understood why anyone would do this? What fun is having fake followers?! I love engaging with people on Instagram and have met many interesting people on the platform. Sadly, I have noticed the rise in spammy comments and fake followers in everyone’s feed, my own included. It makes my skin crawl, but now I know it’s worth figuring out how to delete them!

  2. Linda

    I don’t think that either of your examples proves anything.

    Look at any popular account, like Lady Gaga for example, and it’s littered with spam comments because spammers flock to popular accounts where their comments are more likely to be seen. Do you really think that anyone would pay to get “make money online” spam comments? That would not benefit them in any way.

  3. Neysela

    This is such a timely article for me. I don’t have many followers on Instagram and have recently noticed a lot of spam on my account and quite a few are obviously fake. Thanks for the tip on highlighting them, I was choosing to ignore them.

  4. Rachel

    This is so interesting! I’ve heard all about buying followers and never knew anything, seems like a bad idea to me!

  5. Jahaira

    I did not even know this was possible. Buying Twitter and Instagram following seems so dishonest. I’ve been blogging for three years now and my followers number is quite low but you know what, i’m proud of it. It means its genuine.

    Thanks for such an informative post.

    • Brie Shantel

      The difference between Gaga and some unknown blogger is that Gaga has a cult following, she has real or “organic” followers. Whereas this person who is paying for it does not, she isn’t paying for the spam.

  6. Janice

    if brands think consumers don’t notice then they are wrong. the faker link shows @wanderlustandco has 11% real followers and @botica %30 like @mittromney only 20% etc, there followers profiles are all spam! it’s completely inethical but of course

    • Tali

      Noone pays for spam. Spam is free in this world (I don’t know whether it’s a good thing or not)

  7. Ais

    I’m afraid I’m going to have to agree with Linda on this one. I’ve gotten a lot of spam on my blog (I love comment moderation–I’d have double the comments if I let them all through) and I haven’t asked any of them to follow, register, comment, like, or anything else. They just want to get as many links as possible out into the world because that’s what spammers do. So, while someone could be buying fake followers/likes, there’s also a good chance that it might just be that people want to jump on the bandwagon and get as much exposure as *they* can.

  8. Samantha

    I’ve been curious about this since you’ve been writing more and more about fake followers – I don’t know how the “buying” process works, so I’m looking forward to some insight – how feasible would it be for a company/blogger to buy fake followers “for” another company/blogger in order to tarnish a competitor’s credibility? It seems like this issue is one that’s just coming to light, so we may not see it yet (and hopefully we won’t), but is this a legitimate concern as readers start becoming more and more aware of the practice?

  9. Marissa

    Wow, until I read this I never knew that you could buy followers. I can see where the temptation lies but it isn’t something that I would ever do. I want people to follow me in an honest way and because they like what I have to day, not because I paid for them.

  10. Tali

    I do have all kinds of weird “get more likes” accounts following me, and I cannot do anything about it.
    I find it really weird that you talk about spam comments as if the blogger is to blame for receiving spam comments. Noone can control spammers, and even the hugest instagram accounts that belong to famous bloggers (like garrypeppervintage) get spammed. So are they buying followers?? I don’t think so. Spammer are just spammers, they spam wherever they think it’s right to spam. I get my photos spammed too, so I delete these comments and forget about it. But what would you do if you get more than 100 comments per photo? Go through all of them and delete spam?

  11. Sabina

    Sad how these fake, sold accounts keep popping up. I recently participated in an online contest with a community (Facebook) vote and was approached by someone offering to sell me hundreds of votes through his fake accounts. (I declined.) I didn’t realize people were buying and selling fake Instagram likes too. Where does it end?

    • Henry Instagram Followers

      Hi Samantha, we tried out a company to buy Instagram followers cheap and we ended up on http://socialmediacombo.net and we have not been disppointed at all.. We started our campaign with merely 43 followers, we purchased 2000 to start off with and a month later we have over 5600+ followers on our feed.. If you substract the 2000 “fake” we bought we still keep 3600 that would perhaps take us months to accomplish..

