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30 Ideas for Sexy Halloween Costumes For Women

I don't know about you, but when September hits, I instantly switch to autumn mode. Goodbye hot girl summer, hello cozy girl fall! Autumnal colors, cozy sweaters, and oversized scarfs quickly start making their way into my wardrobe. But the best part is always Halloween. There's nothing like planning your Halloween costume. It almost became a ritual at this point.

So if you're on a hunt for some of the best sexy Halloween costumes for women, you have come to the right place. Couple costumes is the next topic on my list, so stay tuned. Until then, check Devil Walking for some amazing sexy couple Halloween costumes.

Say goodbye to the dull, sexy cop Halloween costume or, worse, the sexy sailor Halloween costume. We all know they have become a cliché. Instead, I have selected 30 costumes that will make you feel like the sexiest woman in the world. For those defending the statement that “Halloween is a scary holiday, not a sexy one,” I respectfully disagree. Why can't it be both? You can always make a sexy costume with leading panty vibrators, but you can't always make a frightening costume sexy.

What better time to be bold and sexy and become someone else for a day? You can base your costume on current trends or impersonate your favorite movie character. With the outfits we included on our list, you'll be the star of the upcoming themed party!

You'll find some sexy and scary outfits amongst the adorable ones, so there's a little something for everyone on our list of adult costumes for women. We have also included some costumes for all the plus-size ladies out there looking for the perfect outfit. Let's dig in!

30 Sexy Halloween Costumes for Women

  1. Sexy Cruella de Vil Costume
Forplay Women's Devilish Costume - Sexy Villain Costume for...

If you saw Cruella starring Emma Stone, you might be on the queue to get yourself a Cruella de Vil costume. Finally, it's your turn to embody the evil villain! If you're a dalmatian owner (or any other dog owner), you might want to bring your dog to the party to complete the outfit fully!

  1. Sexy Wonder Woman Costume
Secret Wishes Wonder Woman Movie - Wonder Woman Adult Costume

You can try feeling Super for a day by turning into Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman! Is the outfit not scary enough for you? Trust me, nothing scares people more than a feminist with superpowers! All jokes aside, you'll definitely catch the eyes of all the DC (and even Marvel) fans out there with this great outfit!

  1. Sexy Mad Hatter Costume
Leg Avenue womens - 5 Piece Delightful Hatter Sexy Tank Dress and Velvet Dress With...

For all the quirky bookworms searching for a Halloween costume, I recommend something a little out of the box – the sexy Mad Hatter Halloween costume. It's not overly revealing; it’s super cute and pretty unexpected if you ask me. Most Alice in Wonderland lovers are likely to go as the main character herself, so why not try something different this year?

  1. Sexy Princess Leia Costume
Rubie's womens Star Wars Princess Leia and Wig Women s Costume, White, Large US

Princess Leia, in any shape or form, is an absolute classic for Halloween. This iconic outfit can double as a Comic-Con costume, too. You can reuse it at any upcoming convention, and the kids love it! But I bet some of you had a slightly different Leia costume in mind when they heard “sexy princess Leia costume.” Don't worry – the extra special golden outfit is further down the list.

  1. Sexy Plus Size Witch Halloween Costume
Leg Avenue Women's Plus Size 2 Piece Black Magic Mistress – Sexy High Low Dress...

If you're a plus-size lady or pregnant during the Spooky Season, there's a witch costume that I'm sure you'll absolutely love! Something wicked this way comes… no one can beat a great classic witch outfit! The shimmery skirt is my favorite part, and you can instantly personalize this outfit by adding a wand or a broom to the look!

  1. Sexy Princess Jasmine Costume 
Leg Avenue womens Arabian Beauty Princess Adult Sized Costumes, Turquoise, Medium US

If you're a Disney fan, Halloween typically means embodying one of the princesses. If blue is your favorite color and you haven't tried going as Jasmine yet, you'll love this outfit. The turquoise blue harem pants are my favorite – they are slightly translucent and create an ethereal look that is absolutely jaw-dropping!

  1. Sexy Schoolgirl Costume
Leg Avenue Women's Roleplay Classic School Girl Costume Sexy Lingerie Set, Red,...

Let me guess, you're not a fan of masks and super scary outfits for Halloween. You want to go with a bold look, but you also don't want to spend too much money. If that’s the case, a sexy schoolgirl costume will suit you perfectly! I recommend this sexy women's costume to any big-breasted ladies out there having trouble squeezing into unusually tight tops – the shirt fits incredibly well! It's also a reasonable price compared to other expensive costumes out there, so that's always a plus.

  1. Sexy Snow White Costume
Leg Avenue womens Adult Sized Costumes, Multi, Small US

Perhaps the hottest Disney Halloween outfit on the list, the sexy Snow White is another classic. You'll indeed be the fairest of them all if you pick this costume! You'll love the sheer puff sleeves, glittery skirt, and oversized red bow headband! Pair that with some bright red lipstick and a fabulous wig, and your outfit is complete!

