Unfollow! How to Unclutter Your Twitter And Instagram

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“Out with the old, and in with the new.” The classic New Year's mantra. While we are just almost two weeks into to the new year, we're all into how we're going to live better.

So before you take on all your new projects, why not do a little social media cleanse? Yes, that means unclutter your feeds by unfollowing people. Now I don't mean you should just unfollow everyone, you do use your social media to you know, engage with the world. But for various reasons you may find that the people you loved following before either are no longer on Twitter or Instagram, or maybe they aren't posting content that you relate to anymore. Or maybe they unfollowed you, so there's that social media question: How good does someone have to be to follow them when they aren't following you?

ANYWAY! Back in the day there used to be a ton of unfollowing apps, a lot of which are now defunct. Except I hear Tweepi is still on the scene. Now there is really one game in town and that's justunfollow. This app you can use either on your desktop or integrate it with your Hootsuite account:

just unfollow ifb

So yeah, as you can see here, I need to go through my Twitter account and start following some peeps back. Also, look at who I'm following and see how I can make my Twitter more awesome. It actually super easy to unfollow people, so if you're at a loss to what to do this afternoon, this New Year purge can prove to be quite cathartic.

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14 Responses

  1. Jess Zimlich

    I recently went in and did this and it felt so good! It also saves time. I noticed that I had been breezing by certain people without engaging with them for months, sometimes even a year or more, because their content was no longer in line with what I was looking for.

  2. Tiff

    On our social media, I make it a point to follow only brands we like, people we like and people we talk to on the regular. I can’t abide by follow-for-follow. Good tips though for decluttering your feeds!

    Tiff | AMtoPM

  3. graciousstore

    Social media madness! People used to rush to have many followers and to follow “stars” how is it that you are talking of unfollow! I think we need to be honest with our selves in relation to things we do such as “flowing with the current” without giving them personal thought and being convinced it is something we deem neccessary to do

  4. Yukova Design

    Oh, this is actually super useful for now!!!


  5. Melody Sours

    I do a little purging once a month. I’ll scroll through and individually pick those I want to unfollow. It takes a little more time, but to me it’s worth it. I wouldn’t want to omit someone with great content, simply because they’re not following me.


  6. Roxanne

    I did this a while ago on Twitter and Instagram. I guess I wanted to show I was very fancy and follow only a limited number of people and not everyone!
    I think I’ve sorted mine into brands (I work with) and unfollowed brands who spam with too many images over the course of an hour. Then of course I’ll continue following dear friends, and unfollow those who don’t post too often, and are just acquaintances.


  7. Carla

    I find doing a social media cleanup helps me stay engaged with the people I interact with the most.

  8. Sephie Rojas

    Unfollowing on twitter and instagram and even on facebook can be quite therapeutic. I used to hate-follow people I used to idolize online, following them still but not liking anything they post online. I would even talk about them (more on criticize them) with my friends on what I don’t like about them. But by the end of last year, I decided I didn’t want it to turn toxic, so I unfollowed the ones I don’t find as inspiring as they used to.

    Social media is supposed to be more inspiring and helpful for us. If it doesn’t feel like that anymore with other people, it’s best to let them go. Lol!

  9. Fatima

    I clean out my social following at least once every two months. It’s so important to make room for content you genuinely care about. Even if it’s a long-time friend. Sometimes you have to cut ties with them from certain social media sites. For instance, most of the people I have on FB are family and friends I genuinely care about. As for Twitter and Instagram, most are other bloggers or people in the content marketing industry.

  10. Tales of Two

    I just used it and it felt so good ! I used it to remove people that don’t really turn up on my news feed and don’t really engage as often! No point in cluttering with such people. ! Very helpful tool though!


  11. Andrey

    I used site instagress.com, but they worked very slowly. I found to be better at fast-unfollow.com – it`s really faster website! And now this is`t a huge problem for my friends and me. I used I know many people who use this site daily.

  12. Perturbator

    I used instagress and unfollowcom too. But I prefer to use zen-promo.com now. Why? Convenient search of followers that based on the entered city. It is victory.

  13. Gloria Clifford

    The only reason my Twitter profile looks amazing is WizUgo. It started increasing my follower’s list in a few days. The results were steady and legit. The most important part is this tool is totally safe i.e., your Twitter account won’t get banned from it.