      People here and there talk a lot and they all say they won’t buy but when they see their competitors numbers its another story.. And yes, If I find a bunch of bots that I can buy for a competitor and smash his credibility we’ll do it.. This is BUSINESS BABY.. When have you seen business and moral go out on date?

  12. Catherine

    great article! I agree the biggest miss on instagram is their failure to address/curtail spam. I hate my photo’s get spammed because it discourages my actual followers to participate. I thin it is a larger issue they need to address.

  13. Evelin Urena

    I have seen a lot of those comments on people’s pictures. Now it all makes sense. How ridiculous!

    I just opened up an Instagram account for my followers to keep up with my new blog posts/photos. I made sure to keep the account unblocked so that I could get more followers. I got a girl comment on one of my photos and she put a hash tag on her comment. Then minutes later I was getting all these notifications on new followers who had private profiles, the ones who weren’t private seemed to be displaying nude photos and ‘need a date’ on their profile description. Now these people are following me and I don’t even know how they heard about me. I think it was that hash tag. Is this something I need to worry about?

  14. Arianna

    Interesting article, but I think you’re unfairly tarring everyone with the same brush, Chelsea. Spammers spam everywhere, no one pays for it! Believe me, it finds you. Mostly because you’re a larger target.

    I have a well maintained IG account with 16,000+ real followers that I have gotten by posting quality content, interacting with other users, and a few media mentions (Mashable etc.)

    Having said that, my reach is actually lower than it used to be because I don’t make it to the popular page as much anymore because I have a high amount of followers. Many of them are probably inactive, as is natural in any social media format, though they’re certainly not bogus. The algorithm for making the popular page essentially means that you need an exceptionally high engagement rate immediately as soon as you post a photo in order to make the popular page, meaning that my photos rarely make it there anymore despite having a large genuine follower base. I think my recent photos are better than some of the older ones that were popular, so it’s unlikely to be a massive decline in photo quality.

    Anyway, I get inundated with fake/spam comments and it’s pretty unreasonable to say that ‘brands see discrepancies’ when ‘investigating further’ or that having photos with vastly different numbers of likes indicates foul play. Some photos of mine made the pop page and had in excess of 1,000 likes — and others don’t, and have an average of 150 – 250.

  15. Carrie Doe

    Oops, I heard about those tricks, and find them utterly disgusting, full of “despair”. If you wanna remain true to yourself, you would never consider any fake promotion… IMHO!

  16. Matt Morgan

    Buying followers. What’s the point? Fake followers aren’t going to convert to sales. Plus, the fake followers would have to be retweeting your content in order to show any sort of boost in search engine rankings from social influence. Your time and money is better spent creating something awesome and shareable.

  17. Dan V

    I recently ranted about this on my very own blog. My Instagram account is drawing attention for some reason and I suddenly got ten likes in two seconds for a random nonsensical photo so it made me wonder.

    Since social media in general is driven by human ego and interaction, having fake followers will destroy that whole concept. Brands and companies will not trust it if they think it is populated with automations. Automations don’t buy products. Humans do.


  18. Happy Camper

    Well there is an alternative side to it as there is with everything. You usually need to have something to get something. If you have a base of followers, people are more likely to pay more attention to what you’re posting. After purchasing followers it’s also recommended to make consistent and quality posts to gain organic followers. Anything in excess can be damaging… but with a bit of moderation, doing some research to buy “quality” followers, and a bit of common sense, buying followers can be quite advantageous.

  19. David Jones

    I know the answer why people have fake instagram followers. its simple…they just want cheap popularity 🙂 because I’ve seen there are many boys have fake followers who are girls & like to show their profile to friend circle 🙂 isn’t it?

  20. Kalyca Romeo

    I did notice spammers leaving comments and following my acct for weeks. Each one I deleted immediately after noticing which worked because they’ve stopped attacking my account. Yea at first glance the amount of followers looks great, but it means nothing if you can’t get feedback from them.