  1. Sexy Greek Goddess Costume
Leg Avenue Women's Costume, White/Gold, Small

Get in touch with your inner goddess this Halloween with this sexy Greek goddess costume! The long sexy high-slit gold-trimmed dress is stunning, and it's perfect for anyone with curvy thighs! Pair it with some golden accessories or golden nail polish, and you'll really complete the look!

  1. Sexy Egyptian Goddess Costume
California Costumes Egyptian Goddess Costume Medium Multi

This sexy women’s costume is a perfect outfit to choose if you want to do Halloween couples outfits (let's be honest, you can't really do a couple's costume if you're Cleopatra). I especially love the effect of the “glovelettes” and all the fantastic makeup options that can go with this outfit! If a Greek goddess isn’t your thing, maybe an Egyptian goddess will pique your interest?

  1. Sexy Ariel Costume
Leg Avenue Women's 2 Pc Deep Sea Siren Mermaid Costume, Green, Large

Another one for the Disney fans out there – typically, Ariel Halloween costumes suck, but this one is on-point! This sexy Halloween costume is a stretchy one-piece that isn’t too revealing and yet pretty hot! You'll love the details of the bodice. You can match this outfit with some glitter to achieve an even more convincing mermaid look.

  1. Sexy Nurse Costume
Nurse Heartbreaker Costume X-Large

I love the sexy nurse costume. It's a sexy outfit that can turn scary with just a few splashes of fake blood! The puffy lace underskirt creates a lot of volume, and it accentuates the waist! Another simple classic that doesn't get old!

  1. Sexy Poison Ivy Halloween Costume
Lethal Beauty Costume Medium Green

If you want to get a lot for the price you're paying, the sexy Poison Ivy Halloween costume is an obvious choice – you get the mask, the faux ivy tights, and elastic tight boot-covers, which can go over your shoes to create the effect from the picture. If you're a DC fan, you can make this a couples outfit – just get your man to dress as Batman, and you're all set!

  1. Sexy Dorothy of Oz Costume
Kansas Belle Women's Halloween Costume Sexy Dorothy of Oz Blue Checkered Dress Small

A great outfit you can complete by bringing your dog along with you. If you're a cat person and you still love this character, worry not – you get your own Toto in a basket. This Wizard of Oz’s Dorothy outfit even comes with the legendary Ruby slippers! 

  1. Sexy Pirate Girl Costume
Sexy Spanish Pirate Costume Large

It's tough to find a sexy pirate girl costume with a good hat. The pirate hat that comes with this costume is feminine, with small yellow bows and a nice feather to complete the look. It’s super cute! Sexy pirate girl costumes pair well if your boyfriend decided to go as Jack Sparrow – you can easily win the couple's costume contest in matching pirate outfits!

  1. Sexy Maleficent Costume
Disguise Women's Disney Maleficent Christening Gown Deluxe Costume, Black, 12-14

I love a spooky costume, and I'm sure some of you do too – so why not go deliciously malicious this Halloween night and pick a sexy Maleficent costume? I love the headpiece that comes with this outfit, as well as the V-shaped neckline. The black dress is goosebump-worthy. The single shimmering faux-gem drop and bell sleeves are also great details.

  1. Sexy Morticia Halloween Costume
ICEYOU Morticia Addams Dress Halloween Women Addams Family Costume Wednesday Costume...

Can you go sexier than a brooding Morticia Addams? This outfit is extremely quick to pull off and complete – a straight black wig, red lipstick, black nails, and the perfect velvet dress! All you need now is a Gomez by your side, and you're ready! Or who knows, maybe you'll meet your Gomez for the first time while wearing this outfit…

  1. Sexy Evil Sorceress Costume
Evil Sorceress Costume Small

Our spooky selection continues with one of the best sexy evil sorceress costumes – if you're not in the mood to wear Maleficent's antlers, maybe Snow White's wicked sexy stepmother will suit you better? This is a jaw-dropping Halloween outfit that isn't too short or too revealing, which is rare!

  1. Sexy Catwoman Halloween Costume
Leg Avenue Women's 3 Pc Frisky Feline Costume with Catsuit, Belt, Head Piece, Large

You can't go wrong by going as Catwoman during the Spooky Season. This outfit may seem simple, but it does the job. You don't need to have the perfect stomach or perfect body to rock this Catwoman costume! The tail is a great feature, too. Meow!

  1. Sexy Bunny Halloween Costume
SINROYEE Bunny costume sexy women for women Women's rabbit costume Haute Sexy Bunny...

If you're a true Mean Girls fan, you might go for a Sexy Bunny Halloween Costume. Well, you can thank me later because this is one of the sexiest costumes I have come across this year, and I couldn't wait to show it to you guys! You can et it in black, pink or red. All you need to rock this outfit is the guts to wear it!