  21. Kim B.

    What if that person who’s IG you posted got that many likes BECAUSE they were on the popular page? Like, they ended up there because they met the algorithm and subsequently received said absurd amount of likes? Now we’re accusing them of buying likes? How do we know top tier bloggers don’t just have the funds to buy the followers and likes on a reoccurring basis?
    Also, I think it’s ridiculous that you linked to these sites that sell such things. Are you getting affiliate commissions for that too?

  22. MArk Johnson

    yeah I’ve even seem dodgy websites who make you pay to be on the popular page, so now I know how they do it, thanks to your article!

  23. Sussie Soltreri

    I disagree.. I bought a few followers from http://socialmediacombo.com and them guys supplied followers which look real and boosted my account with real followers as well but for some reason I knew that wasn’t the right thing to do..

    For entrepreneurs its good to have a good number of social followers. it increases credibility at the same time it also adds a good confidence for their blog or business website. Tt will definitely help as a short term goal, and you have an ample time to build your real followers. you can buy Instagram followers cheap here – Social Media Combo.com

  24. Junior

    The likes have to come from the users that follow you in order to make the popular page. it cant just be by random people. So even if you buy likes right after posting a picture you still wont make the popular page

  25. Sechy

    I wonder why ifb and anyone else reading this hasn’t noticed the spammers in the comment column yet. Seriously, I bought all the members in this forum were screened?

    Anyhow, buying likes gives bloggers a bad name. If you are a crap blogger, having lots of followers isn’t going to help you. People who buy followers have no respect from me and just look like try hard and losers. It’s like buying a fake bag and trying to pass it off as real.

    • Frances

      I absolutely concur. I have an Instagram account myself, and I follow this specific person and I SWEAR he gains fifty followers an hour! So what I did was I went to one of his pictures (which had 166 likes) and I decided to look who liked it (not in a stalking way) and I came to find out that HALF of the people who liked his pictures weren’t even real. They were fake accounts with only 1-5 follower and following 1,758 people! This is stupid and pointless. I just made my a new account and I have 99 followers -_- and this girl made a new one as well and by the end of the week she had 450 followers. What is this sorcery ?!

  26. Anthony E. Robins

    I don’t think that buying Instagram likes and followers is a kind of cheap idea.Each and every social marketing based company prefer cheap Instagram followers and like to grab the web traffic in there site to promote and its showing good results in business too.

  27. Shah

    It’s disgusting and I find these people sad. This tshirt brand @thetshirtswag had only 5000 followers on There account and now they have 16k+ I checked there followers mostly are fake account with 1 or 2 posts I wish I could report them for buying fake followers

  28. felicia

    I will never do it because I have a fear I will get my account taken over and made into a spam account. But I see tons of teenagers doing it so they can have more followers than following. You can also tell that they doing that because they also have very few likes with tons of followers. It’s cheap and easy to get

  29. Sabrina

    I’ve seen people buying followers for their blogs before.
    I find it generally suspicious if blogs with a lot of followers get very little comments on their posts.

  30. Christina`

    I’m new to the blogging world and Instagram. I’m trying to organically build a following and stay away from fake followers/spammers. The goal is to get readers/followers to engage and come back. I’ve seen several bloggers buy followers and I do believe it well hurt them in the long run.

    You should never sacrifice your dignity to accomplish your goals/dreams.

  31. Channi

    First of all please STOP it….
    I have only been on IG for a little over a yr and I have a large amount of organic followers and even though I’ve never engaged in any “funny business” Some of my photos got close to 1000 likes and some only a hundred and fifty..
    That be said, people will “like” what they like and its nothing people can do about it. Also, when people see u have a large following they WILL spam u and it doesn’t mean u have purchased followers or WHATEVER, it means people are spamming your account. I can’t stand BS blogs like this that mislead people into thinking something is wrong just because some pics have a significant amount of likes and other don’t. Please spare us with these pointless OPINIONS and come correct with actual facts! Unless u are zeroing in on each follower account to determine it’s authenticity, save it.