  1. Sexy Princess Leia in Gold Costume
Little Beauty Sexy Costume Outfit Set Babydoll Bedroom Honeymoon Cosplay Princess...

Finally, after so many years, I managed to find the perfect Sexy Princess Leia in a Gold Costume (you know, the one from the scene with Jabba the Hut?) It's simple, stylish, affordable, and comes with a removable panty if you want to show a little extra thigh. What more can a Star Wars fan want?

  1. Sexy Galadriel Costume
Rubie's womens The Hobbit Galadriel Dress With Headpiece Adult Sized Costumes, White,...

Even though it's not as revealing as the rest of these outfits, the Sexy Galadriel Costume will prove hot to the right kind of people. If you're a fan of Lord of the Rings, you'll love embodying the Lady of the Light for a night! Just pair it with some elf ears, and you're all set! And those of you who don't think this royal elf isn’t scary, you might need to refresh your memory and go watch The Fellowship of the Ring.

  1. Sexy Fairy TinkerBell Costume
Leg Avenue womens - 4 Piece Pretty Pixie Set Bodysuit With Petal Skirt and Fairy...

If you want to go as a feisty fairy this Halloween, there really is no better character to dress up as than Tinker Bell. The outfit is simple. It comes with fairy wings and matching green hair ribbons. Grab a pair of elf ears and some grass-green eyeshadow, and you'll look fantastic!

  1. Sexy Wednesday Addams Halloween Costume
ICEYOU Halloween Costume Wednesday Addams Dress Women Peter pan Collar T-Shirt Dress...

If you love the Dark Academia aesthetic already, then this dress is just for you. You can choose to go as a classic Wednesday Addams – all you need is a pair of braids and dark lipstick! It's the perfect outfit if you're going as a trio – if you want more ideas for Halloween trio outfits, check out our article! Or, if you’re going to add a twist to the outfit, you can get a Chilling Adventures of Sabrina wig and make it a spooky Sabrina the witch outfit!

  1. Sexy Jessica Rabbit Halloween Costume

I love recommending this Halloween outfit to natural gingers – what better character to dress up as than Jessica Rabbit? The costume itself is gorgeous and straightforward all the way through. The gloves are exactly like in the film. It's an overall 10/10 choice!

  1. Sexy Harley Quinn Halloween Costume
Starline Women's Sexy Suicide Gal, As Shown, Small

The Harley Quinn outfits just refuse to go out of style, don't they? I love this one because it's as close to the Suicide Squad movie outfit as possible. It has a nice belt too! Thankfully, the wig is not included (in my opinion, you're better off not paying for that). Instead, you can get lots of hair tips and ideas from other customers in the review section!

  1. Sexy Cozy Bat Halloween Costume
Leg Avenue womens Leg Avenue Women's Cozy Black Bat Halloween Adult Sized Costumes,...

If you're pregnant this Halloween, you might be struggling to find the right kind of outfit. Luckily for you, I found the cutest Halloween costume for pregnant ladies. You've all heard of Batman, but what about Batgirl? Well, this outfit has little to do with comics books characters – you'll literally be a cute batgirl this Halloween. You can complete the outfit with a pair of cute Halloween-themed tights. This is a feminine, cozy and sexy outfit that fits plus-sized ladies, too!

  1. Sexy Rey Skywalker Halloween Costume
Forplay Womens Ray Of Light Sexy Movie Character Adult Sized Costumes, Tan,...

Good quality Star Wars costumes are hard to come by. Sexy Star Wars costumes are practically impossible to find, but after a long search, I did it! This fantastic sexy Rey costume is an absolute winner – and it isn't horribly priced. You can also keep it and wear it at a costume party or Comic-Con and embody your favorite character!

  1. Sexy Marilyn Monroe Costume
Marilyn Monroe Deluxe White Halter Dress Costume Small

You can't go wrong by choosing to dress up as the sexiest woman of the 20th century! This Marilyn Monroe outfit is super easy to pull off – a little red lipstick and a blonde wig, and you're there. And if you want to make it scary, you can pretend to be Marilyn Monroe's ghost and talk in detail about your mysterious death. If you're looking for more pop-culture-inspired Halloween outfits, check out our article!

  1. Sexy Grease Bad Sandy Costume 
Fun Costumes Embrace Your Inner Rebel: Deluxe Grease Bad Sandy Outfit - Channel...

Of course, I couldn't leave the fans of musicals without an idea for a Halloween costume. This one is perfect if you're planning on going as a duo – the Bad Sandy Halloween Outfit is a fun way to dress up, and not to mention it's a super sexy costume. If you're looking for more funny Halloween costumes, check out our list of the best funny outfits of 2021!

Want more options?

If you want to find out some more ideas for Halloween costumes, take a look at our choices for the best Fortnite Halloween costumes or the best inflatable Halloween costumes! I hope you found the best sexy Halloween costume for women on our list.  I wish you a sexy Halloween Eve!

Best Selling Sexy Halloween Costumes for Women

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