  32. realfollowers

    You can invest more of a chance choosing what energizing offers you are going to present to your recently extended fan base.this generally transposes into more income and salary for you. One is basically reports that the organizations began however don’t really overhaul or article from. As fast as they recognize that a particular advancement gadget is expanding the colossal number of center that twitter is making right now click

  33. sonia

    I was following a fashion blogger , troprouge and suddently saw her likes going up a thousand a day for several weeks and now it’s 107000 as of now. Wrote on her instag asking why was she doing it and she denied that she’s god’s child and was mad and blocked me from leaving any comments . I finally unfollowed her as she was fake and rude only wants to hear good comments and nothing negative about her

  34. Philip

    I’m disagree with your title Chelsea!!!
    You can buy real Instagram likes or followers on my web. I promise they are real likes/followers or comments. I told you that because I pay them for they send likes, followers, etc. You can check it on my webPage. If you aren’t happy I refund your money.


  35. french

    I think that some of the info on here is good and some bad. For instance I normally get about 180 likes per photo. I have 7500 organic followers and that number seems so low to me (the likes that is). Although I had one photo reach over 1000 likes and sometimes others get 400. I don’t buy my likes so I think it really just depends on your followers.

  36. hultza

    It may seem enticing to simply buy a following rather than letting it organically grow over time, the reality is, it may actually hurt your social media in the long run.

  37. James

    Instagram is a good idea for promotion, really. Because, I tried promoting my appstore app using instagram, just buying instagram followers, likes etc from smmadmin (this is also my testimonial) and they did it pretty well. I got few hundreds of download in my app. I choose them for all the social media marketing. this is the service link I brought:http://goo.gl/96eW4y & http://goo.gl/SzQqqo

  38. lala girl

    I have only done kt once but i IMMEDIATELY felt so stupid and fake so i deleted that photo and i started again. Sometimes it makes random men like your photos which is not good.

  39. Jess Zimlich

    I recently went in and did this and it felt so good! It also saves time. I noticed that I had been breezing by certain people without engaging with them for months, sometimes even a year or more, because their content was no longer in line with what I was looking for.

  40. Tiff

    On our social media, I make it a point to follow only brands we like, people we like and people we talk to on the regular. I can’t abide by follow-for-follow. Good tips though for decluttering your feeds!

    Tiff | AMtoPM

  41. graciousstore

    Social media madness! People used to rush to have many followers and to follow “stars” how is it that you are talking of unfollow! I think we need to be honest with our selves in relation to things we do such as “flowing with the current” without giving them personal thought and being convinced it is something we deem neccessary to do

  42. Melody Sours

    I do a little purging once a month. I’ll scroll through and individually pick those I want to unfollow. It takes a little more time, but to me it’s worth it. I wouldn’t want to omit someone with great content, simply because they’re not following me.


  43. Carla

    I find doing a social media cleanup helps me stay engaged with the people I interact with the most.

  44. Roxanne

    I did this a while ago on Twitter and Instagram. I guess I wanted to show I was very fancy and follow only a limited number of people and not everyone!
    I think I’ve sorted mine into brands (I work with) and unfollowed brands who spam with too many images over the course of an hour. Then of course I’ll continue following dear friends, and unfollow those who don’t post too often, and are just acquaintances.


  45. Sephie Rojas

    Unfollowing on twitter and instagram and even on facebook can be quite therapeutic. I used to hate-follow people I used to idolize online, following them still but not liking anything they post online. I would even talk about them (more on criticize them) with my friends on what I don’t like about them. But by the end of last year, I decided I didn’t want it to turn toxic, so I unfollowed the ones I don’t find as inspiring as they used to.

    Social media is supposed to be more inspiring and helpful for us. If it doesn’t feel like that anymore with other people, it’s best to let them go. Lol!

  46. Fatima

    I clean out my social following at least once every two months. It’s so important to make room for content you genuinely care about. Even if it’s a long-time friend. Sometimes you have to cut ties with them from certain social media sites. For instance, most of the people I have on FB are family and friends I genuinely care about. As for Twitter and Instagram, most are other bloggers or people in the content marketing industry.

  47. Sarah

    I know I’m commenting on an old post but I haven’t found very much info on fake followers for Instagram. Seems most ppl are only talking about twitter. We just got 800 followers in about 15 hours of what looks like fake accounts. They all have strange names, one to two pics and mostly 0 followers. We went from 400 real followers to 1200. I don’t want to look like I paid for them well one because I didn’t and two for the reasons stated above. Anyone else have this happen to them and how did they fix it? It happened so fast and going through each one and blocking will take me weeks.

  48. Stephen Clark

    In some cases, your company (either big or small) requires quick marketing strategy for promotional purpose. Instead of waiting for more people to become your account’s followers, you may want to buy cheap Instagram followers. It is a legit business, and it does offer plenty of advantages as briefly outlined below.

  49. Max

    I remember buying instagram followers from I don’t reccomend buying your followers. They all look real, don’t get me wrong, but you look like kind of a noob when you have 4000 followers and only get 20 likes per photo lol

  50. sass

    What about when it looks like someone else is buying fake followers for your account.
    How can I find out who is doing that?

    I have been blitzed a few times by an increase of hundreds of followers in a matter of seconds – then about 50% disappear a few days later. So, my follower numbers go up an down like a yo-yo. Hardly the consistency one wants for a brand!

    Is there any way one block one’s account from people buying followers for it?

  51. James

    I remember buying instagram followers. I don’t reccomend buying your followers. They all look real, don’t get me wrong, but you look like kind of a noob when you have 4000 followers and only get 20 likes per photo lol

  52. Kevin Shepard

    Buying followers is stupid, can’t argue with this, but now it’s past, no one’s buying this crap anymore. Latest trend now is much more efficient and less shameful: services like zengram.net do get you followers, but they do it via sophisticated search algorithms. Then the app interacts with user by liking their pics, leaving meaningful comments, then probably following them. That’s pretty much the same things you would normally do, except you don’t need to do all this manually. Won’t you agree that you’d better take a couple pictures to post later than to tap mindlessly for hours?

  53. Nasir Ahmed

    I am really happy to get your content and I do believe that users or companies with low brand awareness can benefit from using more hashtags in start-up phases. I’m going to have to agree with Linda on this one. I’ve heard all about buying followers and never knew anything, seems like a bad idea to me! Thanks for sharing this content with us.

  54. Jalisa Cottman

    I never really used money the buy likes and followers it just too much and even if I had the chance it would be for self worth which is not good self-esteem. I’m shy so if I’m popular people would think something is up because its not normal for a loner like me to have 10k or millions but I worked to get 1120 followers and that’s good for an average person.(normal life much) hahaha???

  55. Gloria Clifford

    The biggest problem I used to face in maintaining my Twitter account was my irregularity in tweets. I started searching for an automation tool, and then I discovered WizUgo. Wizugo is the right tool for those who are unable to give time to their Twitter account. All it needs is a five-minute setup, and you are free to go, Wizugo will take care of the rest.

  56. Laur Trueman

    NOT TRUE!!!! Buying likes and followers has made a great career 4 my previous LILLEE JEAN. I recon try it!

  57. Barry

    I never bought fake followers, I even have only some tens not more, but recently I start get notes about new followers, but I do not see any thing new only the numbers of followers go up.. I have in last week three new followers with no Profil at all… What is going on…? Please advice me

  58. Adam

    How do you get to the bottom of the followers list with over 10k followers? The app crashes after you get through a few thousand. I want to delete old ones but can’t.
    IG: TravelforPictures